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Not only does Universal Translation Services boast accurate translations but we also deal with software localization services. Our software engineering division is very experienced and on par with the translation team in terms of excellence. Our engineers are experienced enough to confidently handle the tough process of localization from start to finish.

Our track record in localization shows very good results with noted testimonials from our clients. Not only do they feel confident with our output, but their respective businesses greatly enjoys positive returns. Expertise coupled with the latest tools and surefire processes are the key factors which make our team a cut above the rest.

Do not let software localization hinder the success of your business. Our company would be glad to help by providing an obligation-free proposal. Contact us today and provide us with your requirements. You will be surprised to know that we are able to help you achieve your ultimate (translation) goal in next to no time.

Software Localization Services
localization of text within software apps

Reach a universal audience with your software solutions

The procedure of translating the content and changing the visible components of the software application is called localization and sometimes it can be done with software that can be used by clients around the globe. To make certain your software is prepared for global usage we offer the most sophisticated software localization services and best-in-class techniques.

At the most standard level, software localization contains a wide variety of standards and services that cover:

Extracting the text from source application, localizing the text and rebuilding the software in the desired language.

For this objective, our team is made up of localization specialists who engage as a team of highly qualified professionals and who can deal with the large amount of tasks involved in the localization process.

Translators, Engineers, Testers, Graphic Designers, Programmers, Project managers take part in the localization procedure that is extremely technical and complicated.

Crucial for any project to be successful is to incorporate an amount of tasks.

Therefore, we supply possibilities that can be used in all software platforms and reach the specific requirements of the client. Beginning from the user interface and including elements that offer online support and paperwork in printed and electronic forms. The translation connected to the software product itself must be translated in an accurate and high quality manner.

The large range of solutions and standards of the most basic levels that cover software localization services consists of mainly the following:

Localizing The Text

Localizing The Text

Rebuilding software in the target language, extracting translated text from source software and localizing the text. In the localization process, the involved teams of highly skilled specialists are confident for managing the amount of tasks. Groups localization specialists that we have covered are Translators, Proofreaders, Technical engineers, Testers, Graphic Designers, Programmers and Project managers.

Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Integrating a great amount of tasks and their efficiency are important for any given plan to be rewarding though the levels of the localization process that is extremely technical and complex.

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

The localization methods that we offer can be used on all software platforms and are functional according to the needs of each customer. Successful localization goes beyond the interface, including elements such as online assistance and instructions in printed and electronic forms that must be translated in relationship with the software product in a cautious and disciplined manner.

We offer localization services for any software no matter what platform it is intended for, Windows, Unix or iOS. We also localize apps for both Android and iPhone.

Managing multilingual versions of a software

Knowledge until now has shown that the biggest influence of any software localization project is the following primary areas:

Language features

The specialists who form up the teams in a specific subject area leading position in each level of the translation/localization and the capability to deal with the terminology of all European Bi-directional (example Arabic and Hebrew) double-byte ( example Chinese, Japanese and Korean).

The critical way of handling and coping with the professional terminology guarantees that the product would be absolutely easy to understand in the user’s native language. Our strategy makes it possible to generate the highest level of reliability between the localized software interface and any other application that the end user may need to have including technical help or addition which can be further incorporated.

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As for localization in our work, we use a complete range of modern tools used in the business today and we assure that all essential processes for automation will be involved in order to maximize the performance and quality of the translation.


To enhance the functionality of the product and the excellence of our software localization services, the engineering unit is highly skilled and frequently performs exams for that purpose. Test centers in the US and abroad who are important for carrying out all the required tests that the product can go through before its release in the country are managed by us.

It is important to ensure the performance of the localized product in the process of localization testing where reviews of the linguistic accuracy might contain any errors that may have been presented during the localization process of any non-native language.

Also, in order to assure the integrity of the user interface of the product, elimination of typical errors as abbreviated text strings, overlapping and shifting controls and duplicate keys, perform visual testing user interface (GUI) even doing additional twofold and threefold verification of the interface so we can be certain that no errors occurred through the steps of our software localization services process.

Protocol that is used before the product is launched globally to determine the functionality problems for international positioning is Internationalization (i18n) test stating that the localized product is compatible with the global standards for computer software settings state. This gives assurance that the software can correctly display typographic items such as accented characters and precise numbering system (i.e. thousands and decimal separators) elements that are needed to offer the guarantee that your software can run non- English operating systems.

Language testing

The universality of particular languages gives a clear idea about the testers and linguistic professionals who should make you a distinct optimal blend of both models of resources provided for this type of testing by incorporating the confirmation of language context and its correct use of localized user interface.


This is a vital localization process by the engineering of software localization and requires fixing bugs, construction engineering, scripting and review of the software; this stage is a vital step.

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