Certified Translation App for Android and iPhone

Whether you are looking to immigrate to the US, to continue your studies or to get a job here as a foreigner, you will need certified translation of your personal documents. To make it more easier for you, we have developed our free certified translation app for Android and iPhone, which you can download at any time and will give you a quote with the option to order your translation with us.

certified translation app for Android

Certified Translation App for Android

If you have an Android based smartphone, you can download and install our free certified translation app for Android from the Play Store. Once installed, you will be able to find out the certified translation cost in a few, easy steps. If you agree to our quote, you are also able to get your translation started with us by paying online, using the same tool.

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certified translation app for iPhone

Certified Translation App for iPhone

Many people prefer to use iPhones instead of Android smartphones, so we did our best to make it easy for them too. If Apple is your choice, download our free certified translation app for iPhone in order to get our free quote and to order your translation with us. Do you need notarized translation instead? No problem, you can order it with the same app.

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Our certified translation app has been carefully designed and tested in order to make it use friendly and easy to use. While it is small in size, it won’t be a burden on your smartphone. It works great and it does the job it was intended for: to give you our certified translation cost and to allow you to order the translation with us.

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Free certified translation app for Android and iPhone

Why would you use our services?

There are a lot of immigration translation services out-there so why would you choose us instead of the next company? Here are some reasons to consider:

Guaranteed USCIS acceptance

Guaranteed USCIS acceptance

We are one of the few companies which provides USCIS translations with guaranteed acceptance. We can translate any personal document, from any language into English and we guarantee that USCIS or any other state institution anywhere in the US will accept our translation.

fast turnaround

Fast turnaround

Once you have accepted our quote, your translation will be ready and sent to you the next day. Need it faster than that? Use the comment section in our certified translation app to let us know you’re in a hurry and we’ll do our best to deliver even faster, in a couple hours!

the best certified translation price

The best certified translation price

We charge the lowest price in the US for translation with guaranteed acceptance. We never charge extra for rush jobs, or jobs needed to be done over the weekend. We charge a flat fee of $20 per page for pages under 200 words or $0.12 per word otherwise.

Don't want to install the app? Use our online tool instead!

How does it look like?

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Translation app download
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Some more reasons to use our certified translation app

certified translation cost

Did you like our certified translation tool? The one where you can put in the details of your translation request such as the number of words, number of pages and other similar things and you will get a quotation as well as an option to order the translation then and there? Did you think that this is a great page and wondered why no one ever tries to turn it into an android app?! Well, your wish is our command.

We have come up with a free, certified translation app for our clients.

It is a software application or an ‘app’ that is for Android and iPhone users. It is aimed at making sure that our clients have easy access to asking translation quotes without having to interact with us in any way. If you trust our system and feel like you only need a quick way to order the translation, this app is for you.

If you order from our certified translation app, you do not need to worry that we are not going to keep you updated on your project. We have a system in place to make sure that clients know at all times where their translations are. That system will give you regular updates on how your translation process is going, by email.

Your translation goes through various steps and you will be notified at each step:

  • you receive an email confirming your order
  • another email is sent to you when we assign the translator and the proofreader to your project
  • you will receive another important email once the first translation is done, asking you to verify the translation and give us your comments. If the translation is good, you’ll have to approve it
  • only after this step we will add the translation into the original template and certify it, so make sure you don’t miss this step
  • once certified, the final translation will be sent to you by email.

What kind of documents do we translate?

Universal Translation Services provides certified and notarized translations for any personal document, including:

Usually USCIS requires certified translation, but sometimes notarization is needed. We also provide notary translations, which are also available in our certified translation app for Android and iPhone.

If you need a quick yet accurate translation for USCIS and you have an iPhone, download and install our certified translation tool for iPhone and you will be able to get our certified translation price and if you agree to it, you can also order the translation.

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