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Humans have had to face a lot of challenges since the beginning of time. But they have always managed to find solutions to their problems so they can survive in the world. However, the problems never end, and humans have to face a new challenge every year. Change is another constant that humans have to deal with. But sometimes, the change is not a positive one and affects everyone on earth negatively. As we are currently living through a pandemic, we have had to face new challenges. However, we have come up with a few solutions so we can continue to live through these difficult times easily. Video chatting is how companies have managed to stay connected with their employees and clients. Students also manage to get lessons with the help of videos.

Language Problems:

There are a lot of problems that we can solve instantly. With the help of the internet, we can connect with people easily, even if they are thousands of miles away from us. Communication becomes super easy, thanks to our fast speed internet. Then there are those problems that cannot be solved with the click of a few buttons. These issues can only be tackled by experts. Since the world is culturally diverse, it is foolish to think that we will be able to understand each other without the help of an expert.

In a world where communication has become so easy thanks to technology, linguistic problems can keep people apart. These problems can keep businesses from achieving their goals. Although people can stay connected through video chat even during a pandemic, the linguistic barrier would make it impossible for them to understand each other.

Language Problems
Remote Video Interpreting Page

Video Interpreter:

Interpreting has been a useful service for centuries, but with the invention of modern technology, it needed an upgrade too. Video interpreting is a useful tool that can help businesses when they can’t get access to a linguistic expert in another way. People can book a session whenever they want and let the linguistic expert help them in their communications. With each passing day, video interpreting is becoming more important. It allows businesses to conduct meetings with foreign investors online. It also lets patients consult with foreign doctors through the internet. It is an effective and useful method of communication that helps people in crossing the linguistic barrier.

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How to Book Online Your Video Interpreter for Your Meeting:

If you are in need of linguistic assistance for the first time, you wouldn’t know how to book a session with an expert. However, the process isn’t too complicated, and there is plenty of help available to those who need it. You can use the live chat feature on our website to discuss your requirements with one of our customer care representatives. They can guide you about the process or book your session for you.

But if you wish to book an online session yourself, here’s how you can do that:

  1. Remote Video Interpreting Page:

You can start by visiting the remote video interpreting page on our website. Not only will you get the option to book a session on that page, but you will also learn more about the service. You can read everything to learn more about our service and why it will be useful for you.

  1. Enter Details:

Once you click the ‘book now’ option, you will be redirected to another page where you can select the service you require and enter relevant details. You can choose the duration for which you will need the assistance of our linguistic expert. We charge $59.90 per hour for video interpreter, but if you only need our services for half an hour, you can select that from the options. You will provide us with an estimated time during which you will be available for the meeting. You will also have to tell us the days on which it will be easier for you to attend a session. After that, you will be presented with a list of available slots. Once you select one, you can go ahead with the rest of the process.

  1. Information About the Meeting:

At the next step, you will mention the source and target languages. You can also provide us with additional information at this point that you think will be useful for the interpreter. It can be a document related to the meeting or just general information about it. If the linguistic expert knows the context of the meeting, they will be able to interpret it in a much better way.

  1. Payment:

Once you have provided all the information, click next and you will be taken to the payment page. Here, you will have to pay for the service you require. You can also choose to hire an interpreter for half an hour. You will have to pay $29.95 for a half-hour session. After paying for the service, hit enter, and your booking will be complete. Our interpreter will get in touch with you at the specified time.

Book Online Your Interpreter

Video interpreting is useful in a lot of scenarios, for instance, when a linguistic expert can’t travel to the client’s location or when people have to maintain social distancing. It is a useful way for people to connect with an expert when direct communication is not possible. It is affordable as compared to the costs of direct interpreting, in which a linguistic expert has to travel to get to the location of the client.

Remote Healthcare Interpretation

Professional interpreters play a critical role in overcoming language barriers, especially in contexts where precise communication is paramount, such as within the healthcare sector. With the advent of remote interpretation, these language services have become more accessible, allowing healthcare providers to cater to a wide range of patients from diverse linguistic backgrounds without the need for physical presence.

This innovation not only enhances the quality of care by ensuring clear and accurate communication between healthcare professionals and patients but also expands the reach of providers to include those who might otherwise have been excluded due to language barriers. The ability of professional interpreters to facilitate this essential exchange remotely has significantly improved patient outcomes and satisfaction, underscoring the vital role of language services in bridging the communication gap in healthcare settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the different types of language disorders?

    Language disorders are of three main types:

    1. Expressive: People suffering from this type have difficulty conveying their message to the listeners.
    2. Receptive: People suffering from this type of disorders have trouble understanding the meaning of what others are saying.
    3. Mixed Receptive-Expressive Language Issues: In this type, people suffer from both understanding others and getting their message across.
  • What causes speech and language problems?

    There are various causes of speech and language problems. The most common ones are:

    • Neurological disorders like epilepsy and ataxia
    • Physical and emotional abuse, especially in childhood
    • Hearing loss and brain injuries
    • Intellectual disabilities
    • Developmental disabilities like autism
    • Neurodevelopmental disorders like Asperger’s
    • Excessive use of drugs
    • Physical impairments like cleft lip
  • What are the most common speech disorders?

    The majority of speech disorders are caused by neurodevelopmental, developmental, and neurological disorders. Here are the most common speech disorders:

    • Childhood Apraxia of Speech
    • Speech disorders related to Autism
    • Stuttering disorders, stammering and fluency problems
    • Receptive disorders.
    • Articulation disorders, also known as speech/sound disorders
    • Lisping and other problems with making specific sounds
    • Spasmodic Dysphonia
  • What is language processing disorder?

    A language processing disorder or LPD is something that negatively effects communication through spoken language. It can be expressive, in which the person will have trouble conveying their message across, or receptive, in which the person will have problem understanding the meaning of what’s being said to them.

  • What is video remote interpreting services?

    Video remote interpreting or VRI is a service that allows deaf and hard of hearing people to communicate with others with the help of a sign language interpreter. The communication occurs over a video conference. It makes it easier for people with hearing disabilities to communicate with others easily from their homes.

  • How much is VRI?

    Every agency that offers VRI or video remote interpreting services has a different rate. Some of them charge by the hour while others have a per minute rate. The per minute rate can range from $1.95 to $3.49. The per hour cost can be somewhere between $50 to $145. The cost depends on the service provider you hire for VRI.

  • How much does Stratus video cost?

    Stratus Video connects healthcare professionals with qualified interpreters. If someone wants to hire an interpreter via Stratus, they will have to book a session of an hour. They will be charged $15 per hour for the first hour for in-person interpreting. After the hour ends, the interpreter will get to decide what they want to charge the client.

  • How much do VRI interpreters make?

    In the US, the average salary of a VRI interpreter is $30 per hour. But some of them earn much less because they are not experienced or are working with agencies that don’t pay well. On the other hand, there are also agencies that are paying as much as $38 per hour to their VRI interpreters.

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