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List of All Translated SRW & Video Games

List of All Translated SRW & Video Games
(Last Updated On: September 7, 2023)

Video Games and Their Impact:

A lot of times, the focus of the world is on making money and improving the situation for corporations. However, at the end of the day, it is the people whose happiness is on the line. If the world isn’t producing helpful content for the people, it is not doing its job properly. This is why there are entertainment industries in the world, but sometimes they just aren’t challenging enough for some people. For that reason, video games were created to give people something different. Over the years, many people have questioned the usefulness of games, but no one can deny that they are a good way of entertainment for people of all ages.

Translation of Games:

Just like movies, games are created in all parts of the world. However, most of the time, they are launched in the native language of the creator. So, if a game created in Japan would be in Japanese. But this creates a problem for the geeks who want to try every popular game. The linguistic barrier keeps them from playing a new game. Famous consoles like Xbox and PlayStation launch the games on their stores in English, but even that can be a problem for those who don’t speak the tongue.

In order to make sure every person has access to popular games, translation is necessary. But every type of linguistic service is unique. You cannot apply the same rules everywhere. For instance, the translation of a video is not the same as that of a document. The same rule applies when the translation of a video game is required. Whether it is multiplayer or single-player, accurate translation can easily make a game more popular. There are plenty of virtual reality sports that became popular in their home country first and were later translated into other tongues to make them available to a foreign audience.

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List of All Translated SRW and Other Games:

Here are a few examples of the games that have been translated into other languages:

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  1. Super Robot Wars:

Commonly referred to as SRW, it is a series of role-playing games that were created in Japan. There are also manga and anime of SRW, and characters from one format often make an appearance in the other. Officially, only the Original Generation was translated into English. However, there are plenty of fan-made translations of the 2nd and 3rd Super Robot Wars in both English and Chinese. More official translations are also into making. However, people can find more versions of SRW in Chinese than in English. But since fans work on these unofficial versions, more English ones can be released in the future.

  1. Assassin’s Creed:

This is another action series that is quite popular among geeks. It is available in various versions that can be played on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Its unique storyline keeps players hooked until the end. It has been translated in multiple languages by fans, including Spanish and Russian.

  1. The Witcher:

Based on a book series, this action trilogy has gotten more popular after the release of The Witcher TV series. The fantasy world shown in The Witcher alone is worth every minute spent on playing the game. It is available for Microsoft Windows. It has been translated by fans in German and Russian.

  1. Skyrim:

Considered by many as the greatest game ever created, Skyrim has also been translated in different vernaculars, including Spanish, German, and Russian. People can easily access different versions and enjoy playing Skyrim in their vernacular.

The translations allow people from different parts of the world to enjoy the games they have always wanted to play.

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