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What Video Translation Software is Available

What Video Translation Software is Available
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(Last Updated On: July 21, 2020)

In today’s world, there are multiple ways of sharing information with people. Newspapers still exist as one of the sources of information, but they are nowhere near the top when it comes to the speed of delivering news to the people. By the time a newspaper is published and delivered to people, plenty of new information had already become available on the internet. SMS and emails alerts are much quicker in delivering news to people. They can also be used for the promotion of businesses. One of the most popular formats of advertisements and infomercials is videos. There are plenty of people in the world today who have made a career out of creating videos.

YouTube Videos and The Need for Diversity:

No successful marketing strategy can be created without doing some research. In order to figure out which part of the audience enjoys videos, reading statistics of YouTube can help. Marketers and businessmen can benefit greatly by understanding the way the video-sharing website works. Today, there are more videos on the site than people can watch in their lifetimes. When there is an abundance of data, it is not easy to make people watch the content you have created for them.

The biggest mistake some companies make is not paying attention to the diversity in the world’s population. You cannot create one type of content or videos in one language and expect them to attract everyone. The world is diverse, and the only way to connect with your target audience is to respect that fact. Five hundred hours of video is uploaded on the platform every hour, but not all of that content is in English. The website works in 91 countries and supports 80 languages, which is why it should not come as a surprise to anyone that only 33% of the popular videos are in English.

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Why Is Video Translation Needed?

Diversity does not always mean having to create separate content for all types of audiences. There are plenty of topics that everyone is equally interested in, regardless of their nationality. So, the content can be kept the same for different audiences. However, the linguistic differences require translations of content so it can be understood by everyone easily. Sometimes, this translation software can be done in the form of subtitles, while in other instances, the voice over is changed too. Either way, it helps viewers understand the content of the video and feel connected to the information that is being shared with them.

What Video Translation Software is Available?

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Although there are plenty of free apps that offer translation services for speech and images, there is no similar program for videos. It is worth mentioning that even the apps that work with speech are rarely a hundred percent accurate. And if someone thinks that they can interpret their videos on their own, then they are mistaken because it is a very complicated process. You cannot just convert one language into another when it comes to videos. You will have to transcribe the script first, then add time stamps on it before translating it. Some people also require voice over, which is something that only qualified artists can provide.

Currently, the software that has been helping creators in translating their videos is ScriptReel. It helps them with all the steps of a video translation. However, it isn’t free. The creators of the software offer two different licenses, one for personal use and the other for commercial users. Once you purchase the license, you will be given access to the software. You can start translating your content straightaway. There are no limitations as to the type of videos you can translate with ScriptReel. Along with translation, the software also offers captions that would allow people with hearing disabilities to enjoy the content easily.

You can also get audio with ScriptReel in the language of your choice. It is the best way to improve your SEO rankings. It supports all the common languages. Marketers and companies around the world have been benefitting greatly from ScriptReel. But with the amount of competition that has become normal in our world, it wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone if something like ScriptReel becomes available for free in the near future.

The Process of Video Translation and Who Can Handle It?

The steps of video translation software are a lot more complicated than simple linguistic services. Experts do not have to write down the content first or time the transcription according to the visual before working on it. However, the situation is not the same when it comes to videos. They cannot be translated without transcription. And if there aren’t any time stamps on the transcription, the linguistic expert won’t know how many letters should appear in a line. If you do not want to destroy the balance of the story you are telling with the help of visuals, keeping the audio in sync with the view on the screen is very important.

The software can help us get through difficulties, but it is important to know when one should turn to humans for help. The language industry is complicated, but it is full of human experts who understand the complexities of various tongues better than anyone. So, even if there is a software that looks perfect for the job, it is better to consult human experts. The way a human translator can handle the job is far better than software.

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