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ID Verification Obligatory by State

It is a state requirement to have your ID verified. The notary will send you a link to the online Notary Platform to get this step done. Please note, this process is VERY IMPORTANT. If you do not enter the proper information or fail to answer the questions, by law the notary maybe not be able to continue with the notarization. Make sure that you fill in the right information.

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Test now if you are qualified for Verification

Test here to check if your equipment is sufficient for online notarization

ID Verification Instructions:

It is important to select first the method you want to send the images to the system for verification. Please provide for the images the highest quality possible, but you can also use the SMS method for sending them one at at a time.

online notary id step 1
online notary id step 2
  • Attach and Upload
    1. After you have taken pictures of the front and back of your drivers license as well as a picture of the face, simply click the “Select” button next to each of the correct image box and attach the image.
    2. If all images have been selected, click the “Upload Images” button.
online notary id step 3
    • If you have selected this option you need to enter your mobile number as a cell phone is required for this option.  After you enter your mobile number, click the “Begin SMS Pic Capture” button.  It is VERY important that you follow the instructions carefully otherwise the images may get rejected.

After this is done and succeeded, Add Your Signature: –

This can be done in 2 ways:

=> Type in the box your name

=> Or you can draw your name in the box

You are now ready to start the online meeting with the Remote Online Notary.

Make sure you have a microphone and webcam on your device when connecting.

For troubleshoot please check out here:


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