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Translation Office in Spain, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Our translation office in Spain is located in the central city of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas. Our office is open 24 hours and is where you can drop off your documents if you need Spanish translation services. Every client that has documents for translation is different and has different requirements. This also makes every challenge different. With more than 5,000 customers and millions of words translated in the past 18 years, you can say that we have “the experience.”

Eighteen (18) years ago, our office was located in the south of Spain, Malaga, where it all started with in-house translators, as well as where we began to develop our project management software. These days, the software management frontier is vast and helps to speed up the translation process amazingly. In this way, the information we need is readily accessible to us; at any time, we can find any information regarding the status of a project to inform the client.

Visit our translation office in Spain during regular working hours:

Calle Buenos Aires no 3, 35002, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain

Or call us:  34-951-406-815

You can also get in touch at any time, 24/7, email or email live-chat on our website.

Our office in Spain

translation office in Spain
Spain outside view
Spain waiting room

Our Translation Team and our Translators

Our project management team works in different shifts to help our clients internationally, around the clock. We have an exceptional team that is tasked with training our translators, not on translation itself, but on special technical requirements which need to be explained clearly to the translators to bring a translation project to a good end.

You can say that we are the leaders that work closely with our translators and one of the few that are open 24 hours a day, including the weekends!

Spanish translation services

Spanish Translation Services

We provide Spanish translation services around the clock, so visit our translation office in Spain or ask for your free, no-obligation quote by phone, email, or live chat.

same day translation available

Need Same Day Translation?

If you’re in a hurry and need same-day translations, we can help you. We do not charge rush fees or weekend extra rates, and we can provide a fast turnaround time for any of your projects!

open 24 hours

We are Open 24 Hours

If you need Spanish translation services for your documents, we can help you. We also provide translations from and into over 120 languages, and we are open 24 hours.

Spanish certified translation services

Spanish certified translation services

Any person who plans to pursue further education, to get a job, or to immigrate to a Spanish-speaking country needs to ensure that all his documentation is translated into Spanish. For this purpose, Spanish certified translation services are required. Since the documentation is a critical step when proceeding with any official procedure, one must ensure that the translation is accurate and authentic. We provide certified translation with guaranteed acceptance at any legal office.

Spanish translation services near me

Spanish translation services near me

If you are looking for certified translation services, you may look around your area. You can surf the web or search in Google using the keywords “Spanish translation services near me,” The results will pop up in no time, with us coming in in the first spots. Why? Because we are efficient and accurate in what we do. We will help you overcome the language barrier and steer smoothly through all the processes by providing accurate translation for immigration at fair prices.

Spanish translation services rates

Spanish translation services rates

Since translation becomes more and more needed, some service providers charge handsomely for providing their services. It is an emerging business, and for people who are proficient and fluent in Spanish, this is a golden chance to make use of their skills. It is not uncommon for Spanish translation services rates to go up to 20 cents per word with some companies. We, however, charge the lowest translation rates on the market, and we never compromise on quality!

Calculate now your certified translation cost!

Spanish translation office

Our translation office in Spain

It is indeed proper that the world has become a global village and availing any services on the internet has become an easy job. But when the matters at hand are associated with language translation, you know that you can’t rely on the ordinary. Universal Translation Services understands that people who need translation sometimes need assurance more than an online presence which is why we have maintained our brick and mortar translation office in Spain. Even though our online translation services are open to everyone around the globe, and anyone can connect with us anytime through our live chat, we also intend to maintain our communication with our customers through our tangible offices. We believe that talking and getting to know what the clients require from us enhance their experience and build a sense of trust for better understanding and good future relationships.

Our native translators at our Spanish office are always available for project discussions. Our project managers acquire all the data and information from the clients and send them over for further analysis to the concerned team. The people who need to get anything translated have to upload the content online and provide all relevant information. They will be connected with an expert in the respective field, who can discuss the details with the client and develop the desired outcome as per the client’s wishes.

Here at the UTS, we ensure that the most suitable and experienced translator will take responsibility and accomplish the job within the deadline. These expert translators include legal specialists, business experts, medical specialists, and documentation authorities who have been helping us provide the best Spanish translation services to our diverse clients.

Global translation services

If you are residing in Spain, then apart from contacting us online, you can also visit our office in the central city of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas. Our customer support is always ready to help you and guide you in the best way possible.

With experience of more than 16 years, our office in Spain has the best team to deal with your projects and deliver you the highest quality results. Having such a vast experience behind our back refined our firm’s output quality, but we now have several extra services to offer our clients. UTS disrupts conventional language services to deliver speedy and high-quality human translations anywhere and anytime. We provide a complete package of translation and localization, which will ensure the highest quality of translation and workflow (e.g., proofreading and quality control, the use of translation memory, a team of selected linguists working on a project, personal account manager, etc.). Universal Translation Services provides the translation with accuracy that meets corporate expectations for enhanced collaboration, heightened quality, cost-effectiveness, and productivity.

Our excellence is not bound to a region, and we utilize all our prospects to provide the best quality services for our clients, not just to those needing Spanish translation services. Having offices in Aventura and Miami allows us to operate globally, and we take on customers from all over the world.

global translation services
need for Spanish translation

The need for Spanish translation services

The scope of the Spanish language is increasing at a fast pace, and with that, the inflow of people to countries where Spanish is spoken is also growing. Business collations with Spanish countries are becoming more and more mainstream. Besides Spanish being spoken by millions as a second language, it is also the official language of 21 countries, which means the documentation and means of official communication are in Spanish.

Spanish translation services are also essential when looking for business expansion opportunities. To bridge the communication gap, translation service providers are hired to assist in interpreting email correspondence, telephonic conversations, legal documentation, and any other documentation involved in a business partnership. Also, accurate translations are needed for website translation, from and into Spanish, so that the desired target audience is reached.

We also offer our general and customized affiliate program for our clients in Spain, so it’s not just about getting your documents translated; it’s also an opportunity to become a part of our organization and earn some extra income. If you have a website or a blog which deals with languages, translation or immigration, your traffic would be a perfect fit. All you need to do is sign up for an account, get your unique link and add it to your website. You will earn 17% of what clients referred by you spend on translation services with us. A perfect opportunity for you to direct your visitors to a leading translation company and make money in the process.

Translations from and into Spanish

The official language of 20 countries, Spanish has made its name worldwide. Whether you support Real Madrid or Barcelona, it is their slogans in Spanish that you will be chanting on the days of their matches. But knowing basic phrases and being able to translate a language into another are two different things. For the most accurate Spanish Translation Services, you can’t just turn on your computer and mix and match phrases yourself. You will need the expertise of an experienced and professional translator.

With an eighteen-year-old history, UTS is the correct translation service for the job. Twenty countries may have Spanish as their official language, but each of these countries has different cultures, affecting their language usage and documents’ formation. We at UTS understand this and translate each document accordingly. Our translators have a deep understanding of the cultures of different countries and are best suited to translate your documents from and into Spanish.

Legal Translation Services offer a convenient solution for individuals and businesses seeking accurate translations, particularly in Spanish. Utilizing online translation tools equipped with document translators and audio files, these services cater to the needs of both legal professionals and businesses dealing with diverse language requirements. The availability of extensions for reading ensures seamless integration into various platforms, making it easier for users to access translated content. Whether it’s translating business documents or utilizing Spanish dictionaries, these services provide essential support for effective communication in a foreign language, especially for Spanish speakers seeking reliable and accessible language assistance online.

Spanish translation services

How to Contact Us to Get Your Spanish Translation:

People can need a Spanish translation at any time in their lives. Accurate Spanish translations can be required, whether for business purposes or immigration services. But where should you go when you need a Spanish translation? And how do you know which translation agency is reliable and which is not? You will have to follow the modern procedure of learning about a business, and that procedure consists of you looking that service up on the internet. Once you learn all about a service provider, you will know if they are worthy of your trust or not. If they have enough experience to their credit, then they can help you with your translations too.

Universal Translation Services has its office in Spain so people in Spain can get in touch with us quickly.

But there are multiple ways you can contact us. If you can’t visit our offices, you don’t have to worry.

We are available 24/7 and always just a message away from you. When you need a translation service, you can contact us either through our website or by sending us an email. You will hear back from us in seconds. Once you tell us what you need us to do, we will take 24 hours to get your translation to you. You can also receive your translations via email.


Ways To Send Document

If you are looking to send your document our way and don’t know where to begin, here are our three methods that you can utilize. These are fast, and we promise to respond instantly to your requirements.

The first means through which you could send your document is email. You can do it from your computer, laptop, or mobile device.
The Second way you may use it is by texting us on our US number. In the busiest scenarios, type a few quick words, attach or copy-paste your desired text, and hit the send button.

The third and most popular way is using our live chat or CALL option. Our phone lines and instant chat are open 24/7, and your document can reach our staff in no time. So choose any of the above and don’t waste your time looking around since all you have to do is press a few buttons.

Spanish UTS

Do you think that Spanish translation services are limited to some documents or certificates? You certainly haven’t seen the Spanish movies and series with English subtitles. The massive popularity of these shows indicates the love of the language and its worldwide acceptance despite being incomprehensible. Like the discrepancies between American and British English, there are also many differences between the Spanish spoken in Spain and the Spanish spoken in Latin America.

But this is just an example; languages are not a barrier anymore. And for the most spoken languages of the world, a translation agency is a must. Our company focuses on providing services that cover all areas of life, including legal, financial, business, retail, marketing, education, and more. We have localization experts focused on offering the most up-to-date version of user-friendly apps and websites.

When it comes to translation services, a reliable provider understands the importance of accuracy and attention to detail, especially in crucial documents like marriage certificates. Offering study materials and conversation guides, these services ensure comprehensive language support. Punctuation mistakes are meticulously addressed to maintain the integrity of the content. The competitive rates make professional translation accessible, allowing individuals and businesses to benefit from services that not only provide standard translation but also deliver the perfect tone for the intended context. Moreover, the inclusion of audio translation and speech translation features enhances the versatility of these services. Whether it’s medical translation for healthcare documents or utilizing a translation app for on-the-go language support, a comprehensive approach is taken to meet diverse linguistic needs with precision and reliability. Using a reliable online translator can significantly enhance your language comprehension and communication skills.

If you have a promotional video in English and you want something similar in English, what would you do? Would you go and hire another team for another video, or would you ask us to translate? Well, if you are smart, you’ll choose the latter. There is no limit to our work, and we assert that you should think the same way. Whether it’s business, marketing, advertising, or even subtitling for a movie or a documentary, you have to ask, and we’ll deliver it to you right away!


Office Spanish Translation

People think that capitalism is an ideal system for businesses, and while that may hold for big corporations, it is not always correct for startups and small companies. Any new venture requires a lot of work in this world before it can achieve any success. No one would be willing to give up on the brands they have known their whole life and choose something new. And your competitors will also leave no stone unturned to make all your efforts fruitless by giving their clients better offers and promises of discounts. So, capitalism will not help you with your company. However, hard work just might.

When you direct all your efforts in the right direction, you will see the results instantly. The target audience of today requires unique marketing strategies to gain their attention. One way of connecting with your potential clients is with the help of translation. When you advertise to them in their language, they will begin to respect your business and may even be persuaded to try your services. If your business is in Spain, then Spanish office translation can help you attract clients that would have otherwise ignored your brand if it had been advertised in English. We have some of the most talented technical translators in many countries.

There are places in the world with thousands of years of old history. Compared to them, most countries are young. Spain is one such place that has a past full of war, occupation, and whatnot. But it took many shapes during that time. During Roman rule, it was one of the most affected areas. It was influenced entirely by the language and culture of the Romans.

But soon, it began to develop its own identity. And that’s why today’s Spain is much better culturally. It also values its language highly. There is even an academy in the country that regulates the usage of the tongue to make sure it doesn’t develop too many changes. Our legal translation office in Spain helps those who require linguistic assistance from time to time. Our native speaker can solve linguistic problems quickly and efficiently for everyone who needs such services. Our professional translation services have undergone training and coursework to translate legal documents such as contracts and agreements, patents, rules and regulations, articles of incorporation, evidentiary records, divorce decrees, and power of attorney documents. So when it comes to business papers, medical documents, or legal archives, your high school friend that spent a semester in Barcelona won’t be able to help out.

We know the linguistic and cultural differences between the various Spanish-speaking markets, tailoring your professional translations to your specific needs and audience. However, professional human translation services are both expensive and take time, and this is why International Spanish was born. Every translation is proofread by a specialized linguist at no additional cost to you.

There are many Spanish language translation companies available on the internet. But, if you need to translate a Spanish document for legal purposes, such as a birth certificate, we can provide the certified copy at no additional cost. Our legal translator and interpreters are fully trained in legal and medical terminology. Our qualified translators  (Spanish to English) have years of industry experience and can provide fluent British or American English translations of your Spanish content type at an affordable rate.

us translation service near me

Though machine translation cannot yet match human translators in terms of quality, accuracy, or simplicity, we recognize that there are situations when machine translation may be pretty beneficial. For example, when all you need is a brief sentence translated or a rough estimate would suffice. Our team of financial translators provides linguistic services for companies and individuals throughout the Houston metroplex.

We also have extensive experience in completing legal translations for USCIS immigration applicants. From the initial inquiry until delivery, our dedicated team of Spanish translators, project managers, and linguists will collaborate directly with you to provide superior language services in the native language

We will provide the highest quality translations and complete customer service care.  We have a lot of satisfied customers of quality Spanish translation all around the world. You can also contact us to speak with a project manager.  So, are you ready to begin your Spanish translation project?

Advanced Multilingual Translation Services

Professional language translation services are pivotal for providing high-quality translations, especially when tackling complex language pairs like Spanish to French. Leveraging artificial intelligence, these services offer excellent quality translations that can be delivered in editable formats, facilitating ease of use across various platforms.

Offline translations have become increasingly sophisticated, allowing for seamless translation of documents and common phrases without the need for constant internet connectivity. This is particularly valuable in primary countries where internet access may be intermittent. By integrating cutting-edge technology and expert linguistic skills, translation services ensure that each document translation meets the highest standards of accuracy and readability, making them indispensable in our increasingly interconnected world.

GTS Translation Services, a renowned Spanish translation agency, epitomizes the blend of immersive lessons, human translation, and advanced translation methods to deliver precise and reliable outcomes. The agency employs both manual and machine translation techniques to ensure versatility and adaptability across various projects. While human translators excel in understanding contextual nuances, the quality of machine translation has significantly improved, offering instant translation capabilities for rapid needs.

Translation apps and applications further complement these services by providing convenient access to language tools, enabling users to switch seamlessly between automated and manual translation options. This integrated approach ensures that clients receive the most effective translation solutions tailored to their specific requirements, highlighting the evolving landscape of translation technology and methodologies.

Cutting-Edge Business Translation Solutions

Effective translation services, especially those geared towards English business translation services, increasingly rely on advanced translation software to handle complex translations. Such software is equipped with domain-specific translation features that ensure context-aware English-Spanish translations, crucial for business documents where precision and tone are paramount. These tools are designed to produce accurate and natural-sounding translations by understanding the nuanced demands of contextual translations. This capability extends to complete document translations, offering comprehensive solutions that maintain the original’s intent and style. The integration of these sophisticated technologies into translation workflows allows businesses to communicate effectively across linguistic barriers, ensuring that every document reflects the desired professionalism and clarity.

The landscape of translation services has evolved to include a vast array of features, from traditional Spanish-French and English translation services to cutting-edge technological innovations. Among these, machine translation algorithms have been refined to support instant translation features, offering rapid turnaround times for both spoken and written content. For instance, an intuitive voice translation interface, coupled with a microphone translation tool, allows for real-time language conversion, making conversations across languages seamless.

Additionally, instant camera translation tools help users translate texts from images instantly, ideal for travelers and professionals alike. The file translation capability extends to comprehensive document handling, including a letter translation service that ensures accuracy and context are preserved. These services, from fulminant translation to everyday communication needs, are designed to be as accessible as they are efficient, catering to a global audience with varying linguistic requirements.

English-to-Spanish translators commonly charge the following rates: Beginner: $15 per hour. $25 per hour for intermediate. $40 per hour for advanced students.

The translation industry often charges by the word count multiplied by the price per word. Professional translation services typically cost between $0.08 and $0.28 per source word.

Open a Google translate and  Docs document on your PC. Translate the text. Choose a language and give the translated document a name. To summarize, use the Translate button.

Because the number of words on a page can vary greatly, calculating the cost per page can be difficult. In 2021, per-page charges in the United States will range from $30 to $100, depending on the language pair, subject matter, turnaround time, and file format (MS Word, PDF, InDesign, etc.)

You should pay $15 to $40 per hour to a Spanish translator.

Questions? We are here 24/7!