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Albanian Language Translation new service in UTS. Our English to Albanian translation services are structured to meet your desired needs, be it official or unofficial. Our translation experts thrive on their experience to deliver top-notch quality and translated equivalents that conveys the exact same message contained in the original material you provide us with. Are you an individual or a business seeking to alternatively get an Albanian to English translation for your brand and business documents?

Our certified Albanian to English translation services here at Universal Translation Services are all you need for this purpose.

Our Albanian translators are always at your service, to ensure that your documents and materials in Albanian are accurately translated to English without loss of vital expressions that are essential in giving your documents and materials the pitch you desire.

Translation to detail


We know how important it is for your documents to stay aligned with the original equivalent that you provide us with and at the same time in line with the native dialect. To ensure this while still providing you with the quality that you deserve, our certified Albanian to English translation services are designed to maintain the tone, idea and build in your translated document and material

Quality that you can afford

Quality afford

Our English to Albanian translation and Albanian to English translation services are suited for every budget, without sacrificing quality and accuracy. If you do need our translation services for a personal or business related purpose; then get in touch with us right away. Our prices are friendly and accommodating, why not give us a try today.

Verbal and Non-Verbal interpretation

Verbal Non Verbal interpretation

We pride ourselves in the quality of translation service that we deliver, limits are a total “No” for our translation experts. Whether you require a verbal interpretation for business meetings involving English speakers and native Albanian speakers, or you require a non-verbal English to Albanian translation service for official documents, Universal Translation Services is here to help you get all that done and accurately at that.

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This is a machine translation and is not perfectly translated. If you want to work with a professional translator, please Get a 5 Minute Quote.
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Certified Albanian to English translation for immigration to the US

Universal Translation Services offer excellent Albanian to English translation for individuals, families and businesses moving to the US. We understand, moving could mean a great deal for you as an individual, getting all those documents ready and making sure you have a clear standing with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration services (USCIS). Now how about those documents you own that are prepared in Albanian? We both know you be needing translated to English if you do want them to stay relevant in the U.S, and mind you, not everyone in the US understands or reads Albanian, but our translation experts do.

English is the official normal in the US and, our services at UTS would be of great benefit, especially for your Albanian to English translation needs.

Businesses are not left out of our big picture, as our services are here for everyone to enjoy. Our team of translators, who happen to be experts in their translation sphere through years of proven experience, added to an advantage of being native speakers, are here to accurately serve every translation need your business requires to make a soft landing on the US Market.

Yes that’s one of the things we do.

Certified Albanian to English translation

We offer our Albanian to English translation services to businesses looking forward to expanding their brand and having their corporate presence on the US.

The world is constantly evolving and businesses are constantly making improvements to suit this evolution. An evolution every business has to keep up with. Having your business on an international platform like the US would mean an increased global presence, which spells more clients, more growth, more sales, more traffic, more transactions, and more cash, basically more of everything you desire for your enterprise. This will only happen if your business speaks the same language as your target clients in the US, because no one would want to risk spending on something they do not understand.

Allow us to give your business documents high quality translations in English that in turn will set position your enterprise on a path for global acclaim.

Our translation experts work in line with the standards of the US-Citizenship and Immigration services, added to our professional dexterity to ensure the integrity of your business is rightly placed to give your business a genuine identity the international community would gladly transact with.

Get in touch with us today and allow us prove our worth.

  • What are the 4 steps of translation?

    1. Review: Linguistic experts begin by reviewing a document so they can develop an understanding of it.
    2. Draft: After becoming familiar with the source text, they create a rough draft.
    3. Polishing: They come back to the draft after a short break and polish it to make it perfect. All errors and mistakes are removed and changes are made to improve consistency.
    4. Proofreading: The final document is checked to make sure there aren’t any errors in it before it can be handed over to the client.
  • What are the 5 steps of translation?

    1. Reading the document: It is a very important step of translation because it helps linguistic experts understand the context.
    2. Creating the first draft: They create the first draft of the translation.
    3. Taking a break: They take a short break so they can come back to the project with a fresh mind.
    4. Reviewing the Draft: They review their draft to make sure that it doesn’t have any errors.
    5. Final Touches: All the inconsistencies are removed and then the document is handed to the clients.
  • What are the 3 stages of translation?

    1. Review: Understanding the context of the text is very important, which is why translators read the document thoroughly.
    2. Draft: Once they have understood the text, they create a rough draft of its translation. It is like the rough sketch of an artist.
    3. Final Shape: All the errors and inconsistencies are removed to make the document look polished and perfect.
  • What is the best description of translation?

    Translation is the process in which a qualified expert accurately conveys the meaning of written words to the target audience by changing the language of the text. It is a very complicated process and can only be carried out accurately by human experts, because they understand the cultural aspects of languages.

translation Business expansion

English to Albanian translation for Business expansion

Nobody knows your business and the services you render better than you do, more so,  you alone can perfectly describe the benefits of your services and conveniently address questions your clients might have regarding any of your products or services. Communicating this in a language you are not conversant in, could mean a potential challenge to the smooth expansion of your business, which at this point could be experiencing robust growth and massive patronage. We at UTS know the importance of communication and are here to give you every form of assistance through our English to Albanian translation service. Our English to Albanian translation service is designed to help modify your customer relationship management approach for the Albanian population, and still aid you manage your interaction with current and potential clients within the Albanian community.

We will expertly give your product descriptions, manuals and other technical documents a voice that speaks and conveys the same message that the Albanian community would easily relate with.

Our English to Albanian translation and vice versa focuses on driving sales growth and ensuring customer retention for businesses expanding into Albanian territories.

Translation for Medical documents

Our services are not limited to technical documents for businesses, as we also offer English to Albanian translation for other official documents like your medical documents. Your medical documents can within a short time be translated by our experts at UTS and delivered to you in the Albanian equivalent.

Translation for Legal documents

If you need nothing short of the best, then UTS is perfect for English to Albanian translation of your legal documents.

Translation for Websites, Software and Localization

If you plan towards engaging the Albanian community in your platform, be if a website, software or a custom product. Our English to Albanian translation service is right for you, as our team of seasoned experts would stop at nothing to help you achieve this.

We also offer localization services for individuals and corporations, to aid them deliver custom made products, tailored to suit the Albanian people.

Why you should translate to, and from the Albanian language

Albanian Language which might seem similar to Icelandic language, is a language predominantly spoken by the Indo-European family. This language is native to Albania and Kosovo. It is also spoken by some parts of Italy, Romania, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, and Albanian Diaspora.

Translating your documents and services to Albanian is important because

  • It would aid you as a business, communicate with and engage the Albanian community
  • It promises well as your enterprise would have a presence in Albania
  • For individuals moving to native Albanian communities like Kosovo, this would aid smoothen communication barriers in certain situations.

Alternatively businesses and individuals native to Albanian communities would need to translate documents during immigration and business expansion.

Why translate to Albanian
Albanian Language

Our world is beautiful and not only because of the mountains and rivers in it but also because of its people and their cultures. There are festivals on earth that celebrate flowers while some celebrate love and other human emotions. The different customs of each ethnic group are what make them so interesting. Historians have studied about the old civilizations and this is why we find their discoveries interesting because we get to learn about the way people used to live in the past. In today’s world, there are plenty of civilizations existing at once. There are countries where only one language is spoken within its borders and then there are vernaculars that are spoken in multiple states.

Anyone who wants to learn about the cultures and tongues of the modern world will require multiple lifetimes to get through all of them, but we can get to know about some of them in our lifetime. The Albanian language is one of those vernaculars that have an identity of its own. Unlike all the other tongues spoken in Europe, it doesn’t have multiple languages in its group. It is the Indo-European tongue that do not share any features with other vernaculars of Europe.

Due to its unique features, not a lot of outsiders can learn Albanian properly. This is why if you are in need of its translation, you should get in touch with us and let our native translators handle the project for you. We will translate all kinds of Albanian documents for you at affordable rates.

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