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What is An Official Translation?

Official translation is a term that often confuses people. They fail to understand what is an official translation of documents and how can they differentiate it from a standard translation. If you are in need of an official translation, understanding the term might come in handy in your search for a translation service.

There is no definition of official translation that is accepted globally. Each country has a different meaning attached to the term of official translation. But there are a few general things that make up an official translation: it is the translation that is required for official purposes and it generally includes two types of translations:

  • Legalized Translations
  • Certified Translations

Some countries also consider sworn translation as a subcategory of official translation.

Let us break down the two basic types of official translations for you:

Legalized Translations

These are the translations that are legalized by a particular department of a country. For instance, in the UK, Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) will legalize a translation while in Italy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will carry out this task. The legalized translation comes with the guarantee that the stamp on the translation is original. In the US a notarized translation is the equivalent of legalized translation.

Certified Translations

The translation that comes with the attestation that it is an accurate reflection of the source material is called certified translation. Certified translations are highly valuable. They are accepted by most countries. It is certified translations that are required by different countries’ immigration departments when you apply for a visa.

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legalized translations

Legalized translations

If you were looking for legalized translation for the US or for the UK you can be sure you’ll get exactly what you need. Simply state your requirements before asking for your free quote and we’ll make sure the requirements will be followed.

notarized translations

Notarized translations

Our online notary service is here for just about any need and it is available around the clock. If you need your translation notarized simply let us know and we will make sure we’ll send you the right type of translation in 24 hours or less.

acceptance guarantee

Acceptance guarantee

We are aware of various institutions requirements and our translators are experienced at providing official translation services. Your translation, if done by us, comes with guaranteed acceptance at any state institution in the US or in the UK.

Calculate now your certified translation cost!

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When Will You Need Official Translations?

Official translations are highly beneficial and will prove helpful when you are applying for a visa or to a university.

Applying to a University

When you apply to a university or college in a foreign country, you will need to submit your academic documents in the native language of that country. All the recommendation letters and academic records will need to be in the form of official translations for them to be accepted by that university or college so diploma translation services are needed.

Immigration Application

You will need the official translation of all of your documents when you are applying for citizenship in a country. All types of visa applications require that you submit your birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, etc. in official translations so they can be acceptable. Employment-based and marriage-based VISA application will also get rejected if your documents are not presented to the immigration office as USCIS certified translations.

Which Documents Will You Need Official Translations Of?

Depending on the requirements of a country’s immigration office, you will need a bunch of documents’ official translations. The number of official translations you need will also depend on the type of visa you are applying for, but the few basic documents whose official translation you will need are:

You must get in touch with the immigration department of a country before applying for a visa so you can be fully aware of the list of documents whose official translations you will need to submit with your application.

Where Can You Get Official Translations from?

Official translations can only be carried out by certified translation services. Universal Translation Services is a well-known translation company in the U.S. because of its accurate translations. We provide high-quality translations for all kinds of documents. Official translations need to be carried out by translators who are not only well versed in the two languages but also know enough about the culture and regulations of a country to understand a document. This is the reason we work with translators from all over the world who know and understand the differences of culture and translate accordingly.

Whether your official translation needs to be certified, legalized, or notarized, we can help you with it. We provide official translations that have a 100 % chance of getting accepted. We understand the stress you are facing when you apply for a visa, and we want to lessen some of your worries. By providing you with the perfect official translation, we take one tension off of your plate and try our best to make things easy for you.

How Much Will An Official Translation Cost You?

Unlike other translation services, Universal Translation Services has no hidden charges. We don’t look at complicated documents and say that this will cost more. We have one rate for all languages. When it comes to official translations, we offer a fixed rate of 0.12 cents per word for all documents of over 200 words. You can also enjoy discounted rates for large documents (10,000+ words).

How Can You Request an Official Translation from UTS?

We offer online translation services so you can send the document or an image to us. You can also visit our offices to request a translation. Once your translation is complete, we will email it to you for free. We can also mail the hard copy to you if you request it for the little fee of $10. You can pick up the hard copy yourself from our offices if you want.

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If you are in need of accurate official translation services, get in touch with Universal Translation Services today. You will have the best experience with us, and we are sure that you will come back for more and recommend our services to all your friends and family members.

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