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Medical translation services require great attention to detail and focus on ensuring accuracy. The translation is always conducted by professionals with experience in the medical field who correctly understand medical terminology and overcome language barriers. We provide accurate translation services, offer quality management for our potential clients with proper communication and there is always a check after translation is done. The result such as medical journals, clinical trial documents, and clinical studies must be clear and accurate so that it can be easily understood by healthcare industry and medical professionals, so a medical translator with extensive experience is a must.

Why do medical translation services need to be done by professionals?

Translating is essential for clinical trials, pharmaceutical products, and medical devices. As a lot of technical documentation and records must be translated into other languages, selecting a reliable translation company can yield significant benefits. Not all translators can handle medical documents for which excellent linguistic skills are required, but not enough, as the language experts also need to have deep knowledge in the medical field. Although medical documents are regulated, they are susceptible and require a lot of focus and attention.

An accurate translation, together with terminology management, must be presented along with pharmaceutical products and medical devices for the medical device industry  to be sold locally or globally. Selecting a specialized service company can yield the best result.

Universal Translation Services is pleased to announce its outstanding medical translation services which are conducted by highly trained professionals. Following the international translation standards, each of our translators has excellent command over their working languages along with proper knowledge of medical terms. As most of the doctors and practitioners require translation for their prescriptions, medical records, diagnosis and medical history, we offer unmatchable services at low rates.

Pharmaceutical Translation

High-quality translations

Pharmaceutical Translation Services

Pharmaceutical translation

Our medical translation services are also available for translating documents related to medical devices and pharmaceutical products. Because our expert translators are highly specialized, our clients can avail of pharmaceutical translation services and translations for diagnostics, clinical research, clinical trials, or any other documentation related to the medical field. With over 3,000 professional translators, we can provide this service from and into any language.

translation of medical records

Translation of medical records

All our services follow the standards, but when it comes to the translation of medical records, a certified translation is needed if the USCIS requires such documents. Each translation must undergo a strict validation and proofreading process to eliminate ambiguities. We only work with the best medical translators who are subject matter experts to ensure high quality and accuracy. All our certified translations are guaranteed to be accepted anywhere in the US.

medical translation online

Medical translation online

Besides being available at our offices in Miami and Aventura, we also offer medical translation online. If you can’t visit our offices for any reason, you can easily order online and get the same high-quality services we render to all our clients. Whether you are a company looking to translate medical documentation or an individual wanting to translate his medical records for immigration, you can count on us for a fast, accurate, and affordable translation.

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specialized medical translators

Using specialized medicine translators to deliver highly accurate translations

Our specially trained medical translators are available 24/7 to handle your project requirements, providing accurate industry-compliant translations. As we have appointed subject matter specialists and experts having years of experience in the medical field, each of your documents is translated with high accuracy. Medical documentations as well as medical reports,  need to follow a predefined format for which the translation process is done by following a series of steps to ensure high quality and standards. As we understand the risks and criticalities associated with substandard translations, our team members provide each project is done according to our predefined rules.

Our team members have always worked the extra mile to exceed client expectations. Every translator who translates into the target language and editor has the best translation skills and functions according to the applicable regulatory requirements and regulations. They pay attentions to attention to translation procedures. Although each translation is checked and rechecked, we do our best to have it delivered ahead of the deadline, and you can now avail of outstanding results at low prices.

To start with the procedure of translating medical documents for international markets, a predefined set of rules is meant to be followed to avoid any complications. As it is the conversion of written text from one language to another, as every translation vendor or translation partner does in the translation industry, the exact meaning of medical terms, synonyms and abbreviations is a must. To help our clients in the medical industry, we deliver state of the art medical professional translation services online without compromising on quality,  deadlines and to offer reduced cost.

What are the uses of Medical Translation

What are the uses of Medical Translation?

There are various ways in which it can prove to be helpful. One of them is getting a second opinion from a doctor who lives in another country. Experts are spread worldwide, and there is no harm in getting in touch with one to seek their professional advice. These interpretations can also be helpful when you are moving to another country.

Do Medical Translations cost a lot?

They might if you don’t know which language service provider to visit. We offer reasonable rates for all interpretations and do not compromise on quality. The use of translation memories will help to reduce the cost too.

What is the role of medical translation?

If you’re a medical professional, there’s no avoiding jargon—you just have to learn to decode it. Medical translators are fluent in both languages (English and a foreign language, like Spanish or German) and can translate your patient’s medical documents from one language to another. Then, when you see your foreign-speaking patients for follow-up appointments, you can ask them how they feel about being lied to by their doctor. Ah yes, translation is so easy!

Is medical translation hard?

Medical translation is complex, and any error in translation can have potentially serious consequences for patients. But it’s not hard – not when you know what to look out for. Being able to effectively understand and translate from medical terminology into layman’s terms means that all patients can receive high-quality care. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you start your career in medical translation.

Why are medical translators important?

Language barriers are one of many issues that can hamper treatment and delay recovery. In some cases, it can even be life-threatening. Medical translators make sure your doctor understands exactly what you’re trying to tell them—whether that involves symptoms you’re experiencing or answers to their questions. And translation services don’t only help doctors understand patients; they also help translate important medical documents into other languages so they can be understood by foreign patients.

Enjoy premium medical translation services at affordable rates.

Translations are always performed by medical translators with expertise in pharmacy and medicine. Because they need to be clear and without any deviations, converting the names of chemical substances and compounds requires excellent attention. Experts at Universal Translation Services are trained to use accurate terminology, linguistic skills, and medical terms to make no compromise on the final translation. Furthermore, our company strictly adheres to the formal writing style of medical texts, which are associated with protocols, clinical trials, authorization of drugs, and informed consent forms. Without proper knowledge of medical terminology and healthcare concepts, translators cannot translate the provided document correctly. We ensure that each of our appointed medical translators has an in-depth understanding of medical concepts related to anatomy and physiology.

In addition to translating medical documents, for a pharmaceutical company or a medical device manufacturer,  our client can also get translated clinical protocols, Informed Consent Forms, Physician manuals, User manuals for medical devices, Patent applications, and test procedures. Moreover, the in-house translation management software and the approach to translation memory, makes it easier for our medical translators to be assigned on any document related to the healthcare industry.

As we have discussed the major benefits of availing translation services through us, our clients can get their important documents translated without paying premium fees. With predefined rates for every type of translation services, our clients are never charged extra even if the translation is required in a short period of time. Furthermore, the 24/7 helpline is always accessible from for any question regarding translations for medical practitioners such as patient consent forms and medical device manuals, where you can also get a price quote for your translation project.

premium translations at affordable rates
medical translation agency

What is a medical translation, and why a medical translation agency is needed?

The field of medicine is a sensitive area as good health depends on medical research and pharmaceutical drugs. Experts worldwide exchange ideas and opinions, and many countries import medical machinery and medications from foreign countries. To do that, accurate medical translations are required. The role of a medical translation agency also called translation service providers,  is to translate all the documents related to medicine, such as medical research, drug descriptions, regulatory documents, clinical research, marketing materials, and training programs.

A standard translator can never provide medical translation online. The primary requirement for a medicine translator is that they must have a medical background in medicine or educational qualifications in medicine and have the language knowledge. This translation requires much expertise and experience as it is a critical field, and even the slightest mistake can have harmful consequences. That is why only a professional medical translation agency must be used to get medical documents translated.

If you are looking for a professional medical translation agency or a licensed medicine translator, we can help you. Our translators are experienced and have an extensive medical background, a piece of robust linguistic knowledge, and are well aware of medical terms. You must submit your medical documents, and we will provide you with the most reliable medical translation online. Not only does UTS has medical expert translators, but the medical translation company
also has experienced proofreaders who are trained and skilled enough to look for any errors in the document. The translated document is checked twice and sometimes thrice to ensure accuracy in the provided medical document translations , and despite that, we still have the lowest prices you can find. We never use automatic translation for medical translations as we can not offer quality medical translations.

How to become a certified medical translator

If you are a translator and were wondering how to become a certified medical translator, the short answer is that there is no way to become certified as a medical translator in the US. There is no specific way to become a medical translator and understand basics of healthcare translation. No particular certification makes a translator eligible for translations in order to work and provide clinical trial translation services and deliver the level of quality that is needed.

The lack of particular requirements does not take away from the fact that medical translation is a matter of life and death. The medical translator must ensure that the translation is accurate, or else human life can be jeopardized. That is why every medical company or hospital only employs translation agencies that adhere to the ISO 9001 regulations. This certification ensures quality standards adherence. The accreditation binds the company with the following quality control measures that will be highly necessary if you need medical translation services.

Along with that, whenever you have a medical document to be translated, you need to make sure that the translator is fluent in both languages and that he has experience or is specialized in the medical field.

To get back to the original question, how to become a certified medical translator, if you don’t have any experience in the medical field, you will never be able to provide accurate translations of medical documents.

how to become a certified medical translator

All translation services we offer are 100 percent accurate, just like any other translations we do. As our specially trained medical translators do each task, the final work is delivered after rigorous proofreading and verification per global guidelines. If you are searching for a reliable localization company online, ask for a free quote for your documents and enjoy excellent services at low prices. Furthermore, our helpline is accessible 24/7 for our valued clients so that project discussions can be done without any hassle.

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