Why medical translations need to be done by professional translators?

medical translations
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With the internet it’s so easy nowadays to become an expert on any subject that you knew next to nothing about. While an untested, academic knowledge is okay in most fields, it can be hazardous when it comes to medicine because it could mean life or death, and medical translation is no different.

Who can do medical translations?

Medical documents have to be accurate. That is why medical translation services should be provided by professionals, professionals who have a solid background in medicine.

Complicated to translate

Medical documents can be needed at a moments notice so it’s also important that the translation be done by an expert who can do it quickly, than someone who still has to look things up. Medical jargon is also notorious for having indiscernible abbreviations based on Latin.

Doctors are known for having unclear handwriting. You want someone who has been trained to decipher their squiggles. This isn’t something that you can just look up in the internet. Medical professionals actually learn this in school or have had months of actual practice.

Medical translators are professionals who have experience in the medical background. They are needed when translating medical documents because they are aware of the basic needs and requirements of such translations in the first place. They also know common medical terminologies that are found in such documents.

complicated to translate
medical translators

A segment of medical translations deal with clinical trials and drug research

Big medical and pharmaceutical companies will only hire translation companies which are ISO certified, which guarantees an actual measurable proof of quality. The industry is highly regulated by government authorities. They need more than mere assurance that the translations are accurate and can be trusted. The numbers data in medical translations are even more sensitive than financial documents.

A translator would be dealing with figures in the micro and nano decimal range, something an average person would not be familiar with, and other languages will have a different numbering system. The translator would not only be expected to know medical jargon but of chemistry too, particularly organic chemistry which is the most complex when it comes to nomenclature. The translator must know some legalese as well as the legal procedures as the documentation is required for the drugs to be approved by the FDA.

Why medical translators?

An average professional translator might ensure the quality of the translation but cannot follow the required procedure that is necessary with the affiliation to the medical background. We employ medical translators to ensure maximum accuracy in your translations such that the doctors at the hospital can easily determine the health condition of the patient, otherwise any mishap can lead to a fatal condition for the client.

Medical translations also require to be urgent in their service because until the doctor is fully aware of the state of the patient, he cannot effectively proceed with his method of approach, producing potential worsening conditions for the patient in the future. Furthermore, if the translation is not as accurate as it is needed to be then the hospital might face problems in understanding the translation.

This is why it is necessary to approach a medical translator who is professional and experienced in his work of art and can provide the client with high quality services.

Just as you won’t trust your life in the hands of a quack, so should you not leave your medical translations in the hands of other than a translation company which has professional translators with experience in the medical field.

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