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welsh language

A common misconception about the Welsh language is that it’s simply an accent; however, it’s a full-fledged language with its origin, history, grammar, and speakers.

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text messages court

It’s becoming more and more common to use text messaging as a way to communicate with other people, whether you’re sending a quick Hi! or something more complex. Even if you speak the same language as someone else, things can still get difficult if their cultural references aren’t the same as yours.

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saramaccan language

Where can you find the Saramaccan language? Perhaps you’ve heard of it before, or you’re just wondering what this unfamiliar language is. In this article, we’ll look at the origins of Saramaccan, where it’s spoken, and why it’s slowly fading away as its last native speakers pass away.

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the week in spanish

If you want to learn how to say the days of the week in Spanish because you're traveling to a Spanish-speaking country, then you’ve come to the right place!

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employment contracts german

If you’re working as an independent contractor or an employee of a foreign company, you may be required to sign an employment contract written in German. Employment contracts can seem daunting, and they are often written in concrete legal terms that don’t make sense to non-native speakers.

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kurdish sorani

How to translate Kurdish to English online? The internet has made global communication more accessible than ever before, so it shouldn’t be surprising that services such as translation have also taken advantage of this new opportunity for quick and easy expansion.

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learn arabic

French to Arabic translation services are incredibly important, especially in this day and age where communication between cultures, especially those in different languages, becomes increasingly necessary.

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how does language shape the way we think

Have you ever struggled to express yourself in another language? Maybe you’ve tried communicating something but had trouble explaining it because the vocabulary wasn’t quite right. Many people have gone through this experience, as learning a new language can be difficult, particularly when it comes to things that you don’t often think about.

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spanish accents

If you use Microsoft Word, chances are you’ve tried to write out Spanish accents like ¡ and ó by holding down the Alt key and typing a code that resembles either a tilde (~) or an acute accent ( ́).

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chinese vs japanese vs korean

Do you want to know the difference between Chinese, Japanese, and Korean? It’s pretty simple, but you must get it right to avoid offending someone who speaks one of these languages. Knowing the differences can also be helpful when traveling to one of these countries because it may make your trip more exciting or memorable.

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