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Professionals from our specialized departments deliver first-rate output from Universal Translation Services. Our clients; based in various parts of the world, are attended to by competent linguists grouped according to their language mastery. We dedicate a team to confidently carry out affordable language translation services involving East European, West European or Scandinavian languages.


Our Expert Translators

Since we are aware that our clients expect only the highest quality, affordable language services, each department is required to produce consistent and error-free translations. Our area experts are capable of translating various documents, leaving clients wholly satisfied with the outcome.

our screening process

Our Screening Process

Clients will also be glad to know that our linguists have undergone a rigorous screening process, thus, we are familiar with each of their key strengths. We are able to immediately determine the best translator for your task. Furthermore, the translated work will be subjected to a stringent review process to fulfil our quality guarantee.


One Translator and One Proofreader

In the end, clients can never go wrong with our company. Having two experts – the linguist and the reviewer – collaborate to create a flawless piece of translation certainly has unquestionable quality. You get high quality yet affordable online language translation every time you use our services.

What are online language translation services?

online language translation services

Online language translation services are services where you contact a translation agency by using the internet and the company find the best translator and proofreader for your project. The translator should be a native in the language that he translates into and be specialized in the subject of the document offered for translation. The same requirements are valid for the proofreader. The proofreader is going to check the work done by the translator and correct the text where he finds a mistake.

When the document is ready for delivery to the client every professional language translation service provider will check all the requirements of the client and deliver to the client when all is checked. In some cases, CAT tools are used so the technical team needs to check the translation work on tag errors which could be eventually made by the translator or proofreader.

This is the official process of a professional translation service. However, for telephone interpreting there is a totally different process. The telephone interpreters who could be also translators, are screened in advance before added to the telephone translation system. A rating afterwards is asked by the client as words said are not words on paper.

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High Quality Language Translation Services

Translation for business

For any business who wishes to become a world-wide success, professional translation and localization services are needed. Established businesses who want to look at global success need to be able to communicate with customers and business associates in a variety of dialects. If important messages aren’t understood things are going to go wrong. Foreign language translations are greatly needed to convey important messages.

Affordable language services and translation are truly the pillars that keep our business together and we have been standing strong for over 15 years. Here, we really do understand there is a great need for strong and accurate translation services; after all, a translation provider is going to be the only one who can ensure business communication goes without a hitch.

If you want accurate translation services for documents, software or websites, UTS should be your first and only port of call. We are a professional language service provider and we can provide accurate and fast translation for every business. We offer the very best and only a high standard translation and every single text or document we are asked to translate are cared for.

There are different ways that you can contact us to get a translation service into the target language (that is the language that you want to have your document translated into). There are a lot of languages on the planet but most of the languages are known as rare languages. If you have such a request, always contact us as we can always help you out. We have a database of thousands of translators and if we don’t have the translator in our database we have sufficient sources to help you out.

large database of translators
affordable language service

Translation for immigration

We provide translation for business but also for individuals looking to immigrate to the United States. With us, you will get certified or notarized translation which is guaranteed to be accepted by USCIS or any university in the US.

Certified translations are always sent to you in 24 hours or less, by email. If you require hard copies, we can also mail them to you. Let us know if you are in a hurry, send us your document and give us 5 minutes to send you our quote. If accepted and paid, you will have the translation done in a day.

What we do is to ensure the shortest turnaround time as possible without compromising quality. Only the very best qualified translators are selected and he or she will take the document, translate it, then the proofreader will ensure its accuracy and correctness. The translation is then sent to you for approval and after that we will certify it and send you the final documents.

Thanks to our reputation we have a large selection of qualified translators from all walks of life who can translate a wide variety of languages effectively. No exotic language or dialect is too difficult for our translators. We are your translation agency if you need a high quality yet affordable language translation service.

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Are affordable language services even possible?

affordable translation

We feel for people who are in need of online translation, simply because they don’t speak a certain language. While each language is a beauty in itself, we believe that the language barrier is probably what keeps the entire world apart. Language is indeed the best communicator of all and it is therefore mandatory for a translation agency to cover as many languages as they can. At UTS, we offer translation services for more than 250 languages and over 500 language combinations. Even more, we sport the lowest rates in the industry in order to accommodate anyone in need of our services, including individuals needing certified translation.

Apart from the fact that we have gathered an expert team for translating services worldwide, we also have another purpose behind. At Universal Translation Services, we intend to unravel the difficulties of people globally, whether they want their documents to be translated or they want to introduce their services in another language, we want them to know that they can rely on us for any kind of linguistic assistance.

Since our motto is to become the world’s top translation service company, we have translators based in all countries and regions of the world. Our affordable language services are provided with some of the most prominent key features which speak of our perfection in the translation business.

Our project managers get in touch with the translators as soon as they receive an order from a client. We make sure that the translator knows the significance of the content at hand, and we specifically consult the related team, i.e. legal, financial, business, health, academics or other before providing the quote for the project to the client.

Top class linguists, developers, engineers and project managers

Our software specialists have spent years in the translation business and they have delivered their services in hundreds of languages. Due to their vast experience in working with language translation services, translating the content of a website into a foreign language is not a tough thing for them. In fact, they are always on the verge of experimenting new things in the localization of apps. They are experts in what they do and they provide the localization services with an uncompromising skill in terms of incorporating all the important aspects of marketing and advertising while translating the apps. Their localization not only includes translation of the text in any language, but also of the images and the descriptions of the apps.

If you’re trying to promote a business where you know that you have bright chances of success, and the natives don’t understand your language, you know that you’ll need affordable language services for all your brochures, flyers, business cards, etc. At Universal Translation Services, our expert team has ideas for content marketing in multiple languages.

And the best part, regardless of the country or region for which the online language translation services are being acquired, our prices will always be rewarding. We provide high-quality translation services for various languages and language combinations, with absolute authenticity and precision at an affordable price.

Being a global language translation company, we are perpetually planning new things for our valuable clients all around the globe, no matter which language they speak and which region they reside. Our affiliate program is one such opportunity for our affiliates all around the world. No matter which language you speak, our referral business can become your side business.

top class linguists
affordable services

Fast, accurate yet affordable language services

As one of the leading USA translation services providers, Universal Translation Services presents its language services to the US government, and local communities. Our company is expanding its language services all over the country at a cost you can afford.

We cover all the US large to small cities and towns and other minorities who need translation and interpretation help at low price with high quality, especially for all sorts of local businesses, immigration, and USCIS purposes.

Affordable language services and translation are truly the pillars that make our business one of the leading agencies in the USA and we have been standing strong for over 15 years. We understand there is a great need for accurate translation services; after all, a translation provider is going to be the only one who can guarantee business communication goes without a delay.

We delight ourselves in being able to go within your means and language translation needs with the right seasoned professional for the job. Having an established global connection with our translator’s team that we have built through the years enables our company to offer you the ultimate matching solutions for your language requirements at the lowest price. We’ve done all the study and preliminary research for you. Our global connections give us a leading edge to serve you better.

If you are looking for cost-effective and good quality translation services in the USA, we are here to offer you reasonably priced translation services in over 100 languages, including French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish and many others. Our advanced platform reduces the time to complete translations and this enables us to offer low prices or affordable translation services to our clients that fit to their pocket well.

Affordable language services

Almost every social media service offers automated translation services these days. Every time you click on the translate button on one of these services, you get presented with a poorly translated copy of the original post. People often screenshot the funniest translations to show their friends and followers. The translations that become jokes explain the difference between translations done by machines and those done by humans.

Universal Translation Services rely on human translations because we know that only a human translator can truly understand the complexity of a language. But just because we provide the best translations doesn’t mean we charge our clients greatly for our services. UTS offers the most affordable language services in the US and Europe. We make sure that our clients not only get the best translation but the greatest experience too. We want you to complete your business with us with the biggest smile on your face.

affordable language services
affordable services

Professional language translators available 24/7

Universal Translation Services offers the most affordable translation services to the clients with the focus of being the flexible service provider that provides low-cost translation services worldwide. We are a certified translation agency with years of experience in the business to translate any content and we only work with professional language translators with years of experience in their field.

We widely help our clients from all areas and all organizations regardless of small or large. Though we are the affordable providers, we never negotiate in the quality of services. We guarantee that all the content is translated with 100% of precision and the quality control team check the content before we deliver to the clients. Thus we make sure that the content is translated with absolute accuracy regardless of low rates.

This has made us the competitive service provider online offering excellent services. We also provide localization of websites which are becoming the neediest services for all industries and business sectors across the world.

If you thought that quality and affordability do not go together, you are wrong. At least, you can avail yourself of an affordable translation service in the US. You will be able to reach out to your dedicated audience without disturbing your budget for the quality translation services.

Universal Language Translation

A lot of areas on Earth remained undiscovered in the past due to lack of resources. The means of transportation were not the same as they are today. But today the whole world is connected with the help of the internet. Even if there is a very backward area on earth today that doesn’t have a steady internet connection, it will still have phone lines so it is never cut off from the rest of the world. The people of our planet cannot stay disconnected anymore. The fast way in which news travels today also keeps us up to date about each other. When we know what is happening on another continent, we can express our sympathy for the people of that region.

Although we have come a long way from staying in different areas to staying connected with each other at all times, we still don’t have a universal language that we can use to communicate. Sure, there are a few languages like English and Spanish that are spoken and understand by a huge number of people, they are still not universal. In this situation, universal language translation can help us communicate with each other despite barriers of culture and language.

universal language translation

We offer compelling benefits in providing affordable translations and faster turnarounds. We have a variety of approaches that help us to reduce costs and decrease turnaround times without compromising on quality and accuracy.

Expert Document Translation Services 

Professional translators play a crucial role in accurately translating legal documents such as birth certificates and marriage certificates. Unlike machine translation, which may lack the nuanced understanding required for sensitive documents, professional translators bring expertise in both the source and target languages. Their proficiency ensures that the translations maintain the legal and cultural authenticity of the original documents.

For legal purposes, having document translations done by qualified professionals is essential, providing assurance of precision and adherence to relevant legal terminology. Some jurisdictions may also require translation certification to validate the accuracy and authenticity of the translated documents.

Document translation services encompass a wide range of language pairs, facilitating effective communication across diverse linguistic landscapes. The translation process, undertaken by skilled professionals, involves not only linguistic accuracy but also cultural understanding to convey the intended message accurately. Whether it’s legal documents, business contracts, or technical manuals, these services ensure that the translated content aligns seamlessly with the context and requirements of the target audience.

Additionally, document translation services often extend to interpretation services, ensuring effective communication in real-time settings. By engaging professionals who are fluent in the nuances of the native language, businesses and individuals can navigate the complexities of multilingual communication with confidence and precision.

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Language translation is the process of converting text or spoken content from one language to another while preserving the original meaning and intent.

Accurate language translation is crucial for effective communication across diverse cultures and languages, ensuring that messages are correctly conveyed without loss of meaning or context.

Machine translation may struggle with nuances, cultural context, and idiomatic expressions, whereas human translation offers a deeper understanding of language subtleties and context.

Language translation services often employ specialized translators with expertise in technical fields to ensure accurate and contextually appropriate translations for technical or specialized content.

Cultural understanding is integral to language translation, as it helps translators adapt content to resonate with the target audience, accounting for cultural nuances and sensitivities.