Live Translation Emobme

Universal Translation Services has recently launched ‘Emobme’, the groundbreaking communication pathway for clients!

Instant communication using Emobme

Communication through the internet has always been a drawn-out process because once you have filled in the form or sent an email, which is a time-consuming process in itself, the answer from the other end can take much time, which is quite common these days with a lot of companies, but not with our Emobme system.

If you need the response to your queries within a moment’s notice, then you’d wish for a translation agency to have used Emobme.

Emobme is a brand new communication system developed by Universal Translation Services where you simply text our special number with your query or quotation request and you will get a reply instantaneously. The process is quick, efficient and easy.

The system behind it works as a live communicator with our clients who can contact us for certified translations or regular document translations instantaneously. This communication method is the most efficient and the fastest way to get in touch with our team and it is completely free of cost.

what is emobme

What can EMOBME do for you?

get instant answers

Get instant answers

If you have questions in regards to your translation or need a free quote, simply text our Emobme number 786-460-4846 with your questions and attach the file you need to have translated. We will get back to you in mere minutes with the answers or with your free quote.

Get an instant quote

Get an instant quote

Getting a quote form us is easier than ever: simply text us at 786-460-4846 and attach the document you need to have translated, or a high quality picture of your document. We will get back to you with our free quote in a minute. Now, isn’t that fast and convenient?

order translation

Order translation

Your Emobme quote will also contain a payment link. If you agree with the price, simply click the link to pay the invoice. Once payment is received, we’ll start working on your project and when done, we will send it to you directly on your mobile!

Text our Emobme number 786-460-4846 with your document
and get our free quote on your mobile

Look at the video
Live translation Emobme video

how does emobme work

How does live translation Emobme work?

All you need to do is to send your query in the form of a text message to our Emobme number 786-460-4846. If you want to receive a quote for a translation project then attach the document or a high quality picture along with the text. If you have attached a file and the reply to your text is a quote on the translation then you will also be sent a link for the payment. If you agree to the quote and pay the invoice, we will proceed with your translation process. We will assign 2 translators to your project, one to translate and the second to proofread the translation. Both translators will be able to communicate with you via text messages if they have any questions. You can also text the translator, the project manager for your project or the proofreader if you have any queries. As soon as the translation is done it will be sent directly on your mobile. Simple, fast and efficient!

This is the first time in the United States that a translation agency decided to offer such a live translation system which allows instant communication between clients and the agency. If you would like to try out our cool, new communication service; just text us on our special number 786-460-4846. We are always open, this is a 24/7 access service and you’ll have your answers sent back to your mobile in seconds.

Benefits of Using Our Live Translation Quote

Smartphones and tablets are used much more frequently these days and businesses need to respond to this growing trend. We have launched this live translation service to communicate with our clients in a better way:


Our experts are available around the clock to assist your translation needs with the help of this new way of messaging. Text our number 786-460-4846 with your document and get our free quote on your mobile.


Other communication methods such as email or online forms that we use to communicate with our clients are time-consuming. Live-chat may not be the best way to reach us for some clients due to various reasons. If you need the response to your queries within a moment’s notice, then you’d wish for a translation agency to have used our new live translation system.

Simple payment method

We send you a payment link with your quote. If you agree with the cost, click the link to pay the invoice. Once payment is received, we’ll start working on your project, and when done, we will send it to you directly on your mobile!

It’s growing all the time

The technology is advancing with better results being seen than ever before.

The system allows clients situated in very remote areas to get in touch with us without using the internet. As long as there is a mobile available and you can text on it, you can be in the middle of nowhere and still be provided with an accurate and professional translation over mobile.

instant quote
about Universal Translation Services

About Universal Translation Services

Universal Translation Services is a leading translation company in United States which provides high quality translation services for businesses and individuals around the world. We offer more than 550 language combinations, we work around the clock and we sport one of the lowest rates in the industry.

For businesses we offer translations services for documents and websites in just about any field, but we also provide software localization, multilingual SEO and DTP services.

For individuals we offer certified translation for immigration to the US at the lowest rates you can find: only $20 per page if the page is under 200 words. We deliver certified translations in 24 hours or less. We also offer notarized translations where needed.

How To Get Live Translation Online

Although all businesses offer some sort of live communication system these days not all of those systems work. And they are not even available most of the time. In today’s world, everyone wishes to have quick access to things. Everyone is connected with the internet all the time, and that’s why they wish to be able to order products and services with the help of that internet. As technology keeps progressing, more and more services become available online. To make people’s lives easier, Universal Translation Services offers Live Translation Emobme.

Our translation online system allows people to get instant response to their queries. You don’t have to send a message or request a quote and then wait for a day to get an answer. Our live translation Emobme is available 24/7 to help you. It also allows you to pay for your translations easily. Emobme enables you to go from requesting a quote and paying the charges to receive your translation in one place. If you want to get quick answers and solutions, then get in touch with UTS. Our live translation will be a pleasant surprise for you, and you will get your translation in record time. No more delays with Emobme!

how to get live translation

This is the fastest way to inquire regarding translation services and also the best way to order your translation. The service is absolutely free and you can text our number 786-460-4846 anytime, we are available around the clock.

Questions? We are here 24/7!