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When you surf the internet you want to know the price of a translation. How does it work, how do they charge and how long does it take to get your translation back? Questions you want to get answer to. Now there are different ways to get an answer to the questions you have.

You can send us an email or contact us in live chat. Live chat is one of the most convenient ways for a client to get an answer quickly to a question.

We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week so we are available when you decide to address your questions to us regarding your translation.

We also offer the solution to use the free word counter tool online that we have developed for you to find out the price of a translation. With this tool you fill in the source language which is the language of your document that you want to have translated. We call that source language. Fill in the target language which is the language that you want to have your document translated into. The delivery date is the date that you want to have your translation into your email inbox. If you do not have a specific date we will give you the date that suits best to get it translated and proofread.

If you already know the word count (in ms word review, word count) or if you cannot count the words, take the average of 500 words per page to fill in the word count. Or use at the end of the form the “go to the next step” button our free word counter tool online if you have no idea. The document will be automatically scanned by our word counter tool and will give you the price. The tool will instantly show you the price and you can even order right away. Now is that simple?

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We have real project managers always online and available via live-chat, telephone, or email who can answer any and all your translation questions in seconds!

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Available 24/7

We don’t close for the night! We are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you’ll be able to get a free quote or answers to your questions anytime you want!

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Certified Translation at only 20$

Yes, you heard it right! We provide certified translations at only 20$ per page, the lowest rates in the industry! Get in touch and you’ll get your translation the same day!

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All about Universal Translation Services

Universal Translation Services began 16 years ago with the language translation business being one of the oldies in language translation world. We have translated large numbers of words in all language combinations. We can say that we have sufficient experience to handle any translation task!

We have created our very own translation management system in order to provide the best service on the globe. We also built different systems such as a telephone interpreting system for companies that offer you an interpreter on the telephone in minutes, fully programmed so that no call agent is required to establish the call. We enjoy technology and love to help with any issue you have concerning our translation management inside your company. You would be amazed that with simple possibilities you can make your business much more efficient.

Aside from document translation and telephone interpreting, we provide certified translations and notarized translations for your USCIS documents, birth and marriage certificates, degrees and diplomas. The rates are the best on the globe. To discover the rates, click here to use our notarized and certified calculation tool.

In order to provide services in the entire world we have created an international environment which also implies that we are open 24 hours a day. Not just by responding to the phone but with real project managers and translators in order to assist you at any time and any moment with your translation. Contact us today and you will be surprised how fast we can deliver your translation.

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