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Let Universal Translation Services take charge if you are looking for accurate, professional translation services, efficient localization, and excellent DTP services. With numerous specialized translation departments, you can expect no less than a premium output.

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Universal Translation Services is the company to go with if you need accurate translations from and into any language at affordable rates. We offer accurate translations for businesses and individuals at fair prices, and you can always count on us for any linguistic needs you may have.

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Members of the ATA (American Translators Association)

We are members of the American Translators Association, and you can entrust us with any project, including translation for immigration in the US. We have over 3,000 translators, we follow the strict rules and regulations imposed by the USCIS, and all our translations are guaranteed to be accepted by any US institution.

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Translation Agency

Universal Translation Services is a professional translation agency that offers high-quality global language translation services at competitive prices. Our workforce comprises proficient linguists with specializations in various languages. Any large assignment will present no difficulty to our dedicated team, who will meticulously handle your requirements. Our clients are our main priority which is why our team understands their different needs. Be it a large task or a small one; we would be happy to be involved.


ISO Qualified

Furthermore, our translation company is backed up with ISO certification, which means that team members adhere to the industry’s rigid quality standards at all times. To live up to our promise of outstanding service, each job is assigned to a linguist who specializes in the relevant field.


Qualified Translators

We aim to render quality work; hence our translators and editors have been rigorously screened and selected. These professionals work for our translation company full-time and are regarded as expert speakers of their native language. For your professional document translation, editing, proofreading, and localization needs look no further and leave it to us. Universal Translation Services will make things possible for your company by precisely conveying what has to be said in whatever language and wherever in the world it may be.

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Translation for immigration

We can also help individuals who are looking to immigrate to the US, continue their studies, or get a job here as a foreigner. Our translators can translate any personal document (birth certificates, marriage and divorce certificates, diplomas, and degrees) from any language into English.

To line up with our affordable services, we charge some of the lowest rates in the US for certified translation, and we guarantee acceptance at USCIS or any other legal office within the US. In rare cases when notarization is needed, our online notary public is always available to notarize our translations and help you with any notarial services you may need.

Get in touch online, where we are available around the clock, or visit our offices if you have any questions or need a free quote. Our project managers are always ready to help you out.

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Competitive Prices

With many years of experience in the translation industry, you have come to the right place. We have offices in Europe and the United States. We offer a 24-hour service without any extra cost; we do not have any rush job rates or extra to add on. Our vision is to communicate with our clients clearly.

Over the past years, we have developed an amazing full efficient project management system that we adjust monthly to offer the most efficient service on the planet. We charge a clear flat rate per word for all language combinations from and into English. Besides just regular document translations where we can deliver the same day, we offer certified and notarized translations.

We offer competitive prices per word also for certified and notarized translations.


Available 24/7

With offices in Europe and the United States, we aim to serve clients all over the world. Therefore, we work around the clock, in three shifts, and our project managers are always online to help you with anything you need to translate.

Due to using our own in-house made translation management software, we are life connected with our team of over 25.000 translators. We can take on any task, any language combination, no matter the size of your document.

With Universal Translation Services, you no longer have to wait until a suitable translator is found. As soon as you approve our quote, we get in touch with the right translators and proofreaders, and we start working on your project in minutes!


Live-Chat Support

Can’t wait? We are all in a hurry. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through Live Chat so we can give you a quote. We regularly charge per word but talk to us as maybe we can give you a better price.

What about the quality? We always use 2 translators on your project who are security checked and tested before joining our group. The translator’s work will always be checked by a second translator who will double-check the work of the translator by comparing the source with the target text.

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Universal Translation Services - international translation agency

accurate translation at a professional level

Accurate translation at a professional level

Language translation is not as simple as you might imagine. Certainly, you have to be really good at the languages you use, but getting an accurate translation at a professional level is the main thing. In other words, you have to know the subject you are translating!

That’s why we employ professional translators who are linguists and language maniacs and really well-informed on various topics. If you want a truly high-grade, dependable, and accurate translation service, Universal Translation Services can provide you with that.

Thousands of customers have trusted Universal Translation Services with their projects so far, and not even a single one has anything negative to say about our services. Many of them are old clients who always come back to us when they need more translations, and they are always happy with the output while leaving behind positive feedback.

2 translators to each project

2 professional translators to each project

Our translators are well attentive to the process of adapting information to an appropriate layout that will perfectly fit the target language and culture. We always prefer native-speaking translators for quality results since it is certain that they would be well aware of their respective cultures.

We assign 2 translators with each project who are carefully tested before accepting them into our team. Both linguists are carefully selected, so they are natives of your target language and are well-versed in the field: the first translator translates, and the second proofreads the translation. The initial translation will always be verified by a second translator, who will ensure the translator’s work is accurate by evaluating the translation and comparing it with the original text. Our quality assurance team finally checks the translation. Professional, consistent, and competitively priced, we are a service provider that gives you more. Contact us for a free quote?

Our Translation Offices

miami translation company

Miami Translation Company

Our main translation office is in downtown Miami, FL, which is open around the clock during the weekend. You can drop by at any time and leave us your documents. If you want a certified translation of your personal documents, you can have your translation done in just a couple of hours.

Find out more about our Miami translation agency, address, phone, directions.

translation services aventura

Aventura Translation Office

Our second office in the USA is in Aventura, North Miami, which is also open 24/7. If you need fast translations for business, legal, technical, medical, and immigration purposes, get in touch with our Aventura office, where we can translate from just about any language into English at affordable rates.

Here’s how to get in touch with our Aventura translation office.

Spain translation office

Translation Office In Spain

Our translation agency in Spain allows us to serve clients from all over the world. It also allowed us to recruit translators from Europe, natives of their target languages and specialized in different fields. Our main acceptance condition is that he should live or have lived in the country where his native language is spoken.

More information about our Spanish translation office here.

Online Translation Services

fast online translation

If you’re not close to our offices or don’t have the time to visit us, you can use our online translation services from the comfort of your home. We provide multiple ways to get in touch with us and ask for your free quote: by phone, e-mail, contact forms, or live chat. You can quickly get in touch with our project managers no matter where in the world you may be. Any questions you may have will be answered in a matter of minutes, and a quote sent to you by e-mail. If you’re ready to start with your translation, you’ll be able to securely pay your invoice from any internet device, be it a laptop or a mobile. As soon as the payment is received, we will assign the best translator and proofreader to translate, and when they’re done, and our quality assurance team checks the translation, it will be sent to you.

Another advantage in using a US translation company is that you also have the option to have your translation sent to you by regular mail, and you’ll receive it faster.

Regardless of the type of your documents, such as birth certificates, educational transcripts, immigration papers, marriage papers, to divorce agreements, any document can easily be translated into another language fast and secure by using our expert online translation services.

US translation company

Our Clients

International Translation Services

International Translation Service

Your company will flourish thanks to the linguistic assistance of our experts.

With the help of our services, you can get over language barriers and communicate with others easily. Whether you need help in connecting with foreign investors or just a friend who doesn’t speak the same language as you, our experts will help you. We can understand each other and effectively communicate only because of linguistic services.

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The advantages in working with an international translation company

international translation company

There are many advantages in dealing with an international translation company instead of a local one. A translation business working at a global level has more resources in terms of both staff and technology, allowing them to provide faster and more accurate services.

Universal Translation Services uses professional translators from all over the world, linguists who not only know their language perfectly but actually live there, which is of extreme importance when it comes to translation and localization as your message needs to be translated and localized to that specific market you are targeting. If one day you require an urgent translation, then you will realize the importance of having services available near you, which is why international translation services should be everywhere, so people don’t have to go through too much trouble of finding an agency.

Whether you need translation for business or immigration to the US, you can rest assured that we will always have at least 2 linguists who are natives of your target language and specialized in your field who will be assigned to your project to translate and proofread, giving highly accurate translations at affordable rates.

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translation business

Translation Offices

Many people on this earth are blessed enough to live in countries where all the services are accessible to them easily. But many still live in places where they have to walk for miles to get a basic household item, and sometimes even water. Online shopping has been a blessing for nations that don’t have to travel every day to get milk. But there are many things that they still can’t receive from the comfort of their homes. In such a situation, companies must understand the plight of these people and offer them comfort in whatever way they can.

One thing that someone can need at any point in their lives but may not be available to them readily is translation. This is why translation offices need to be set up at different places so those in need can get a translation easily.

Translation Companies Near You
translate USA

Translate USA

Everyone has some thoughts about first-world countries. We associate New Zealand with the Lord of the Rings and the majestic mountains in the trilogy. Red phone booths and tea remind us of the UK. These associations are mostly true, but that doesn’t mean they are the only prominent thing about a place. For instance, if someone considers the USA the home of Hollywood, that would be true, but that’s not the only thing you can associate with America. Many also think of the American Dream, and they are the ones who spend their whole lives chasing it.

Something is inspiring about the stories of people who went to a first-world country and changed their life around. Their resolve got them where they are today, but also a little bit of help. You will need to translate the USA to make your documents acceptable for immigration if you want to chase your dreams. Contact a USA translate agency

USA Translate

Translation Services Company

The world today is run by corporations because that’s what capitalism is all about. Some businesses operate in every corner of the earth. Although what they sell are called services but in reality, they only serve their own interests. Each big corporation is in it for personal gains, and they don’t really care what matters to their clients. Consumers may think that products are created for them, but they are actually the victims in this world where their interests are never considered every time a new product is rolled out. There are, however, a few businesses that work to provide comfort and ease to their clients. Such businesses exist in almost every field. You have to find them.

The translation industry has those who want to take advantage of you but if you are looking for a good international translation services company, you can stop your search now.

translation services company
translator services

Translator services

There are many freelancers in the world today belonging to every field. If you have worked with one, you would know that they don’t always operate the way you want them to. Even if they are good at what they do, they might still not know what kind of services you require. Often they don’t have the same schedule that you have. As a result, you never get your tasks delivered on time. Everyone who works knows how crucial it is to be punctual. In businesses, a little delay in tasks can bring a lot of trouble your way. So, when you find out that you need translations of multiple documents, and that too in a short amount of time, you can’t try to find a freelancer that works following your schedule.

The better option is to get in touch with us and let us provide you with translator services whenever you need them.

American Translation Services

It is hard to earn the trust of the masses. It takes new companies a while to make their place in the market simply because consumers don’t feel comfortable giving up their favorite brand to pick one they have no experience with. Every time you see the name of a trusted brand on a product, you are more likely to buy it, even if you hadn’t used that particular item before. You may think if their face wash suits you, then maybe their shampoo will be good too, and maybe it is true. But even if it isn’t, people’s business doesn’t let them realize it straight away.

Like companies, the names of some countries also get the same response from people. Seeing the name of a developed nation on the back of a product helps you form a favorable opinion about it. It works the same with services which is why American Translation Services are preferred by people over other countries’ translation services.

American Translation Services
translator agency

Translate Agency

The world may be in a state of chaos, but if you look closely, you will realize that there is order to this chaos. And that order is kept by everyone doing their particular jobs. Just like the things in nature follow their routine, humans must do the same to keep the wheel of time turning smoothly. If we woke up one day and found out one small industry has stopped operating overnight, our world would be in disarray. All of us must play our part in keeping things the way they are and maintaining order. But that role doesn’t only involve doing the assigned tasks but also trusting others to do their jobs efficiently.

If you think you can treat someone better than a doctor, you will undermine the doctor’s expertise and put someone at risk by treating them. So, it is better to let those with experience and qualifications handle their tasks and trust them to do a good job. When it comes to language service providers, you need not meddle with things on your own. Trust a translation agency to take care of your documents whenever you need translations instead of doing something yourself.

International Translator

In a world where everything is connected, it is impossible to imagine a service that is not globally available. But to acquire universally available assistance, we will need people trained in international subjects. Language is one aspect of our world that is not limited to a single nation or country. It is used universally by everyone, but its type varies from region to region, which is why we need help to communicate with each other.

In times of linguistic assistance, people turn to companies to get help from an international translator. Someone who is qualified and experienced in handling language problems can help those who have to deal with speakers of different vernaculars. It is only with the help of these experts that our earth continues to be a better place and we get to find solutions for communication problems easily.

Translation Services
International translator
translation offices

Translation Offices

Every adult knows how important it is to have a place to turn to when they want to rest. In fact, it is crucial to have specific places to go whenever you need something. For instance, people go to grocery stores when they run out of cereal or detergent. You can probably order such goods online too, but there is something about being able to visit the store in person and pick up the product of your choice. It is the same when you require a service.

There are plenty of translation offices in every big city. Whenever you are facing a language problem, you can turn to them for assistance. You can visit the office in person and let them know about all of your demands. You will get a certain satisfaction by visiting the place and booking services directly instead of doing it via a service provider’s website.

translation service provider

Translation Company Aventura

A lot of small cities are not considered important simply because they don’t have huge populations. That, however, is only just an assumption and not the truth. A small place can be just as exciting and modern as any other region. Many people may not have heard of Aventura when there are various reasons why they should. It has various shopping options from the country-wide famous mall to open-aired stores that sell everything a person can require. The arts and cultural center is another attraction. Plenty of other attractions for tourists who want to sit back and relax can be found throughout the city.

You can also find a translation company Aventura. In order to help the community whenever they are facing a language issue, we have built an office in the city. We want them to get quick access to quality assistance, that’s why our experts are available 24/7 to help clients.

Translation Company Aventura

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