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One stringent problem clients need to solve these days is to know how much they have to pay for a translation and what is the turnaround time. While you may spend a bunch of time trying to get a quote from other companies, with us it is easy. We have created, for those who want to calculate the translation cost, a very easy to use tool which will give you exactly what you are looking for. You can easily drag and drop your file into the tool and the system will automatically count the number of words in the document. Add the source language combination and voila! You get your price.

If you are in the stage of searching for the agency that offers the best price, simply choose the option: I am not ready yet to order but send the result to my email address. This way you get our quote with the price and the deadline in your inbox. Simple, free, and fast.

If you are looking to have a certified or a notarized translation for USCIS, please use our notarized and certified translation tool instead.
If you have questions or need to chat with a real person, use our live chat feature. A project manager will be there with you in a matter of seconds, ready to answer any of your questions and to give you a free translation quote.
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Let us ask you a question, what are your criteria for ranking a website on Google? Do you check the services? The ratings? Prices? Value-added services? What is it that you consider the best quality in a company?

Well, you can share your answers via your texts, but as for now, we are going to list all the best things on our website for you. In fact, not the whole list but that one phenomenal element that helps you save yourself from a lot of trouble, the per word price calculator.

This calculating tool was established to give you the freedom of getting the word count without having to go through the text again and again. If you are from one of the non-speaking countries you can just enter your text from any file format in the tool and you’ll get standard cost right away.

We believe that in times like these, you need more conveniences than ever, and if it’s not going to be in the progressive industry of translation, then it would be unfair to you. So if you have a project lined up, enter all the text you want to get translated, enter your targeted language and that’s it, you’ll get the quotation ready. Now all you have to do is just give your boss the invoice.

Universal English Translation Services

We are always looking for methods on Google to make sure we cost our translations in ways that benefit our clients so we have calculation methods to help you out. If you prefer us to work out the equivalent word counts and the price for you, follow the online instructions of our cost calculator and you’ll receive a translation quote in minutes!

easy to use

Easy to Use Cost Calculator

We offer you an easy to use word count tool. In just a few steps you’ll be able to find out your translation per word rate. So, get an idea of the cost of any language translation by using our tool. The tool is free to use and it is quite easy as well, follow the instructions on the page, and you will get our quote.

drag and drop your document

Drag And Drop Your Document

To calculate the total number of words of your document or project simply drag and drop your document into the text box or use the upload button. Then move to the amount of words/language(s) section, select here your source language, then target language and you can also choose multiple languages to translate with Ctrl-Click. Now move to your details’ section and fill in the required information like your name and address and then you will receive the quote and the billing in an excel form.

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Get A Quote In Minutes

Word calculation needs you to simply follow the online instructions and you’ll receive a free quote in minutes! The price will be the same no matter if you need your translation over the weekend or you need it faster than normal as we do not charge extra for rush jobs.

If you are looking for any kind of further details, please get in touch by live-chat and we’ll get back to you in seconds! We have amazing cost differences among our competitors in the market.

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How to select the best translation agency for your needs

Clients want fast answers to their questions and they want to solve their problems fast these days. The same goes for translation.

If you need to have a translation model done, and you need the translation price by a professional translator, the first step is to choose a translation agency. When you search Google for a US standard translation company, you find a lot of agencies. But which one do you need to choose? Obviously, one that provides accurate translations at an affordable translation rate. Which leads to the next question, how do you find out your translation cost of the translation service providers?
We have created a special checklist on how to choose your translation provider, which you can download and use to make your selection. If you keep in mind all the points outlined, you will be able to determine which company is the best choice for document translation.

As far as the price of document translation is concerned, what you need to do is to ask for a translation quote from each agency. Next, you can then compare the quotes in terms of delivery and price for quality translations then choose the most appropriate. If you want a quote from us, simply use our free tool above, it will send you an email with our price.

translation pricing per word
Calculate Your Translation Cost for Free

Calculate Your Translation Cost for Free

We always inform our clients about the value pricing and the cost estimation. If you’re looking to get fair translation rates for a document you need to have translated. But don’t know the number of words, or how much is going to cost you, simply use our free, handy tool to get all the details. Time is harder to save than money, isn’t it true? And almost everyone now knows that we need to deal with time issues a lot in our daily lives. You want to have your answer in seconds without losing your time actually chatting with us?

The fastest way to get a quote is to use our tool which has been created especially for you, to save your time. You need to drag and drop your document to it, and it will handle the rest. It gives you the correct quote right there and then hence saving a lot of your time. The document is priced for its translation by counting the number of words and multiplying it with our price per word. It is very easy to check the price with our tool as mentioned above.

Our translation cost calculator saves you time and is a great price estimator to find the standard price. It’s easy to use and ensures you get a fair rate. It’s handy. And if you still want to look up for text translation services around the internet, you can use the option which drops the price to your inbox. If at a later time you decide to use our services, simply replying to that email will do.

About Universal Translation Services

Universal Translation Services started 16 years ago with the translation business and it is one of the oldies in the translation world. We have translated millions and millions of words in all language combinations including Chinese. We can say that we have enough experience and we can minimum charge for you! There is no add cost involve. We have developed our own translation management system in order to offer the best service on the planet. We also developed a different system like a telephone interpreting system that offers you an interpreter on the phone in minutes. Fully automated so that no call agent is involved to set up the call.

We love technology and love to help with any problem you have regarding translation management within your company so that you get the translated document soon. It is quite surprising that with simple solutions you can make your company much more efficient and running smoothly. Besides document translation and telephone interpreting, we offer certified translations and notarized translations for personal documents such as birth certificates and diplomas for USCIS. The prices are the best on the planet without extra service charges. Our focused translator has an expert level of skills. To find out the price, click here to use our notarized and certified calculation tool.
In order to serve the entire world, we have created an international environment which also means that we are open 24 hours a day. Not just by answering the phone but with real project managers and translators in order to help you out at any time and any moment with your translation. Send your document in any file format. Contact us today and you will be surprised how fast we can deliver your translation.
16 years of experience in the translation business
why would you work with us

Why would you work with us?

As time has taught us a lot of translate method and techniques. We can do custom translation and provide transcription services of any word file. We have evolved, it has been 16 years of effort and hard work to provide you the high quality we do now. In all these years we have done a perfect translation of millions of documents on a different subject matter. We are leaders in the translation industry, and most of our clients are premium users. Our yearly translation volume is tens of thousands. We have always been very responsive and timely to our clients. The translation time that for the entire translation is less so is the total price. We have worked for a government agency too. We have both in-house and freelance translator. Our clients always come back for more work and that is the best token of appreciation. Our freelance translator works hard to accomplish your goals. We do our best to deliver your project on time, sometimes even before the deadline. We provide you a service to contact us all around the clock anytime. Whichever hour of the day it might be, our project managers are always there online to sort out your queries. Please note that we do not have any additional costs. Our translators have a competitive salary figure and they put additional levels of effort to help you achieve your goal, and there is no added cost for that.

Not only we boast about our hard and timely effort, but we also deliver the promises we make. Our management is very strong and effective, and we have tried our best to create an atmosphere that is friendly and comfortable for our clients. You can contact us through emails. You can call us. And you can contact us through live chat too. And if you’re too short on time, just use our tool, and there you go. We will be just starting off with your task as soon as you approve of it.

Cost effective translation pricing per word

You often hear the words, “Cost-effective”, “Affordable” and “Economical”, yet you only understand the exact price when you start looking for a service that you require using a calculator plugin. A service as inevitable as a translation service could put you in a tight spot to think about the pricing but don’t worry. At Universal Translation Services, we have already taken care of that aspect with our translation pricing per word.

According to our pricing strategists, the per-word pricing is the most accommodating way of price calculation from the perspective of our customers. Besides, this is the only way which saves you from discussing the prices back and forth; instead you have a way through which you get the clear picture of what you’ll be spending if you choose to work with us.

We have been topping the list of the most established translation companies in the world. There are many factors that helped us reach this prestigious spot. Among them, our affordability is something we particularly take pride in. It is because, you, our customers, are the reason we are this successful in the industry and it is our obligation to provide you with the same.

translation pricing per word