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Clients want to know fast and solve problems fast these days. Now you need to have a translation so you need to choose a translation agency. When you search Google for Translation Services US you find a lot of agencies. But which one do you want to choose? How do you find out your translation cost per word?

We have a special checklist for that which you can download and use to make your selection.

The other problem is that you want to get it translated fast and you want to know your price. Now that is easy. We have created, for those who want to know the price, a very easy tool to know exactly how much their translation pricing per word will be. You can easily drag and drop your file and the system will automatically count the amount of words in the document. Add the language combination and voila! You got your price.

If you are in the stage of searching for the agency that offers the best price and in order to get the results sent to your inbox you can choose: I am not ready yet to order but send the result to my email address. This way you get our price at least in your inbox. Simple and fast.

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Advantages of using our translation cost calculator

easy to find your translation cost

Easy to use

In just a few steps you’ll be able to find out your translation cost per word.

drag and drop your document

Drag And Drop Your Document

You can simply drag and drop your document into the form or use the upload button.

get a quote in minutes

Get A Quote In Minutes

Simply follow the on-line instructions and you’ll receive a translation quote in minutes!

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16 years of experience in the translation business

About Universal Translation Services

Universal Translation Services started 16 years ago with the translation business and it is one of the oldies in the translation world. We have translated millions and millions of words in all language combinations. We can say that we have enough experience! We have developed our own translation management system in order to offer the best service on the planet. We also developed a different system like a telephone interpreting system that offers you an interpreter on the phone in minutes. Fully automated so that no call agent is involved to setup the call.

We love technology and love to help with any problem you have regarding translation management within your company. It is quite surprising that with simple solutions you can make your company much more efficient and running smoothly. Besides document translation and telephone interpreting, we offer certified translations and notarized translations for personal documents such as birth certificates and diplomas for USCIS. The prices are the best on the planet. To find out the price, click here to use our notarized and certified calculation tool.

In order to serve the entire world we have created an international environment which also means that we are open 24 hours a day. Not just by answering the phone but with real project managers and translators in order to help you out at any time and any moment with your translation. Contact us today and you will be surprised how fast we can deliver your translation.