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Expansion for your business could mean a change in business dynamics to suit the lifestyle and culture of your Bulgarian clients, such changes could mean Bulgarian to English translation for your products and services within the Bulgarian business market place. Translating to Bulgarian is essential for your business and would make it easier for you to communicate effectively with your Bulgarian clients.
UTS offers Bulgarian to English translation services for business and also for persons migrating to the U.S. we also do English to Bulgarian translation for business expansion and for projects involving Bulgarian speaking groups and locals. Contact us today with one of our project managers and get a free quote for your desired translation. Always send us your original document for a free quote if you need to have Bulgarian document translation. We also offer standard translation services with use of translation memories.



We offer certified Bulgarian to English translation for all types of documents, and materials in other stored formats. We also offer interpretation for corporations who require our Bulgarian to English translation for official meetings and other business related activities. These services are not restricted to businesses, as individuals that require our services can also get in touch with us.



Our translation services cuts across several countries and are for everyone, irrespective of your location, you can contact us for any English to Bulgarian translation job that you need done accurately and in good time. UTS offer’s quality and affordable English to Bulgarian translations for individuals and all types of business. Our translation services are for the world.



The quality of English to Bulgarian translation service that UTS provides is a product of the expertise of our certified and highly experienced English to Bulgarian translators, who possess excellent Bulgarian language skills, and are always ready to apply their expertise in providing you, our client with accurately translated copies of your documents and materials.

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This is a machine translation and is not perfectly translated. If you want to work with a professional translator, please Get a 5 Minute Quote.
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Are you having trouble finding a certified Bulgarian to English translator?

UTS offer’s Bulgarian to English translation for businesses and individuals who intend to migrate to the U.S. We have certified and highly experienced translators whose exceptional Bulgarian language skill is the right tool you need for all your Bulgarian to English translations. Invest in our quality Bulgarian to English translators for immigration and business expansion to the U.S.

Our Bulgarian to English translation service is tailored to expertly accommodate all of your translation needs regardless of your location.

Our Bulgarian to English translation service is perfect for your Bulgarian business as it would smoothen your networking with English speaking stakeholders of your industry within and outside Bulgaria.

  • What language do Bulgarians speak?

    Bulgarian is the official language of Bulgaria and is spoken by the majority of the population. It is also spoken by minorities in different European countries including Serbia, Greece, Ukraine, and Moldova. It belongs to the Balto-Slavic group and is closely related to the Macedonian language. The Bulgarian alphabet was derived from the Cyrillic script.

  • Is Bulgaria safe?

    Bulgaria is a very safe country for tourists. Crime is pretty low in the country. In fact, it is pretty much non-existent in certain regions of Bulgaria. The policy of the country is to avoid military conflicts of all kinds. Even heated political debates are not a thing in Bulgaria. People of all beliefs co-exist peacefully.

  • How do you say hello in Bulgarian audio?

    Bulgarians say “Zdraveĭte” and “zdrasti” to greet others. The word means ‘hello’ in English. However, the pronunciations are quite unique in Slavic languages, which is why no one can learn them by reading a word. So, if you are going to greet someone in Bulgaria, you should know listen to the audio of a native saying “zdrasti.”

  • How do you say thank you in Bulgarian phonetic?

    “Blagodaria” is how you say thank you in Bulgarian. The phonetic breakdown of the word goes like this: blah-goh-da-rya. It is not an easy to pronounce word for non-natives. However, if you listen to native speakers say this word a couple of times, you will be able to pick it up.

  • What is the most translated word?

    According to a research conducted by Google News Lab, “beautiful” is the most translated word. It was translated the greatest number of times on Google Translate. But when we consider book translations, words like ‘the,’ ‘be,’ and ‘it’ are the ones that have been translated the greatest number of times.

  • What is the most accurate translation website?

    The most accurate translation website today is Google Translate. It can translate anything from images and voice to words and web pages. It is used by tourists and casual internet users frequently. It supports more than a hundred languages. More languages will get added to Google Translate in the near future.

  • What is a good translation?

    A good translation is one that is not only linguistically but also culturally accurate. It should be simple and precise so the readers can understand it easily. A good translation often does not include idioms and keep the message as simple as possible. It does not have errors in spellings or translation.

  • What are the 4 types of translation?

    1. Financial: In this type, financial documents of a company are translated.
    2. Legal: The legal system benefits from this type of translation.
    3. Medical: Patients and doctors can communicate with each other despite the linguistic barrier between them thanks to medical translation.
    4. Technical: It provides user manuals to foreign users of technological devices.

Bulgarian Language Services

Introducing your Bulgarian products into the U.S and the international market as well can mean, taking a lot of calls and spending a lot of time in trying to explain the features of your product, or giving clarifications as regards text written in Bulgarian language. This could be a major distraction from your core day to day activities and on the other hand mean more cost in running your business within the U.S.

Invest in our Bulgarian to English translation service to save more time and maximize cost. Our services are incomparable to none as you would be getting accurate and valuable Bulgarian to English translation from our certified translators at the UTS. Our translation services would serve as the vehicle to drive the growth that your new business requires to earn you a large share of the booming U.S market place.

Individuals and families moving from any of the Bulgarian states to the U.S also can reach us for quality and affordable Bulgarian to English translations. UTS offers translation services for your travel documents and other documents you would need for your smooth stay in the U.S.

At UTS we hold our clients in high esteem and want you to get the best experience while doing business with us, hence we are constantly making improvements to serve you better. Contact UTS today for all your Bulgarian to English translation needs.



If starting a business in Bulgaria is what you have at heart, then you wouldn’t be wrong to request for our English to Bulgarian translation service to ensure that your business reaches the non-English speaking population of Bulgaria. You need to have a Bulgarian Translator that can provide professional translation and offer quality of the translation. Due to its positioning in the south eastern Europe and borders with Romania to the north, Greece and Turkey to the south, Serbia and Macedonia to the west and the black sea to the east, Bulgaria has a potential business market for over 7.4 million people. Its commercial and cultural activities are centered on the capital city, Sofia, which also happens to be the largest city in the country.

If your business is centered on agriculture, power engineering and the manufacturing industry, then you would need our English to Bulgarian translation to compete fairly with other industry players who already own large shares of the Bulgarian business market. We understand that you have excellent products and services, and hence you want your products to penetrate the Bulgarian market and also gain recognition from the Bulgarian natives spread across all the states of Bulgaria, with the capital state Sofia inclusive. Try UTS today and be marveled by what we have to offer.


We carry out Bulgarian to English translations for all kinds of medical documents. Our services are structured to expertly handle all of your translation needs. We also do English to Bulgarian translations for such documents. If you do need them, our team of professionals are here to give you the best.

We also carry out technical translations for business that intend to expand into the Bulgarian market place, specifically for their products that are designed for use in the Bulgarian territory.


If you are in need of accurate and error-free English to Bulgarian translations for your website contents, software and your localization needs, then you should use our certified translation services at UTS. We deliver nothing but top notch quality.

Alternatively if you need Bulgarian to English translation service for your website content, then we still are at your service. We also can replicate English equivalents for all contents contained in your software written in Bulgarian language.

Our localization services are also available for Bulgarian to English translations, for your Bulgarian products and services that you need adapted for use and good sales performance in any English speaking country.

Origin and Importance of translating to and from the Bulgarian language

Bulgaria is a country in Europe and is a part of the south Slavic ethnic group in Europe. The official language spoken in the country is the Bulgarian language which is an Indo-European language of the family of Slavic languages.

It is important to do Bulgarian to English language translations for your documents before traveling to the US and other English speaking countries, as this would rule out restrictions and challenges you may face, giving  you access to a whole lot of opportunities.

As a Bulgarian business, getting Bulgarian to English translation your documents, products and services is essential during business expansion. This is because effective communication is required for your target clients and customers to perfectly understand the benefits of what you have to offer. This would aid reduce product objection and help your product or service market itself.


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