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Digital Translation Certification

When customers request a translation it is often an important and personal document such as a birth certificate or financial report. When we provide these translations, we use secure servers and gives the client the possibility to correct their documents online via an online editor. We provide this service because some documents for translation are handwritten or are old hard-to-read documents. In those cases, we want to provide our clients with the best service possible and avoid any errors, giving our clients the most easy-to-use, convenient online document editor from the comfort of their home. This service is protected by our high secure service and only available for a limited time.

Your verified translation with digital Signature – fast and 100% secure

In case our clients need a of the translation, we print out the documents, certify it and send it by USPS or FedEx.  Clients are reliant on the mail carriers to deliver the certified translation on time, which often takes 1 to 3 business days or longer. The problem with is that it can cause a lot of stress to our clients when they need it the next day. The mailing system has a few flaws that have proven to be costly to our clients. For instance, mail gets lost more commonly than one might think or worse, end up in the wrong hands. Either scenarios are not suitable for our clients whose personal information are in the mail.

This is why we have decided to replace the mail system by a digital system. With this 100 percent secure way to verify the originality of your documents to USCIS.

verified translation with digital certified signature
digital token for certified translation

Direct Electronic Signing:

protected certified translation

Digital Translation

Our new form of signing and certifying translated documents is by doing it electronically. Not only does this save time and money, it is also more efficient and safe way of delivering certified translations to our clients. It has quickly become a well-known and legally sound process all throughout the industry that even governments use to electronically sign documents.

We have gone through a lengthy legal authentication process that verified the identity of our company and the authorized persons that signs and certifies the documents which ensures this is a legal form of signing documents digitally.

Paperless translation company

With this new method of providing certified translations digitally, we have become a paperless translation company. This is our way to lower our ecological footprint and our impact on the environment as a company by eliminating our excessive use of paper.

The Legal Status of Electronic Signatures:

The modern world requires modern laws too, which is why the courts today cannot reject an electronic signature. In almost all countries, electronic signing is admissible in courts. No judge can reject a document simply because it has a digital version of a signature. But, in some countries, a judge may reject a digital signature for not being authentic. This is why extra measures should be taken to ensure a digital signature can stand the testing and Universal Translation Services can!

  • How do you sign virtually?

    Every app and program have an option nowadays that allows users to sign their document virtually. For instance, in the Mail app, you can click on the toolbox icon and select the signature button. You will be presented with the option to sign the document using your finger on the touchscreen. Once you click done, your signature will be added to the document.

  • What is an e sign example?

    E-signatures can be of different types. Signing your name with your finger on a touchscreen is the basic example of an e-sign. But scanning a person’s ink signature also falls under the e-sign category. Biometric hand and finger scanners are also being used by different companies to obtain e-signs of people.

  • How do you collect signatures virtually?

    The best way to collect signatures virtually is through Adobe Acrobat. You can click the Fill & Sign tool in your PDF document, enter the email address of the person you want to get the signature from, and create a form or choose from one of the templates. When you send this form to someone, they will receive a link to add their signature on the document. Once they have signed the document, it will be saved in Adobe Document Cloud.

  • Are digital signatures and electronic signatures the same?

    Digital and electronic signatures are both legally binding but they are not the same. An electronic signature is a symbol that a person who wants to sign a document attaches to it. Digital signatures make a document more authentic by linking a document with a person’s identity. The signature becomes a permanent part of the document.

Replacing the Mail Service with Electronic Signing:

In order to help our clients better and much faster we have replaced our of the certified translation with a new legal digital certification. You can receive the certified in minutes which you can present to official bodies.

Universal Translation Services has used certificate-based IDs and timestamps to assure maximum integrity and compliance for these digital certifications. The regulations vary from region to region and industry and that is why Universal Translation Services use only the Adobe approved Trust Certificate provider.

Signer authentication is a compliance essential. Digital signatures replace wet ink signatures.

We streamline the signature and approval process and do not forget we eliminate the paperwork which is our contribution to minimize our impact as a company on the environment.

certified digital translation
digital certified translation


The ESIGN is the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act which was enacted June 30 in 2000 and approved. This the federal law of the United States that facilitated the use of digital/electronic signature. Every digital signature is registered through token within the company. This means that every digital signature provided is officially registered.

A Certificate of Evidence of signing

Our service also offers a certificate of evidence. It is a report that lists down all the proof of Universal Translation Services signer as being a manager in the company that provides the electronic signature. The certificate of evidence will be provided with our certification of the translation. Here is all the information about the company and the signing manager provided together with the certification number. It will work as a transparency system.

100% guarantee of originality, no changes possible

We provide the digital certification together with the certificate of evidence but that is not all. On the certificate of evidence we provide a QR code which the receiver can scan and log-in with a username and password to get access to the original document that Universal Translation Services has provided. In case of doubt on the originality of the document, the government body can check the receiving papers with the original document online. In this way we guarantee 100 % originality of the document.

digital signing for certified translations

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QR code for certified translations

Extra security for clients

In case the receiving party wants to check the original content of the document. They can use the online access by scanning the unique QR Code on the certificate of evidence. These documents are personal and confidential to you. We have implemented that you will get an email notification as soon as someone has accessed your files online.

Why Use This New Service

We are always thinking of new, innovative ways to improve our customer service. We value our clients personal information and concerns which is why this digital certified translation is superior than the where our clients are at the mercy of a mail carrier to receive their documents on time. Now, clients can receive their digital certified translation in minutes. No more waiting for mail to arrive on time.
For a small fee, you can now request this special service. Read here more about legal base for electronic signature in the US.

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