USCIS Certified Translation Services for Personal Documents

USCIS Certified
Translation Services

Certified Translation Services for USCIS

For several legal companies or agencies, the line of their activities includes applications for immigration because of the requirements and standards imposed by USCIS approved translations. They also provide assistance in obtaining successful entry into the US for non-nationals who would like to immigrate or even extend their stay. But in order to help them with their cases, they need USCIS certified translation services.

USCIS Certified Translation Services

USCIS Certified Translation Services

With our expertise in the immigration system, we now have expert knowledge in several types of visas which can be incorporated into each application. Our expert USCIS certified translation services for immigration in the United States will translate and certify any document and provide you with instructions and guidance about interpretation during an immigration interview. In cases such as, for example, visa as a result of marriage, we provide certified translation for the immigrants, which is exactly what they need to submit to USCIS, for instance, a birth certificate translation which features important info like the legal man or woman’s name, date of birth, place of birth, together with a stamp regarding the issuing office.

The high qualification skills that our experienced translators have will provide you USCIS certified translation services which will assist you to complete your case for USCIS and will certainly turn them in the best legal document even yet in cases where you thought to have a specialist translator to translate your document. But all immigration proceedings officials prefer translations which can be performed by impartial translators that are professional and competent to convey the documents into English. Any failure that may take place in regards to exclusion or misinterpretation regarding the original in English can cause delays in the immigration process.

Certified translations by Universal Translation Services are appropriate for immigration purposes across the United States. We guarantee that the greatest translation abilities of our translators are put to work and along with the translation, the certificate you get from us fully meets the standards for immigration. Enthusiasm at our workplace which our employees possess and their respective professional, expert approach and knowledge allows us to provide certified translations for any personal document, from any language into English.

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Dealing with USCIS?

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services no longer require notarized translations. They are now accepting certified translation for personal documents. If you’re dealing with USCIS, we can help you with your translations at the lowest rates in the market!

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100% Acceptance Rate

All our translations have been accepted by USCIS offices across United States with no issues. With us, you don’t have to worry that your documents might be declined, as we ensure 100% acceptance rate for all our certified translations!

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High Quality Translation

Our main goal is to provide high quality translation services for our clients. It doesn’t matter if your document is small, we’ll always have a native to translate it, and another native to check the translation, leaving no room for errors!

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Avoid delays in processing your immigration case

It is essential to have accurate and reliable documents when submitting for immigration proceedings. Should a mishap in the submission of documents that were translated from a foreign language and which translation is not certified greatly slow down the immigration application? In order to prevent this nuisance, we are confident that by using our extensive experience with the translation of a number of documents for immigration purposes you will be satisfied with the right way that we’re going to manage any project and you will certainly be supplied with appropriate certification of translation by professional translators. Although a USCIS translation has specific requirements for document translation from a foreign language, certified translations you get from us come in full compliance with the requirements and regulations of USCIS.

A duplicate of the personal documents such as for example birth or marriage certificate is necessary when submitting documents to the Citizenship and Immigration Services. When these documents come in any other language except English, you’ll need to get in touch with a translation company that provides USCIS certified translation services. It is also desirable to utilize our services because our company is a reputed company in Miami which has an extensive experience with the preparation of certified translations for immigration purposes.

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What are the consequences of submitting mistranslations to USCIS?

Although Google Translate offers online translations which you might think to use in order to translate short documents such as the common identity documents, such a translation will not be accepted by USCIS. Such documents are entitled to be translated in a certain way for USCIS, and this particular automated translation program will not represent a benchmark for the precision regarding the translation in the event the personal documents are properly translated.

When it comes to the information and knowledge they receive, USCIS is strict in this regard, and they need the USCIS translation certification to follow their standards. Representatives of the USCIS office may send a request RFE (ask for evidence) in the event that they doubt the authenticity regarding the translated document again and again and therefore the time for processing your application is prolonged.

You will still have the obligation to provide USCIS with proper certified translations along with your application which can be denied if additional evidence is not received ahead of the date of receipt indicated RFE (ask for evidence).

If you need USCIS translation services for any personal document get in touch, we can translate from about any language into English fast (in under 24 hours) at the lowest rates in Florida (only $20 per page). All our translations are guaranteed to be accepted by the USCIS.

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