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A US translation company is certified in offering you all the services when it comes to translation. Translation Services can be for documents; a person who translates for you live is called an interpreter.

It is crucial that the right message be conveyed when it comes to document, website or brochure translation.

Our US translation company works with thousands of tested expert translators throughout the world. Our linguists work in a variety of languages and language pairs: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.

Our translators are assigned to a project according to their expertise in the relevant language as well as their area of specialization (Internet, software, medical, gastronomy, travel/tourism, etc.).

Universal Translation Services process: we have an in-house department dedicated to the selection, evaluation and management of our linguist network. We also have a dedicated team of specialists who personally provide training to our linguistics in any new CAT tools they have to use. If during their translation, the linguistics experience technical issues with their computer, our team can help them resolve the problem to avoid any delays in the delivery of the translation.

US translation company

Quality and responsiveness are offered by Universal Translation Services, the US translation company

Thanks to our technique of performance, our US translation company is able to supply high-quality translations level. All types of requests can be met by us, even the most challenging ones.

For this reason, our customers claim a high level of customer satisfaction, in terms of excellence as to the service provided and the work relationship that is maintained throughout the process of the project. 100% of our clients would recommend our translation company.

Every UTS translations’ client receives attention as a personal service from an assigned Project Manager who ensures that each project, big or small, is given equal attention and that deadlines are strictly observed. Our Project Managers are responsible for using our distinctive quality assurance process that is broken down into 3 steps:

native speakers

Professional Translators

Translation completed by a native speaker and proofread by a linguist

revision of translation

Revision of Translation

Revision by another native speaker in your industry

quality assurance

Quality Assurance

Our Deadline Team will do a QA check which is special test before sending the translation to the client.

professional translators

Our Clients’ Markets

We have close to 2 decades of experience in providing highly accurate and certifiable translations for any number of specialized industries. These include but are not limited to High-tech, Biotechnical, Software, Internet Marking, Life Sciences & Health Care, Pharmaceutical, Medical equipment & Clinical Diagnostics, Media, Marketing and Advertising, Website, Hardware, Telecom, Engineering & Design, Power & Energy, Manufacturing, Automotive & Aerospace, Construction & Architecture, Industrial, Consumer, Business, Insurance, Legal and Financial.

Our offices are open 24/7

We think it is crucial to offer, besides high quality service, the possibility to be available at no cost during evenings and nights and even on weekends. It is important to be flexible to make sure that we can assist you at any time and any moment during the week. That is why our team of translators and project managers are available during the day and night and on weekend evenings. Our translation company offers this service for the same price, there are no additional costs, and the quality of the service remains the same.

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