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Immigration Help

The process of immigration keeps getting scarier and confusing. Many people’s requests get rejected and they wish they had had some help when they were applying. Well, it isn’t too late for you. Get in touch with us and we will be able to handle your translation problem for you and get it resolved urgently.

Certified Khmer to English Translation Services for Immigration to the US:

People living in third world countries have suffered for the most part of their lives. The suffering is passed on from generation to generation and due to the country’s economic problems, things never get better for the civilians even if they are educated and give their hundred percent at work. For decades, the majority of the population of these countries lived in deplorable conditions. They didn’t look around for a way to change their lives because they didn’t think it was possible. They came to believe that the whole world was in a state of disorder and they can’t escape the misery even if they go outside the borders of their country. However, when the few people who moved out to first world countries and changed their lives around, their stories inspired everyone back home.

In today’s world, people don’t even need to hear back from their friends to find out how life is in the US or Canada, they can read all about it on the internet. Those who spend their whole lives studying so they can work and earn a comfortable living and those who are willing to do hard work if it means living in a peaceful environment realized that a better life was waiting for them in developed states, if they dared to move. Cambodia is one such country whose people want to escape the poverty and violence and they want to do that by moving to the US. The native translators on our team are fully capable of handling certified Khmer to English translations for immigration to the US, so that when you try to move to America, your birth certificate’s foreign won’t be a problem for you.


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Khmer Translation Services for Business:

No one can run a business on their own. In order to reach the top, they will not only need the help of their employees but also the assistance of service providers like translators. Opening a small business in a place where there are plenty of established companies already won’t be a smart move but taking the same business to a less competitive market can work wonderfully in your favor. Despite all its economic problems. Cambodia’s economy is quickly growing. The per capita income may still be lower than the neighboring state but at least it has improved in the recent years and that means people might be interested in buying new products. However, you can’t do business in Cambodia unless you can post ads and send policy documents to your local employees in Khmer.

We have got you covered on the business front too. We have translators on our team who specialize in business and can provide you excellent translations for advertisements. You can also get help with localization because a simple translation is not enough, you have to do it according to the culture of your target audience. You can also get translations of medical documents, legal papers, and what not. If you need any kind of document translated into Khmer, you can rest assure that we will be able to handle it.

The History of Khmer:

Many people remember hearing the term Khmer Rouge, which was the term used for the followers of Cambodia’s communist party. However, the language has nothing to do with those people. The language is named after the Khmer people who make over 97% of Cambodia’s population. It is the official language of Cambodia and has been influenced by ancient languages like Sanskrit.

One unique factor about the Khmer language is that it is not tonal. It is written in the Khmer script. Despite having a huge number of speakers in the country, only 79% of Cambodia’s population can actually read Khmer. It may not be one of the most famous languages of the world but due to Cambodia’s growing economy, it is gaining popularity. Setting up business in the country is impossible without Khmer translation. While those who want to move out of the country will also need translations, but from Khmer. Get in touch today for high-quality Khmer translations.

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