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Birth Certificate

Certified translation done in 24 hours

Birth Certificate Translation Services

When it comes to birth certificate translation services, you are probably in a hurry right? You just got the message that you need to present that paper at an official institute and it has to be certified.  Well, you have come to the right place.

Universal Translation Services has already translated thousands of birth certificates and knows exactly what and how fast you need to have it. No worries as we do not have any rush rates or extra charges or higher rates when you are in a rush. In some cases ( and make sure that you got the right information) you may also need to have your translation notarized. If that is the case, no problem, we can do that too.

Please contact here in live chat to ask us any question you have and we can even give you a live quote and deadline. Let us know if you are in a rush. We will create a quote and of course you are free to accept the quote and continue with us. We would be glad to welcome you as our new client!

birth certificate translation services
birth certificate translation services

Birth Certificate Translation

If you need to translate your birth certificate from any language into English, you’re in luck. We have specialized translators ready to work on your translation as soon as you accept our quote. If you need to have your other personal documents (marriage certificates, divorce certificates, medical records, police records, etc) translated we can do that too.

fast certified translation

In A Hurry?

With us, you get your certified translation the next day, sometimes faster. We know you urgently need your birth certificate or any other personal document translated fast and we strive to provide you with just that!

Only $20 for certified translation

Only $20 Per Page

We have the lowest prices in the industry. In order to have your documents translated, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for that. With us, you get great translation quality, fast, and at great rates! Please note: the price is valid for pages having up to 200 words. If there are more words on the page, a price of $0.12 per word will be charged instead.

Need birth certificate translation? Here’s how to translate birth certificate fast and cheap

See the video below on how to get your certified translation fast and easy, at the lowest price in the US

Need birth certificate translation? How to use our tool to help you translate birth certificate

Calculate now your certified translation cost!

Whether you are looking for marriage certificate translation or birth certificate translation services, you need to realize that there is so much that we can offer you that perhaps you might not be able to get anywhere else. Translation of these important documents is something that you are not supposed to take for granted. There are so many people who have in the past come to us for certified translations, and the results that we delivered for them were nothing short of amazing.

certified translation for your birth certificate

Certified Birth Certificate Translation for USA

The first thing that you notice about our translation of birth certificate service is the professional manner in which we do our work. There are so many cases where we assist clients over and above their needs if they need to translate birth certificate and it is because of this reason that our services are highly regarded in the industry.

If you are coming to the US, you will definitely need to make use of marriage certificate translation and most importantly birth certificate translation services, so that when it’s all said and done, you have your papers in order. There are lots of opportunities available for you that you can take advantage of, as long as you are able to get these translations of birth certificate services.

If you are looking for certified translation services, this is a guarantee that your work will be done effectively, and you will not have to worry about a thing. Once we translate birth certificate for you, you can then go ahead and use these documents to fill in official applications without necessarily having to worry about any rejections.

Our work does stand out from the others because of the extra attention that we pay to your needs, the extra care that we take to make sure that when we deliver the work for you, it is the best you will ever come across. One of the most important reasons for our success in assisting clients with translation work is because of the fact that we do understand your plight, and most importantly we deliver our best so that you too can enjoy the best translation services at an affordable rate.

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