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Birth Certificate Translation Services

birth certificate translation for uscis

When it comes to certified birth certificate translation services, you are probably in a hurry, right? You just got the message that you need to present that paper at an official institute, and it has to be certified. Well, you have come to the right place.

Universal Translation Services has already translated thousands of birth certificates and knows exactly what and how fast you need to have it. No worries, as we do not have any rush rates or extra charges, or higher rates when you are in a rush. In some cases ( and ensure that you got the correct information), you may need your translation notarized. If that is the case, no problem, we can do that too.

Please get in touch with us here in live chat to ask us any questions about the birth certificate translation to English that you need, and we can give you a live quote and deadline. Let us know if you are in a rush. We will create a quote, and of course, you are free to accept the quote and continue with us. We would be glad to welcome you as our new client!

birth certificate translation

Birth Certificate Translation for USCIS

If you need a birth certificate translation to English from any language, you’re lucky. We have specialized translators ready to work on your foreign language document as soon as you accept our quote. If you need to have your other personal documents (marriage certificates, divorce certificates and decrees, medical records, police records, diplomas, degrees, etc.) translated and certified, we can do that too.


In A Hurry getting your Certificate Translation?

With us, you get your certified translation the next day, sometimes faster. We know you urgently need your birth certificate or any other personal document translated quickly, and we strive to provide you with just that! Get in touch if you need it faster than that, and we’ll see what we can do for you. And no, you won’t have to pay extra rush rates, the translation cost will be the same no matter when you need to have it done.


Only $20 Per Page including certification

We sport some of the lowest prices in the industry. In order to have your birth certificate translated for USCIS, you don’t have to pay for an arm and a leg. With us, you get great translation quality, fast, and at great rates! Please note: the price is valid for pages having up to 200 words. If there are more words on the page, a price of $0.10 per word will be charged instead.

chinese birth certificate sample

Steps to Get Your Birth Certificate Translated

Over the years, we’ve developed a rigorous system to ensure the most accurate translation possible. Our birth certificate translation process is an exacting series of steps designed to deliver cost-effective letter-perfect translations.

From the moment you submit your source birth certificate, our team of talented subject matter experts assigned to your project is on the job. The way we see it, our job is much more than translating a certificate. We check and double-check every step of the process, safeguarding your message and meaning, and ensuring the absolute integrity of your content. We’re in the business of doing it right the first time, producing reliable, cost-effective results you can count on every time.

birth certificate translation format
Step 1

Send us your document via chat, email, or text message

birth certificate translation price
Step 2

Send the price for the translation and the delivery time

translating birth certificates
Step 3

Translator and proofreader start to work on your certified translation

translation birth certificate done
Step 4

We send you the translation for approval and last check

certified birth certificate translation approved
Step 5

We correct the files and send to your for last check

review certified translation
Step 6

We send you the certified translation to your email or at extra cost by post

Need birth certificate translation for USCIS? Here’s how to translate your birth certificate fast and cheap

See the video below on how to get your certified translation fast and easy, at the lowest price in the US

Need to have your birth certificate translated? How to use our tool to help you translate birth certificate

Calculate now your certified translation cost!

Birth certificate translation for USCIS delivered in 24 hours

Your birth certificate translation for USCIS can be delivered within 24 hours. You will receive from us a stamped copy of your original document and the translation together with our certificate of accuracy which attests the accuracy of the translation and the fact that we are competent to translate into English. If you’d like to see an example of our certificate, click the image on the right for a larger one.

All our translations come with guaranteed USCIS acceptance. We are well-aware of the requirements of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and follow the official rules when working on documents. We are a member of the ATA and have been accredited by the BBB, and we have 100% acceptance from USCIS for our previous translations.

download USCIS requirements brochure

Free download our information brochure about the requirements for birth certificate translation for USCIS (in PDF format) or get in touch by email or live chat at any time, we are available around the clock.

birth certificate translation sample

Whether you are looking for marriage certificate translation or birth certificate translation services, you need to realize that there is so much that we can offer you what perhaps you might not be able to get anywhere else. Translation of these important documents is something that you are not supposed to take for granted. There are so many people who have in the past come to us for certified translations for USCIS and the results that we delivered for them were nothing short of amazing.

Certified birth certificate translation

USCIS birth certificate translation template

The first thing that you notice about our translation of birth certificate is the professional manner in which we do our work. There are so many cases where we assist clients over and above their needs if they need to translate birth certificates and it is because of this reason that our services are highly regarded in the industry.

If you are coming to the US, you will definitely need to make use of marriage certificate translation and most importantly birth certificate translation services, so that when it’s all said and done, you have your papers in order. You will have to show a certified copy of the translations to prove your connection to your birth place. There are lots of opportunities available for you that you can take advantage of, as long as you are able to get these translations.

If you are looking for cheap certified translation services, this is a guarantee that your work will be done effectively, and you will not have to worry about a thing. Once we translate birth certificate for you, you can then go ahead and use these documents to fill in official applications without necessarily having to worry about any rejections.

Our work does stand out from the others because of the extra attention that we pay to your needs, the extra care that we take to make sure that when we deliver the work for you, it is the best you will ever come across. One of the most important reasons for our success in assisting clients with translation work is because of the fact that we do understand your plight, and most importantly, we deliver our best so that you too can enjoy the best translation services at affordable rates.

birth certificate translation

The advantages of using our services

The birth certificate is the first document you need to have translated if you’re planning a visit to the United States. Its importance is evident, especially at a time when you are planning to settle in the US. It can be either for the purpose of education, business, marriage, immigration, or any other reason. Universal Translation Services understands the needs of its customers and provides a fast way to have your translation done at a fair price.

To help our customers with the best experience of all time, our offices are conveniently located in Miami and Aventura with easy access for pedestrians and vehicles.

We are not only accessible but also fast to translate and affordable. Our services for translating birth certificates into English are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our customers are encouraged to give details about their order and the expected time when they need it back and we do our best to deliver on time. We don’t charge an arm and a leg for our services; actually we have the lowest prices for birth certificate translation services in the US.

At UTS, the translations you are looking for are being done by the best translators from all around the world. Our experts are not only from America but other nations too. So, if anyone from Europe or China, or any other country needs to have a translation in English, it will be efficiently done by our experts.

have your birth certificate translated in English

Birth certificate translation to English

A birth certificate is much more than just a certificate providing the details of your birth. As you know, it is always used as a legal document to prove identity and get other documents. Birth certificate translation to English is extremely valuable, especially if you are traveling abroad.

Problems arise when you have a birth certificate, but it’s in a language which the processing authorities cannot understand. For instance, you have a birth certificate issued in another country and need an English translation. Universal Translation Services has got you covered. With over 120+ working languages, we can give you the best-quality birth certificate translation to English.

Get your birth certificate translated from languages like Spanish, French, Japanese, Tamil, Creole, Chinese, Arabic, Thai, or any other language into English at one fixed price and get the translation certified at no extra cost! We’ve translated thousands of documents, including birth certificates and we guarantee acceptance by U.S. authorities.

instant birth certificate
sample of a birth certificate translation

Sample of a birth certificate translation

Some of the clients asked us if we have a sample of a birth certificate translation to show them. If you need to see one, click the image for a larger one. Please note, not all birth certificates look alike as each country has its own format.

When we translate a birth certificate, we first transform the original image you have sent to us into an editable file. Then we extract the text and translate it. Your legal document is sent to an expert after we have checked the source language. When the original translation is done, a draft is sent to you in order to review the names and dates. Once we get your approval, we add the translation into the original template, then certify the translation.

What you get is a birth certificate translation to English which looks like the original, along with our certificate of accuracy, which states that the translation is a true representation of the original. We follow the strict regulations imposed by the USCIS therefore all our translations have been accepted by them, or any other institution in the US. Even more, all our certified translations come with guaranteed acceptance, so you will not have any issues with them being accepted.

Where to get a free birth certificate translation template?

birth certificate translation template

Some of our potential clients have asked us if we have a free birth certificate translation template they could use. We do not use such a template as a birth certificate issued in Mexico for instance is different from one issued in Belgium, so what we do is:

  • transform the image of the birth certificate received from the client into an editable format
  • extract the text
  • translate the text
  • add it back into the original template

In the end, the translation looks exactly like the original, keeping the same format.

If you however need a free birth certificate translation template from Spanish to English for example, you can use this document. It contains all needed details, however, we do not guarantee the translation will be accepted. On another note, USCIS does not allow the applicant to do the translations on his own, so make sure you aren’t the one signing the certificate of accuracy.

free birth certificate translation template

Most asked questions in regards to birth certificate translation

certified translation of birth certificate

What is a birth certificate translation?

A birth certificate translation is usually a certified translation where the translation is accompanied by a so-called certificate of accuracy, which declares that the translation is accurate and a true representation of the original document and the translator is fluent in both languages thus qualified to translate the document. The certificate of accuracy is signed by the translator or by the translation agency, and has all the needed contact details. The translation needs to look exactly like the original, only translated.

Where can I get a certified translation of birth certificate?

If you’re dealing with USCIS you will need to get a certified translation of all your personal documents. While in theory, you could get that from just about any freelancer, we strongly advise getting your translation from a well-known translation agency in the US that deals with vital records on a daily basis and are aware of the requirements. We are able to help you with that at some of the lowest rates, and we provide you with the guarantee that the translation will be accepted by the USCIS.

Who can translate a birth certificate?

Any professional translator can provide you with the translation of your birth certificate. However, if you need to have a certified translation you need to use the services of a certified translator or a translation agency that specialized in certified translations. They are aware of all the requirements so the translation won’t be rejected and your certified translation will be accepted by USCIS.

How do you translate a birth certificate?

We hire professional translators who translate your birth certificate from the original language into English. We can translate from over 120 languages into English and we will be happy to help you.

What template are you using?

The birth certificate template is basically the template of the original document. We extract the text, translate it, and add it back into the original template, so the translation will look exactly like the original.

Birth certificate translation pdf

We receive daily pdf files or images of birth certificates that need to be translated. Most of the questions we get are if we can keep the same format. We invest a lot of time in the format of the original document converting it to an editable format. As you may know, scanned files and images cannot be edited by our translators. We convert the files with special software that creates a format the translator can work with. To have an idea of how this works, see our video.

Can you keep the same format?

Yes, we can keep the format of the original document. In fact, the translation will be sent to you in the identical format of the original document as a rule. We will preserve the format for you.

How much does it cost?

The cost to have a certified translation of a birth certificate for USCIS or any other institution in the US is $20 per page if under 200 words. We have the lowest rates in the United States and deliver within 24 hours!

What languages do you do?

We have the resources to translate from over 120 languages. We have many local and regional languages on the roster as well, and we would be surprised if we do not have a linguist ready to translate for you.

Do you translate Mexican birth certificates?

We provide Mexican birth certificate translations with professional translators who conduct these translations perfectly and up to the mark. We are here to help you with any personal documents you may have. We have specialists for handling immigration documents so your translation won’t be rejected by USCIS.

How To Get Birth Certificate Translated?

Getting ready for immigration? Then getting your birth certificate translated is definitely on top of the list. There are two ways to get your birth certificate translation. Either through a private translator or through a translation company.

Finding a good translator online is comparatively harder, freelancers usually work with their own schedule. A translation company, however, is easier to find and has professional Translators.

They have an instant mean of communication and providing quotes, therefore, the best way to get your birth certificate translated is through a reliable Translation services company. Just like Universal Translation Services, get in touch with us and get a birth certificate translation without any trouble.

How To Get USCIS Translation Of Birth Certificate?

Excited to go to the US? Looking forward to your new life in America? Then you should get ready for the formalities of USCIS. First thing’s first, check out the list of the documents that are asked to be submitted. If the said documents are in any other language than English, you’ll need to get them translated. And as per USCIS regulations, a simple document translation won’t be enough.

You will need certified translations. To begin with, you’ll be asked to submit your birth certificate as it is the prime proof of your identity in your native land. To get USCIS Translation of birth certificate, you’ll have to find a translation company that offers immigration Translation and has a 100% acceptance rate at the USCIS. Once you find them, get a quote and start immediately. Universal Translation Services has been providing excellent USCIS Translations for decades and with our expertise, your birth certificate will be translated within just 24 hours.

Where Can I Get My Birth Certificate Translated Into English?

If you live in a country where English speakers are rare and translators are even scarce, a translation company could become a lifesaver. But then again, you can never be sure about their authenticity and experience.

Thankfully, this era of the internet offers you everything, including translation of your birth certificate into English. Now you don’t have to worry about spending long hours in finding a translator in your college or in your neighborhood.

All you have to do is go to the website of an internationally recognized translation company. Contact them through live chat or email and send over the details of your project. You’ll get the quote and the time of delivery as well. You can also get the translated document delivered to your inbox or pay a little extra to get hard copies.

where to translate birth certificate to English

Can I translate my birth certificate on my own?

USCIS prohibits the applicant from translating his personal documents on his own. Even if you know both languages very well and the translation is accurate, if you sign the certificate of accuracy on your own, you’ll still have to deal with rejection. Other than the applicant, anyone else can translate and certify a translation but there is a risk you could get an RFE if the translation or the certificate of accuracy is not done according to requirements. So, if you don’t want your immigrant visa to get rejected, only go to qualified experts for translations.

Do you translate marriage certificates or marriage licenses?

Marriage certificates are needed to be presented in English for example for USCIS. It is a general rule for any vital document or personal document. We translate marriage certificates from over 120 languages into English. We convert your photocopy into an editable format to keep the layout if possible and translate it into English.

Can the translation be notarized?

We have our online notary available to notarize your translation. We charge you for the notarization service $20 per document. To have a birth certificate translated and notarized it will cost you $20 per page for certified translation, and another $20 per document for notarization. If you have questions, please contact us.

Where to get birth certificate translated and notarized

While USCIS no longer requires notarization of your translation, in some cases they might request a notarized translation. If they do, get in touch and we will translate and notarize the translation for you.

Can a notary public translate a birth certificate?

A notary public is a government agent that only verifies a person’s identity. Though, in some cases, a notary public can translate a document if he/she understands the language, but cannot notarize signatures on the documents that he/she translates. The document must be taken to another notary public to notarize. This depends on the country involved, though, because different countries have a different meaning to what a notary public can do.

How much does it cost to get a birth certificate translated?

The mean cost of translating a birth certificate from any source language to English, varies from $60 to $70. In case the birth certificate has other documents attached, then they are calculated separately from $25 – $45 per page. Universal Translation Services provides certified birth certificate translations at $20 per page, the lowest price in the industry.

Do I need to translate my birth certificate for immigration purposes?

If you are immigrating to the US and your personal documents are in any other language than English, you will need to have them translated and certified, and that also includes your birth certificate. Also, if you plan to study in the US as a foreigner, you will need to translate your birth certificate along with your other personal documents as the university will require it, and you’ll also need it for your visa.

Where to translate birth certificate to English?

While just about anyone but you can translate such documents, there are certain requirements that need to be kept in mind. Your friend or a freelancer may not be aware of that and this is why we strongly advise you to get your translation with us. Visa applications get rejected often, which is why it is better to do everything according to the requirements of USCIS.

Where can I get my birth certificate translated and notarized?

While in theory just about anyone could translate a birth certificate and certify the translation, you will have a hard time of getting it notarized. A freelancer won’t want to join you in front of a notary public for that, and without the translator you won’t get the notarization. It is therefore better if you take our services where you can have your birth certificate translated and notarized in 24 hours at the lowest price around, and the translation is guaranteed to be accepted by any state institution. You won’t get offered a better turnaround time and such reasonable prices anywhere else.

Translation Of Birth Certificate

Translation of birth certificate is required in many instances. The importance of this document is evident from the fact that no immigration process can be validated without its submission.

Translation of birth certificate is required when your native language is different from the country where you are immigrating to. For instance, if you are traveling to the US, and you belong to a country where English is not a native language, you’ll have to submit a certified translation of your birth certificate into English. For instance, if your birth certificate is in French or Italian, you will have to get it translated first.

Birth certificate translations, regardless of where, when and why they are required, will be carried out by experienced professionals at Universal Translation Services. So if you need birth certificate translation, Universal Translation Services is the place to go.

How To Get A Birth Certificate Translated To English

In today’s digital world, we are almost addicted to searching things on the internet. And it is indeed very helpful. So here we are, giving you the answer to your query on how to get a birth certificate translated to English.

If you are in a situation where time is limited, search for a company that offers birth certificate translation within a day.If you are tight on budget, search for a company which offers rate per word or per page and go with a company that offers the most affordable price.If you are looking to compare prices, list down the prices of different companies by getting instant quotes.Pro Tip: Never compromise on quality, as quality is the most crucial element in Translation.

Where Can I Translate A Birth Certificate

If a friend of yours is proficient in English language and you think that they can translate your birth certificate into English, then you are not thinking right.

Depending on the purpose of the translation birth certificate, there will be certain rules that you would have to follow. Only Translation companies who have been translating birth certificates are aware of the requirements of a government agency like USCIS. For instance, birth certificate Translation for Immigration proceedings must be certified before submission. For a university admission, you’ll also need a certified translation birth certificate. Thus, you must never mess up your birth certificate translation at any cost.

You can get your birth certificate Translation from Universal Translation Services with quality assurance and affordability.

Can I see a birth certificate translation template?

Below you can download an example of a birth certificate translation form. Please note that you cannot just use a pdf form from the internet and translate your birth certificate yourself. The immigration law doesn’t allow applicants to translate their own documents so you’ll need to have someone else do it for you. Also, you need to present a translation of the original birth certificate of your country. Since each country has a unique format of the birth certificate, yours can be different from the one below.

birth certificate translation template
download USCIS requirements brochure

Download for free a birth certificate translation template.


birth certificate translation from pdf

USCIS birth certificate translation done right

Still searching on Google on how to translate a birth certificate? Let us tell you that it’s really not worth it if you want to translate birth certificate for USCIS. Universal Translation services provide birth certificate translation services for clients who are opting for immigration services, planning to study abroad or choosing to apply for immigration for a family member like their spouse or child. And even when you are in a situation where you have an urgency or you got stuck somewhere and now you don’t have time for USCIS birth certificate translation so you are looking to translate it by yourself, we assure you that we have got you covered.

Yes, that’s right. It is our deepest concern to educate you on the importance of a birth certificate translation and when we are available with our years of experience in the industry, you never have to search for any other service provider ever.

Birth Certificate Translation

Although everyone has the right to define and identify themselves how they want, personal documents are what show your identity officially. Without them, you wouldn’t be considered a citizen of your country. You will need them at various points of your life. It starts when you are born and issued a birth certificate, then you enter academic life and gather academic documents. You get married and get a document to show for that too. A resume can only get you so far. You need all your papers to land a job.

But the most important paper will always be your birth certificate because, without it, you cannot enjoy any benefit as a citizen, obtain your driver’s license, apply for admission at a university or for a job, or immigrate to another country. The certificate, however, cannot aid in immigration if it is not in the same language as that of the country you are applying to unless you obtain its translated. You can get an official translation from us today and go ahead with the immigration process without any hesitation.

certified translation birth certificate
fast birth certificates reviews

Immigration Birth Certificate 

In immigration, birth certificate translations are required at the top. Not having them is absolutely out of the question if you are ready to travel abroad. Millions of people book their flights for different sorts of journeys every day and even more are out there seeking help with immigration and documentation. And if there’s one thing that can help them go through that phase smoothly, it’s a translation service they could rely on.

Just like we are, the specialists in immigration birth certificate translations. It will be a matter of inexpressible joy for us to be a part of the realization of a dream job, or a business settlement you were wishing for so long. We work and live by your side, and the moment you start processing your paperwork, we advise you to hand over the documents to us, of course, the ones which need translation.

It is best that you keep an electronic copy ready in advance to avoid any stress later. Moreover, you could spend your precious time in shopping, attend dinners with your family and friends or you could even finish off with the last errands you had to run. See how much we help you in more than just one way.

Get what you need faster and at lower prices

translated birth certificates

Translated birth certificates

Hundreds of clients already got translated birth certificates from us along with the certification document and all of them have been accepted by the immigration office. We know our work, we are aware of the requirements and we guarantee acceptance at the best translation rates.

translate birth certificate

Is it hard to translate a birth certificate?

Yes and no. It really depends on the quality of the image you send to us. If your full name is not visible or the picture is blurry, we won’t be able to provide you with an official translation. No, you don’t have to come to our office if you can’t, all you have to do is to take a clear picture of your document and send it to us. We’ll do the rest.

translation of birth certificate

When can I have it done?

If you get in touch with us now and send us your document then accept our quote, you will have your translation of your birth certificate in 24 hours. Let us know if you’re in a hurry and we’ll do our best to deliver even faster.

If you’re looking for certified birth certificate translation services for USCIS and don’t want to spend too much on it get in touch. We charge affordable rates, we deliver in 24 hours and we guarantee acceptance. We are also working around the clock and can give you a free quote in under 5 minutes.

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