Can a notary translate a birth certificate?

Can a notary translate a birth certificate?

A birth certificate is the most important personal document a person can have. It is the record of birth, and without it, you can’t get anywhere from school to another country. When you have to submit your birth certificate for a job application or college admission within your country, you can submit it as it is but when you are applying for a job, immigration, or admission to a college of another country, you will need the translation of your birth certificate.

The translation of Birth certificate:

Depending on the requirements of the office or department you will be submitting the translation to, you will need either a certified or notarized translation. Notarized translations are mostly used for academic documents, but when it comes to the birth certificate, certified translations are the way to go.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services requires a certified translation of birth certificate with the immigration application. All applications that are not accompanied by a certified translation of the birth certificate are rejected.

A certified translation is the most accurate type of translation. It is either provided by a qualified translator or a certified translation agency. If you are in need of a certified translation of your birth certificate, you must make sure that the translation agency you are hiring can provide that.

Can a Notary Translate a Birth Certificate?

When people find out that they need a translation of their birth certificate, they think of every bilingual person they know. They think that just because someone knows two languages, they can translate easily and their translations will be valid. Although this may be true when you are talking to or exchanging letters with your friend who doesn’t know your language, and you don’t know theirs when it comes to official purposes, only expert translators can accurately translate a document.

Whether you need the translation of your birth certificate or high school diploma, certified translation or notarized, you can’t just go to your bilingual friend for help. You will need to hire professionals for official documents.

Many people ask can a notary translate a birth certificate and the simple answer is no, they cannot. Notaries can only give the seal of approval to the person doing the translating, i.e., the translator. They attest that the translator is who he says he is.

In some countries, like India for instance, notaries can translate birth certificates and other documents thanks to the powers given to them under the Indian notaries act and the Indian notary rules. But in most countries, notaries translating a document is considered a bad practice. A notary might not even be fluent in two languages in the first place, and even if they are, you are better off with a translation providing service. A translation agency better understands the procedure of translating a birth certificate depending on the requirements of USCIS and other government departments which is why they are the better option for getting the translation of your birth certificate done.

If you need the translation of a birth certificate, you shouldn’t go to a notary. Choosing a prestigious translation agency will increase the acceptance chances of your USCIS immigration application so why take the risk when you can do better?

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