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As of the year 2017, there have been more than 1.6 billion Android devices manufactured which are being sold globally. For such a huge number of devices, it is quite easy to assume the number of Android users internationally. And to reach out to all of them simultaneously seems pretty impossible, right? Wrong! Universal Translation Services brings to you the best Android app translation service.

We aspire to make your business communicate effectively no matter where your audience is located. The importance of communication in any business is too vital to ignore and when it comes to linguistics, we ensure that you receive the best app localization service under the supervision of our experts. Android applications are known for their user-friendly interface, customization level and linguistic options. Utilizing an Android app, or an iOS app for advertising your brand, company or services is certainly a wise option but leaving the localization out of the picture can actually turn into a disaster.

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Android App Translation Process

We believe in a customer first approach and we take pride in our translation services only because we provide the best services to our valuable clients.

application localization from and into any language

From And Into Any Language

Our team comprises of accomplished translators and web engineers who have a vast experience over a variety of foreign languages. In order to provide the most professional Android app translation service, they carefully look out for the dialects within a single region or a country. We leave no stone unturned to localize your app for a maximum turnout for your business.

only professional translators

Only Professional Translators

At Universal Translation Services, we believe in teamwork. Through the joint effort of our certified translators, software developers, analysts and local interpreters, we provide our Android app translation service with excellence and responsibility. We assure the compatibility of the operating system with the localization process and imply it in the app version.

high quality guaranteed

Nothing But High Quality

As much as we emphasize on linguistics, we never compromise on quality in the localization of Android apps. Our specialized localization services team works in a cooperative environment where they work with native speakers and translators. Our researchers take care of every aspect in performing their job to deliver the highest quality application localization services.

lowest localization rates

Lowest Rates You’ll Find

As a company which is based on making stronger connections through language communication, we ensure that our services remain under our client’s budget. To make an impression for your business through your Android application, we offer various options in which we work with your ideas and within your budget. We also offer our expert advice in accordance with the most recent trends in reference to Android application services.

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Why Universal Translation Services should be your ultimate choice


It is indeed necessary from a customer’s perspective to describe what we are capable of and what impact can we bring upon your business through our services. To give you a better understanding of the advantages you can get from Universal Translation Services, we are listing them below.

reach your goals


Are you building your Android app in order to project your business, brand or service to the maximum number of people? Without App localization, you limit the reach of your app. Our expertise in the field of application localization includes working with all kinds of files and data to ensure that you reach your audience at a global level.

we think big


Our ideology is to work within all sectors, no matter if you have only initiated a business, want to restructure your existing enterprise or you run a multi-national organization, our expert team can work at any level. We have the best app localization service team and nothing is too much for them.

we make you exceptional


Our Android application localization process is not limited to translating your application. In order to create the highest impact for your app, we translate your apps’ descriptions and image texts on the app store. Our support and consultancy services for further localization of your Android app are always within your reach.

translation app android


We literally perform the localization process according to your wish. We provide the perfect blend of convenience and affordability through our Android application localization services. We are very particular about meeting the deadlines and making it up within your budget without compromising on quality.

What an Android app translation service does


The Android app translation service requires some prerequisites before the initiation and launch of the app. It is mandatory to select the language carefully of your targeted audience, including the dialects within the region.

To reach out to a maximum number of users, you must understand the nature and diversity of languages, for instance, localizing an app in Chinese and Taiwanese requires a check on the linguistics.

After getting done with the linguistics, you should get your Android application files ready for localization. We’ll tag along on how you can extract your required files for localization, or we can extract them for you.

After that, our project manager will get back to you with an accommodating quotation for your Android application localization.

And from that point, our journey of localization starts and our team is fully skilled to work with all kinds of files, formats, data, description, text images and user interface.

We’ll deliver the best of our services to satisfy our client’s needs and their audience’s understand-ability.

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The benefits of a translation app Android

The popularity of a language translation app Android is spreading from one corner of the world to another. The reasons are numerous to count. First, the language translation apps help you to find out the meanings of different words from any language. Second, you can easily communicate with overseas peoples and can have a chance to discover other cultures. Third, you do not need to take the pain of learning foreign languages at high charges. Fourth, without hiring a translator, you can talk to and understand what other people are saying in a language you don’t understand.

You now have enough information about the benefits of a language translation app Android, so let’s talk about those apps. The reason this kind of apps have gotten so much better is just that more people have been using them, said a senior adviser at the National Institute of Standards and Technology who has studied and tested the software. The more a translation app is used, the more it learns to makes correct associations with sound, text, and meaning statistically.

The modern translation app Android includes a voice-recognition feature so you can speak as well as type in the phrase or word you want translated and then get both text and audio reply. While there are a confusing number of translation apps, most use one of just three voice recognition programs (Google, Microsoft or Nuance) mixed with translation software plus the app developer’s tweaks.


  • Easy to communicate with foreigners
  • Ask questions in other languages
  • Translate your voice
  • For travel, vacations or business trips
  • Translate words or phrases
  • Hear the translation (Text to speech)
  • Fast and easy
  • Overcoming Language Barriers

These apps aim to help users in overcoming language barriers. The app will be there each time you get a word written in a different language and help you solve the problem.

You can understand how a language translation app Android could come in helpful when traveling for a necessary conversation.  However, we are not there yet technically speaking to use language translation apps for professional translation use.  The machine can’t analyze the text, grammatical structure, determine the meaning with cultural references, concepts, nuances, and abstractions. It may help you with some necessary information, but you don’t get the big picture until you meet a human translator. For these reasons, we recommend professional translation services!

Android App

Android App Translation Service

If you don’t know anything about the upcoming Android operating system, you are either not in to tech or you don’t use an Android phone, which is highly unlikely. The number of Android phone users are increasing every day and there seems to be no stopping that. And that has also called for a rise in the number of apps users are downloading on their mobile devices.

The very applications that know no boundaries now. From diet planners to house cleaning to work stations, we have everything in apps now, all we need is a click. But when apps are available in only one language, we panic.

No need to do that, with our Android app translation services, we can provide a localized version for any place, region or community. Our experts are here with the complete and updated knowledge of the business trends and marketing strategies. We’ll ensure that you get what you are really looking for.

For more details on how you can start, please send us a text on our live chat box or send your query by filling the form on the contact us page. We’ll get back to you with a quote.

If you have an Android app and want to reach more people, get in touch. Our Android app translation service will make that a reality without you having to pay an arm and a leg for it. Even more, we’ll provide you with translations of your app description and give you free advice on your multilingual SEO and what keywords to use in that foreign language you’re translating your app into. This way you ensure you get the highest reach for your app.

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