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If you’re searching Google for translation offices near me and can’t find someone reliable to provide translation for USCIS or for business, Universal Translation Services is the translation company you were looking for. With 11 translation offices in the US, one in London, UK and one in Spain, you are sure that no matter where you are, there is surely one of our offices near by. Even if you’re far from our offices you can order online and you can rest assured that you will get the same highly accurate translation services with fast turnaround and at some of the lowest prices you can find!

Why would you order your translation with us?

highly accurate translation services

Highly accurate translation services

No matter if you’re looking for translation offices near me for business or for immigration, we are able to provide translations for any documents you may have, in any language, and that includes USCIS translation or notarized translation for university admission or for any other reason, and you’ll get guaranteed acceptance with any project.

fast translation support

Fast customer support, available 24/7

We are working around the clock and we always have someone at the office or online to answer your questions, to give you a free quote or to set up your project. We have a live connection with over 3,000 translators and we are able to deliver quicker than anyone else. With us, your certified translation can be done in 24 hours or less.

low price for quality services

Low price for quality services

We charge some of the lowest rates when it comes to translation of business or personal documents and we have translation offices near you no matter where you are. Even if you need your translation faster than normal or you need it to be done over the weekend, we won’t charge any extra rush or weekend fees, ever!

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Translation offices near you

Translation services in Aventura FL

If you’re in or near Aventura, FL and looking for accurate translations at low rates, our translation office in Aventura is always open:

20801 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 403, Aventura, Florida, 33180
Or call us: (844) 938-7267

translation office in Aventura FL
Aventura translation services

Translation services in Boston

Looking for translation offices near me and you are in Boston? Get in touch with our translation office in Boston and get accurate translations at low rates.

Beacon Hil, 100 Cambridge Street, 14th floor, Boston MA02114
Or call us: (857) 208-7347

universal translation services boston
boston office universal translation services

Translation services in Chicago

In Illinois we have our office in Chicago, so anyone looking for translation services near by should definitely contact our translation office in Chicago.

401 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1200, Chicago, IL, 60611
Or call us: (773) 654-4344

Chicago office outside
translation in Chicago

Translation services in Dallas

People from or around Dallas are welcome to visit our translation office in Dallas if they need translation services of high quality at low rates.

2911 Turtle Creek Blvd, Suite 300, Dallas, TX, 75219
Or call us: (469) 242-3580

Universal Translation Services office Dallas outside
translation in Dallas

Translation company in Houston

Our second office in Texas is in Houston and it is easy to reach and open around the clock. Feel free to visit our translation office in Houston or to get in touch online at any time.

1001 Texas Avenue, Suite 1400, Houston, TX, 77002
Or call us: (346) 308-2169

Universal Translation Services office Houston
translation in Houston

Translation agency in Las Vegas

For Nevada residents our translation office in Las Vegas is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can have your translation done in less than a day.

7455 Arroyo Crossing, Suite 220, Las Vegas, NV, 89113
Or call us 24/7: (725) 333-1552

Las Vegas translation building
translation in Las Vegas

Translation services in London, UK

If you are in the United Kingdom and you’re looking for certified translation for the UK, our translation office in London, UK has you covered. Get in touch 24/7.

219 Kensington Street, Kensington, London, W8 6BD, UK
Or call us: +44-203-807-3275

London translation office
translation in London UK

Translation services in Los Angeles

California was high in our list so we had to have an office there. We are in Commerce and that is where you can find us whenever you need Los Angeles translation services of the highest quality.

Commerce Corporate, 5800 S. Eastern Avenue, Suite 500, Commerce, CA, 90040
Or call us: (323) 283-8620

Universal Translation Services Los Angeles
translation in Los Angeles Commerce
  • What is the main purpose of translation?

    The main purpose of translation is to make a text understandable for the target audience. The purpose of the act of translating one language into another is to make sure the message written in the source text reaches the intended audience. Translation experts not only use language but also cultural references to convey the message to the audience.

  • Why do I want to be a translator?

    There are many reasons why you would want to be a translator. It is not only a highly valuable profession but is also well-paying. If you pick the right combination, you can start getting work instantly. If you join a good agency, you will be able to make lots of money and get regular work.

  • Why you should never use Google Translate?

    Google Translate was designed to help people communicate with the speakers of different languages. It is not suitable for business and official documents. If you use Google Translate for official documents, you will end up with inaccurate translations. So, it is better that you never use Google Translate and always hire professional translators.

  • Can my employer force me to translate?

    Your employer can ask you to translate even if it is not a part of your job description. Employer thinks that they can get help from their bilingual employee and save translation money. But you should inform your employer that you are not a professional translator and will likely provide them with inaccurate translations that will cause them problems later.

  • What is the most accurate translator?

    The most accurate pocket translator today is Pocketalk Voice Translator. It is a two-way translation device, which means you can talk to someone who speaks a different language than you with its help. You will be able to get instant translations. You can access translations of 74 languages at the moment. More languages are expected to be added soon.

  • What is the most accurate translation app?

    The most accurate translation app today is Google Translate. It is not as accurate as a human expert, but it is still far better than other language apps. It has an image option where you can see the translation of everything on a picture. You can also use the voice option and carry out two-way conversations with someone with the help of the app.

  • What is the most accurate Japanese translator?

    J-Talk’s Kanji to Hiragana Translator is the most accurate website for all types of Japanese translations. It provides Japanese to English translation within seconds. It is also useful for looking up multiple translations of the same word. The related words can help you understand the meaning of a Japanese word properly.

  • What is the best online translation services?

    If you are looking for free online translation services then Google Translate is the best option. But it is not hundred percent accurate, and cannot help you with official translations. If you need online translation services and need accurate results, then you can get in touch with Universal Translation Services.

Translation services in Miami

Aventura isn’t the only place you can find us in Florida, you can also visit our translation office in Miami and get translation for immigration or translation for business, from and into any language.

80 S.W. 8th Street, suite 2000, Miami, FL, 33130
Or call us: (305) 447-7110

translation office in Miami FL
translation in Miami

Translation office in San Francisco

Universal Translation Services has opened its translation office in San Francisco in order to help businesses and individuals get fast translations whenever they need, and that is why we are open 24/7.

75 Broadway, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA, 94111
Or call us: (650) 457-0239

San Francisco translation office
translation in San Francisco

Translation services in Seattle

There are numerous people visiting our office in Seattle to have their documents translated and if you’re around feel free to pay us a visit, the coffee is on us.

506 Second Avenue, Suite 1400, Seattle, WA, 98104
Or call us: (206) 336-3612

Seattle translation agency
translation in Seattle

Translation services in Washington DC

Anyone looking for translation agencies near me in DC should be able to get quick directions to our office in Washington DC, but here is our address, or click the map for directions.

1300 I Street NW, Suite 400E, Washington, DC, 20005
Or call us: (202) 864-1160

Universal Translation Services Washington
translation in Washington DC

Translation services in Spain

Our office in Spain not only allows us to provide translation services in Europe, but it also gives us the ability to hire native translators from European countries, which are the best when it comes to translating to those languages.

Calle Buenos Aires no 3, 35002, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain
Or call us: +34-951-406-815

translation office in Spain
Spanish translation company

Our services are available around the clock for customers from anywhere in the world looking for accurate translations at affordable rates. Our project managers are standing by and no matter which office you choose to visit you will receive the same high quality translations you’d receive from any of the other locations. Looking for translation offices near me in Google but don’t see us Universal Translation Services in the list? You have the option to order online and have your translation delivered to your doorstep.

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