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Everyone would love to travel for fun, but we can’t always do that. All of us have different reasons for traveling. Some people have to attend conferences related to their field in other countries, while some have to get medical treatment that they can’t do so in their homeland. Sometimes, people travel so they can meet their friends and family members. A wedding can bring together the whole family in one country. At the end of the day, all the memories get posted on Facebook for the world to see. But what the world doesn’t see is the planning behind each trip.

Regardless of where you want to go into the world for a visit, you will have to plan carefully for it. If you are worried about packing, then you should know that it comes later. First, you will have to get ready for the paperwork. There is a whole set of documents that you will have to submit when you apply for a visa. But even before that, you will have to check whether or not you are eligible for a visa. It could be that the trip you want to undertake requires a different type of visa then you were going to apply for.

So, before you start packing for the trip, make sure everything is in order for the application process. Since rules and regulations vary slightly from one country to the next, it is good to read up about them before you apply.

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Applying for UK Visa:

There are many reasons why someone would want to visit the UK. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will run into David Beckham or Emily Blunt, but you can see Big Ben and visit museums to learn about different cultures when you visit the UK. Many people dream of visiting England in their lifetime. But when they get a chance to turn this dream into reality, they often mess up their application process. The lack of knowledge about the process can lead to such disasters. However, that’s not a good excuse since we live in a world where information is just a few clicks away from us at all times.

If you get once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the place of your dreams, you should do your research to make sure you don’t make any mistakes. Even if you frequently travel for work, you can make mistakes if you are not familiar with the UK’s visa policy. In any case, doing research will not hurt you in any way and make your traveling experience a lot better.


Before you can apply, you must learn about all the visa requirements. This will not only help you prepare your application but also inform you about any additional tasks you may have to do, like getting your documents translated. But before the requirements, you should learn about the eligibility criteria. If you are applying for a standard visa, you must have proof that you can support yourself in the UK during your stay. You should also show that you will leave England once the term of your visa ends. You should also be able to afford the cost of your return journey. If you fulfill all the criteria, you can apply for the visa.

Here are the visa requirements you must fulfill:

  • Submit your passport that will be valid for the whole duration of your stay. It should have a blank page for the visa.
  • You will need to submit two colored photographs that were taken within the last six months.
  • Submit the completed application form.
  • Bring along the receipt as proof that you have paid the application fee.
  • Submit your bank statements for the past six months to prove that you will be able to afford your stay in the country. If you don’t have bank statements, you can submit payslips for the last six months in their place.
  • You will also have to submit proof of accommodation.
  • If applicable, submit the invitation letter you received from your friend or family member who is a UK national.
  • If you are traveling to England for medical treatment, you must submit proof of your illness.

Depending on the reason behind your travel, you may have to submit various documents. There are also extra requirements for people from certain countries. Once you have gathered all of your documents and filled your UK visa application form, you can submit it to the embassy and wait for their decision.

Student Visa:

If you are applying for a long-term visa, then the requirements will be a bit different for you. As a student, you have a lot of opportunities in front of you. You can apply to any institute in the world. You can even get a scholarship and study for free if you fulfill the requirements of an academic institute. But like countries, there are also institutes in the world that are loved more by people than other universities and colleges. Even though education is quite cheap in other European countries, most students don’t know the name of their universities, but everyone has heard of Oxford and Cambridge. The prestigious institutes of England are no less than the Ivy League Schools of the US. Every student dreams of studying at Oxford or Cambridge. However, the seats are limited, and only a few students can get through the admission process every year.

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If you are one of the lucky few who have been offered a seat in a course by an English institute, then you can apply for a student visa. You must also be fluent in English. Your English reading and writing abilities can be tested. And you must also have enough money to not only support yourself but also to pay for your course. The other eligibility requirements will vary depending on the country you are applying for. One thing to keep in mind is to apply for your visa three months before the start of your course.

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Visa Exceptions:

If you wish to visit the UK and you belong to a certain country, you may not have to apply for a visa at all. Countries sign agreements frequently to help their citizens with international travel. Sometimes these agreements only affect the visa requirement and lead to leniency in the process. But sometimes, they bring greater benefits to the citizens. The ability to move freely between states is a gift to citizens. They don’t have to go through the process of submitting their application and then waiting for approval. And above all, they don’t have to fear the rejection of their application.

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One such exception is the visa waiver. This program was created by the US government. It gives the citizens of a few countries the chance to visit the US for up to 90 days without having to get a visa. However, the trip must be for one of the approved reasons only. You can either go to the US for travel or business purpose. You can also stay there without having to obtain a visa if you are in transit and will travel to another country soon. If you are a UK citizen, you can avail of this offer and visit the United States for up to 90 days without having to go through the visa process. This is a blessing as people don’t have to wait for three months to get their application approved, they can visit the US whenever they want.

Another similar program was initiated by the European countries, and it applies to the Schengen Area. The Schengen Area referrers to an area that comprises twenty-six European states. In that area, there are no passports and travel requirements. Citizens of these states can travel within the region freely. No processing of the application is required. If someone gets a visa for the Schengen Area, they can visit all the countries within it without requiring any further approval. The travel policy of all these twenty-six states is the same, and therefore, no one has to go through additional processing once they are inside the area. Although the UK, now a former member of the EU, is not a part of the Schengen Area, it does allow leniency when issuing visas for its neighboring states. So, as an English citizen, you won’t have trouble visiting other European countries.

Certified Translation:

One of the most important things for anyone applying for a visa is getting their personal documents in order. The most valuable document will be your birth certificate when you are applying for a visa. However, if it is not in the official language of the country you want to visit, you will need its translation. For instance, if you are applying for a UK visa from Pakistan, you will need Urdu to English translation of your birth certificate. A lot of people might go to the internet for help with translations. Some might turn to their bilingual friends thinking they will be of assistance. But when official documents like birth certificates are involved, and the translation is required for the visa, you cannot take any risks.

Another thing worth mentioning is that you will need a certified translation, which cannot be carried out by someone inexperienced. Not only will you need to get in touch with a qualified professional, but also make sure they have experience with official documents. When it comes to certified translation, a translator must be qualified and experienced enough to put their name on their work. However, it will be difficult to find an independent translator who can offer you certified translation. The best course of action for you will be to find a reliable agency that can provide you with accurate translations at an affordable rate.

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A certified translation is one that comes with a signed statement of your translator. They will state that the translation is accurate. Along with their signature, they will add their contact information at the bottom so anyone can reach out to them in case there is any confusion about the translation. When you look for agencies, make sure you are picking the one with the highest positive rating. This way, you won’t end up paying your money to inexperienced translators.

Once you get the certified translation of your birth certificate, you can submit it, along with the statement of your translator and your visa application. After fulfilling all the requirements, you cannot do anything else but wait for the response. If you did everything right at your end, you don’t have to worry about anything. You can start planning your trip and look up locations you would want to visit once you are in the UK. It wouldn’t hurt to plan ahead, so when you are in the UK, you won’t have to waste your time. Planning before your visit will help you make the best out of it.

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