Tips on How to Quickly Pass the Green Card Interview Process

green card interview process
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Before being approved for a green card, most of the applicants must attend the green card interview process. People coming from any other country will normally attend their interview at a U.S. consulate, while those applying in the U.S. will attend their interview at an office of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Struggling with the green card interview process?

To quickly pass the green card interview process, we are sharing some valuable tips here, which we hope you will find helpful.

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Double Check Your Application

The interview will deal with your answers in your immigration application. Double-check all the submitted forms, attached proof, and certified document translations, whether or not you had a third party prepare them. Know your answers to the application questions in advance as well. You don’t want to risk casting doubt on the reality of your application.

Provide Evidence

Update your immigration application forms with any new information that has changed in the weeks since last the documents were submitted. Be all set to provide evidence of the new changes to your application, such as a new address or a new name.

Wait for Your Lawyer

Sometimes an immigration officer will call you for your interview earlier than your appointed time before your lawyer has arrived in the waiting room. In these cases, the immigration officer may force you to go with the interview without your lawyer present.

It is a big mistake to agree to be interviewed without your lawyer present. In this state, the smart thing to do is to politely ask the officer to allow enough time for your lawyer to be present at your interview. Without an experienced lawyer present to defend you, an immigration officer may crush all over your legal rights, and deny your case.

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Don’t Lie

Telling a lie during the green card interview process can critically endanger your application with USCIS authorities. If you feel you need to change the facts, consult with an immigration lawyer earlier. Always make sure that you have the original documents with you all the time.

This does not mean you should willingly volunteer any information that might be construed as negative. Honestly answer the interview questions that are asked but don’t provide extra information than what is needed.

Be Patient

Do not be overwhelmed by the questions coming from the USCIS officers. Keep calm and answer every question. Though, if an officer asks you inapt questions or questions about your personal life, be patient, and no need to get furious.

Listen Carefully

Nothing disconcerts an immigration officer more than an applicant who does not sincerely answer the question asked. An immigration officer will ask specific questions and he expects specific, direct, and logical answers. They want to make sure that the applicant is eligible to become a permanent resident in the US.

There are several types of questions that may be asked of you during the green card interview process. You must listen carefully to these questions and respond effectively.

If you’re still in doubt, hiring an immigration attorney will give you the self-assurance and guidance you need to find your way through the process well.

Green Card Interview Process

If someone told you that they have to talk to you, you would start panicking internally. This is a universal reaction because having to answer to people reminds us of all the things we have done in our lives. We end up rethinking every decision we have ever made even if there is nothing wrong with it. Until they tell us what they wanted to talk about, we will keep thinking of all the things they can mention and keep on stressing about them until it is over. People often end up imagining the worst things when they are waiting for their best friend or significant other to discuss the important thing with them.

This anxiety increases by manifolds when we have to give an interview. The idea of giving someone the power to ask you anything they want is quite scary. But this is also the time when you need to keep your nerves in check. Whether you are in the interview room for a job or your green card, you have to leave all the uneasiness and anxiety at the door. We can provide you with all kinds of tips for getting through the process, but at the end of the day, it is you who will have to go into that room and answer all the questions with confidence.

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Everyone has dreams that they wish to achieve in their lifetime. But they can’t do so without making a few sacrifices in life. Sometimes, that involves leaving their homeland and moving to another country. People also take this step when their spouse moves to another country or when they marry someone who lives abroad. But moving to another country comes with a lot of stress. The emotional aspect of it is challenging, but the procedure itself can be very stressful and time-consuming.

Check for your identification documents, if you are opting for a marriage-based green card, gather your joint bank statements, and carefully fill your immigration forms. Make sure that you go well prepared for your interview appointment.

  • How long does green card interview take?

    Green card interview does not last more than 30 minutes. Instead of memorizing answers, it is best, to be honest during your interview. You will be asked to verify the information you have previously provided to the authorities in your Form I-485. If you are applying for status adjustment based on your relationship with your partner then the questions will be more personal.

  • What should I expect at my green card interview?

    There is no need to get too anxious about your green card interview. You will be asked questions about the information you mentioned on your form I-485. If you filled the form truthfully, you won’t have any problem during the interview. The questions will be asked so you can verify the previously provided information.

  • How long does it take to get a green card after 2019 interview?

    According to their rules, USCIS is supposed to provide you with a decision on your green card application within 30 days of your interview. But the time can be longer depending on some factors. If you gave your interview in 2019, you should hear from USCIS within 30 days. But if you haven’t, you can get in touch with USCIS and ask about the status of your case.

Green Card:

Immigrants in the US who wish to become a citizen of the country have to submit an application and show up at the interview. The green card got the name due to its color. Obtaining it is the first step in becoming a US citizen. There are various ways through which people can apply for this card. Companies apply on behalf of their foreign employees frequently. However, an immense amount of people seek a marriage-based green card every year. People who are wedded to a United States citizen can appeal for this document due to their relationship. A lot of applicants apply every year, yet only a few are granted the card. Here, we are sharing some useful visa interview tips that will speed up your application process.

The process of green card application has many steps and it is meant to be filled with great care. The scariest part of the procedure is the interview. It is what everyone fears because one mistake in the interview could crush their hopes of getting their lifelong residence approval. Any errors at this point can result in people facing deportation to their homeland. This is a very scary result for those who have escaped their war-torn country and would be in danger if they went back.

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What to Take?

Did you just get a call for your interview? Don’t panic. Do everything according to the instructions of USCIS and you will be alright. Start by getting your documents in one place. Every record whose transcript you provided with the application must be on your person when you show up for the interview. If some of your papers are not in English, get certified translation for them. This is just a precaution if you have already submitted the translation with the original form. Don’t forget your marriage certificate at home. You must bring along your confidential papers, no matter what type of residence you are applying for.

If you don’t have an attorney, you should head on to USCIS’s website to learn about the process. You will also figure out what kind of forms you should bring to the office on the day of the interview. Even if your passport is expired, you should bring it to the office with you. If you have any other identification proof, you can take that with you instead of your passport.

Green Card Interview Questions:

Stay sharp for answering questions for approximately two hours. During this time, you will be asked every type of question. The basic questions will be related to your application form, and your previous immigration history, if you have any. The officers at an immigration interview would find ways to make sure that you didn’t lie in the required documents. But people can mess up the situation by being hasty, so take your time while answering each question.

If you are registering for a marriage-based green card interview, the questions can be quite personal and possibly, more related to your married life. There will also be plenty of family relationship questions, questions about details that people often forget about their partners like the car they used to drive or the address of their previous home.

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The Result:

Sometimes, the officer might give you the approval at the end of the evening, but don’t get disheartened if you face any possible immigration issues. Sometimes, the officer might not have the authority to approve your case. Other times, they could require additional evidence from USCIS to be sure about your request. Once you present the proof, they will review the details and send your residence card by mail. You can go for a petition if they reject your case. And if there is a delay in your case, you can get in touch with USCIS for a follow-up. An applicant must request a follow-up meeting so they can stay up to date about their case. It will also show the authorities that you are serious about your case.

The visas immigrants get can expire at any time, which is why it is good to have plans. There will be fewer chances of failure if you have done your research before applying for your permanent residence and going to the actual interview. A green card is something that a lot of people are trying to obtain, but the rules aren’t simple. However, with the help of guidance from experts and information from USCIS’s website, you can learn everything about the process. After that, it will just be about doing your part properly.

When it comes to passing the green card interview process, you need to make sure of two things: get your papers like birth certificates translated and certified, and listen to your lawyer. When you have a professional helping you along the way, you’re more likely to pass the green card interview with flying colors.

If English is not your native language or you’re not fluent enough, it’s best to bring your interpreter and involve them in the Green card process. You must keep in mind that USCIS will not provide you with an interpreter. In case the interviewing officer believes that you are not good at speaking English, they might even reschedule your interview and cause unnecessary delays.

Yes, you can bring a lawyer to your Green card interview, especially if you have had a criminal record in the past. You must also bring an experienced attorney during your green card petitions. With their legal resources and knowledge, you can answer personal questions correctly.

Your friends and family members can handle your visa application and process but if they are not part of your application, their presence isn’t required. In case you’re applying for a family-based green card, you’d have to bring your family to the interview.

Yes, several things could go wrong during the interview and you can fail your green card interview. It could even be a result of giving a wrong answer to a simple question.

In some cases, more information is required and so the government may send a request for evidence also known as RFE.

When it comes to Covid, whether it’s a job interview or a green card interview, you must always follow safety protocols. It is also now mandatory for all green card applicants to get fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before applying for immigration.

USCIS has also issued a temporary waiver for applicants who have faced the adverse effects of Covid-19 and have faced delays due to the pandemic. In light of this recent development, applicants who have applied for Form I-485 (Green Card application) can use their valid I-693 form and would not have to undergo another medical examination.

Due to the unprecedented situation in the year 2021, many people said that they faced unnecessary delays in their I-485 interview. Some even said that they contracted Covid which made things even worse. However, the American government is now working on making new, even if temporary, policies to ensure every applicant gets their chance promptly.

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