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The Thai language is a huge need in translation for the international market as it has such a strong and vibrant market at its tail. Central Pacific Asia is the hub of business expansion as well as business inauguration. Your need for Thai translation services is more than understandable and we are more than happy to do it for you.

Do you know which continent has the most manpower and has the highest population? It is none other than Asia. But in most countries of the continent, the resources are not enough to employ every person who is fit for work. As a result, for a lot of states unemployment is the biggest issue. Some countries where the majority of the population is in the prime working age have established industries to end unemployment and make their citizens productive. Thailand is one such place in Asia.

According to one survey, more than 46% of its population is between the age of 25 and 54 years which is why the industries of the country are flourishing. Today, Thailand holds a 1.5% share in the global market of refined petroleum which translates to $412 billion annually. It is also one of the world’s largest exporter of sugar, shrimps, and rice along with other agricultural products. The low unemployment rate in Thailand is the reason many people move there and change their lives permanently. But immigration is impossible without English to Thai translation of your documents and this is something you can’t get on the internet. Getting in touch with Universal Translation Services can relieve you of all of your Thai translation worries.

What do you think of when you hear Thailand’s name? Thai food? Because it’s oh-so-delicious. Or maybe the Phi Phi Islands? Because they are breathtakingly beautiful. Or you are probably a fan of the architecture, both modern and new, and when someone mentions this country, you think of the State Tower and The Grand Palace. There is nothing wrong with thinking of any of the things mentioned above. They all define Thailand. But there is more to the place than some people often think of. For instance, this country is known to be a rising economic power in Asia as its economy is the 8th largest on the Asian continent.

The country is known for its industries and consequently its exports. Its service sectors are also one of the most important components of the GDP. All of these facts make Thailand an ideal place for businesses and investment. But for that to happen, you have to either know the local language or have an expert Thai translator on your company’s team. Since the former requires a lot of work and is not ideal since you won’t be handling everything yourself, the latter option is the best and we have the expert Thai translators on our team that you require.


Thai to English translation online

We, at Universal Translation Services, are the epitome of excellence in language translation. Thai is an old and very well developed language. Thai has its roots in Sanskrit, Pali, Mon and old Khmer. In modern terms, Thai is a mix of South Asian and Central Asian languages and thus requires its own native speakers for translation. Thailand is an incredibly beautiful land with an exuberant trade market that is two century old and has roots in an early eighteenth century.

Enormous trade deals are done in Thailand as residents are willing, if not eager, to work on much lower rates there. So they also have international Thai translation needs. These processes need detailed hard work and time and cannot be done without multifaceted translations such as translations of content, legal translation and many other forms of translations. We have always been proud of our Thai linguists who have never fallen short in delivering content of the utmost quality. Our clients have always been pleased with our Thai to English translation services and always come back to us when they need more

Thai to English translation online

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Thai translation for immigration

Translation for immigration

No matter if you are looking for a Thai birth certificate translation to English, a marriage certificate, a divorce decree, or any other personal document for immigration in the US, we have you covered. We provide certified translation with guaranteed acceptance at USCIS at only $20 per page, delivery in 24 hours or less.

Thai translation for business

Translation for business

Businesses looking to target the Thai market can count on us for all their translation needs. Thai businesses looking to expand at a global scale can also count on us to translate their documents, websites or software, in any language. All translations are TEP (translation + editing + proofreading) and we sport the lowest rates in the industry.


High quality, cheap, fast

If you dealt with us before you already know that we only provide quality translations, doubled by fast delivery, which makes us one of the leading online translation companies. If you also consider our prices and our 24/7 availability, you’ll probably find us to be your best option when it comes to language translation services.

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English to Thai translation online

English to Thai translation services for business expansion

Our Thai linguist team is proud of its own heritage of beautiful content production. We have been providing Thai to English translation online for the world for a long period of time. We also helped companies to expand in Thailand by providing English to Thai translation services for their marketing materials. We are aware of the fact that the understanding of the target market and keeping the locals in mind while creating marketing content is of paramount importance, and we deliver translations keeping all the above in mind.

Website translation and software localization

We are experts in localization and had quite some big projects along the years, companies needing to expand to the Thai market came to us for their website translation and localization needs. We are able to translate and localize any document, website, or software to the Thai market. With English to Thai translation services, you can rest assured you will get the most out of your localization efforts.

From a local market to the world

We are also excellent producers of translations for document, subtitles, voice over and scripts from Thai to English. We are here to provide Thai to English translation online for any Thai company looking to expand globally. We are here to give you clean translation of any Thai materials into English, keeping the tone and beauty of the original text and coming up with the familiarity that is needed in the target language for the translation to be effective. Even an amateur in translation knows these are not easy promises to keep and yet here we are making them. So come try us with your culturally heavy scripts and let us amaze you with our translation prowess.

English to Thai translation online for immigration

Universal Translation Services is also proud to offer Thai to English translation for immigration. There are numerous Thai people looking to immigrate in the US, and they need certified translation in order to get their visas or citizenship here in the United States. We provide translations for your birth, marriage and divorce certificates just as easy as we do diplomas, medical or police records. All our translations are guaranteed to be accepted by USCIS.

We are great at making sure that the translations are carefully crafted to cater to the judiciary or legal system that they are going to be presented to. Whether it is the Thai Embassy in the United States or United States Embassy in Thailand, we know what kind of legal translations they have in mind and we know how to deliver them. We have been working in legal translation business for the Thai language for a considerable amount of time with an ever-growing list of clients. We have encountered some of the most complicated Thai translation services and we are proud to say that our clients love our commitment to quality and quick delivery.

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About Thailand

About Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand is the full country name of Thailand located in Southeast Asia, making a natural entryway to Indochina, Myanmar and Southern China. Its shape and geography are divided into four natural regions: the mountains and forests of the North, the vast rice fields of the Central Plains, the semi-arid farm lands of the Northeast plateau and the tropical islands and long coastline of the Southern peninsula. It is the 50th largest country in the world and the 12th largest in Asia.

The country includes 76 provinces that are again divided into districts, sub-districts and villages. Bangkok is the capital city and center of political, industrial, commercial and cultural activities.


Population of Thailand is about 68 million, of which some 8 to 10 million live in the capital city of Bangkok. About 78 percent of the population is ethnic Thai, but each of the regions have different dialects and customs.


Buddhism is the main religion of Thailand and about 95 percent of the Thai people are practicing Buddhists. Minorities of Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Sikhs liberally follow their own faiths.


Thai is the national language. Though, English is broadly understood, particularly in Bangkok and big cities where it is the major commercial language.


The currency of Thailand is the baht (B). The exchange rate in US and Canadian funds varies between trading days.


Thailand enjoys a tropical climate with three seasons: hot (March-May), rainy with ample of sunshine (June-September) and cool (October-February).

Professional Thai translators

Canadian and American international business relations with Thailand are significant – more so than several other foreign investments. Thai businesses need Thai to English business document translation for dealings with their U.S. business relationships. UTS offers fast, reliable, accurate Thai document translation service to all companies and industries, including:

  • Technical Thai to English translation including IT documents, disc drive info, electronics, software installation, hi-tech circuits, etc.
  • Thai to English tourism translation, including signs, pamphlets, forms, and other tourism papers.
  • Thai website translation to English for businesses, tourist displays, traveling and hotel sites, and more.
  • Thai legal document translation for naturalization, visas, Thai-English birth certificate translation, titles and records, zoning permits, small business licenses, and any other documents of legal relevance.

To get a free quote on any Thai to English document translation, contact us. You’ll be given an instant estimation of our very affordable, low translation rates, without having to leave the site.

Our translation project managers supervise translation processes and ensure that they are completed on time. You get the high-quality professional translation service with our Thai translators as you would with other large translation providers, but without the ridiculous overpriced translation service rates.

Thai translators

Thai translation services should be an integral part of any translation agency as Thailand is at the forefront of economic growth and trade. Thailand is the strongest market for consumers and is also an incredible launching pad for new products into the South as well as the Central Asian market. Thailand has always been a bridge between the diverse cultures of South and Central Asia and has great and complicated translation needs. We can provide translations from and into Thai for any field at competitive rates, and we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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