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Do you need accurate legal translation services fast and at a low price from an expert translation agency? Then, Universal Translation Services is your best destination. We provide translations for any legal documents, from and into any language, and we are available around the clock.

Legal translations are highly sensitive

Whether you are getting a testimony translated or translating legal documents for the court of law, legal documents have to be translated in accordance with the highest standards because they are submitted to institutions that insist on quality and credibility.

That is why legal translations are not given to any and all translation agencies, but only the most reliable ones. The translation is to be submitted to legal offices and the translation will have to clear the scrutiny of that office.

Universal Translation Services is a BBB accredited US translation company that runs as a highly successful international business. We are also the proud members of the ATA (American Translator’s Association). Anyone looking for legal translation services will find us a reliable partner because we are working with some of the best translators in business. Every translation agency is only as strong as its translators, that is why we always make sure only the best are assigned for legal translation services.

We are always using two translators to each project: the first translates the document and the second edits and proofreads the translation. Our quality assurance team then makes sure there are no inconsistencies and sends the translation to the client along with a quality report.

Legal translations are highly sensitive

The advantages in working with us

translation for business

Translation for business

If you are a business looking for a serious partner that can provide accurate translations for legal documents, we are one of the best bets. We are working with law firms, legal departments, private equity firms, banks, audit firms, accounting firms, immigration lawyers who have come to depend on us for their translation needs.

translation for immigration

Translation for immigration

Individuals looking to immigrate to the US or Canada and in need of certified or notarized translation of their personal documents can always count on us to provide quick and accurate translations from just about any language into English. Enjoy 24-hour delivery and guaranteed acceptance at USCIS at low rates.

accurate and affordable services

Accurate and affordable services

We assign two different translators, specialized in the legal field and natives of your target language to any project, no matter its size. Whether it’s a certified or a notarized translation of any legal document you may have, you can rest assured that quality is always our main concern, and affordability is the second.

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Certified Translation

For a translation to be eligible for the legal system of the United States of America, the translation has to come with a certificate of authenticity provided by the translator or by the translation agency. This certificate states that the translator takes full responsibility for the translation and its contents. It also states the contact details as well the certifications of the translator as well as the translation agency.

It is recommended that all the translations that come to the US legal system are to be done by an ATA (American Translator’s Association) member. This is because the certified translation will need to have been done by a credible and verified translator and ATA is the most reliable evaluator of translators that are operating in the US.

Notarized Translation

When a translation has been stamped by the notary republic for the authenticity then the translation is known as a notarized translation. The notary officer seals the certificate of accuracy that the translator has provided. The notary public basically affirms to the fact that the translator or the company has, in fact, issued the certificate of accuracy, thus adding an extra layer of authenticity to an already certified translation.

Legal offices insist upon certifying or notarizing the translations that are submitted to their offices because the credibility of the translation will not be open to question or judgment. As verification beyond doubt is a crucial part of legal proceedings, a notarized translation is all but compulsory for the submitter of the documents.

the best in business

Why our services are some of the best in business?

We always make sure that all of our translators are backed up by years of experience and are well-knowledgeable in the legal field. We also give them extensive examination before allowing them to work on our projects. But most importantly, we work with the motto of ‘constant evaluation’.

Constant Evaluation

Our translators are consistently evaluated based on their performance in every project. We make sure that all the translators are always performing up to the mark. We are regularly reviewing our translators with the help of our project managers and we make sure that they are up to the assignment before they are assigned.

Language Diversity

We are the proud owners of a roster with translators in 120 languages! If you have a document to be translated into Tamil or Chinese, we can do it for you! If you have a Japanese partnership, our legal translation services are just for you! Our wide range of languages makes us the ideal translation agency to be the regular translators for a strong and thriving business or law firm!

High Quality

We never settle for anything less than that! We assign translators based on their experience, and only the best of them will be working on your legal documents.

Accurate yet affordable legal translation services

Legal translation services come in all shapes and sizes! You could be a company having to translate complicated legal documents, or you are an individual looking to get a couple of certificates translated for immigration, you can always trust us to provide the most accurate translations, done according to your requirements. We are fast to deliver, but we also also available around the clock and can get started with your project in minutes.

You need a BBB accredited, and ATA certified agency that operates in all languages and is here to give you the best translation with a quick turnaround for small and large documents while charging you affordable rates. Well, congratulations, you just described Universal Translation Services.

Some of the documents we translate:

  • Contracts
  • Licensing agreements
  • Patents
  • Investment protocols
  • Legal tax documents
  • Arbitration documents
  • Terms & conditions
  • Regulatory documents
  • Licensing agreements
  • Regulatory documents
legal translation services you can trust

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BBB Accredited Business
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