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The current situation of international commerce has created important interactions among people from all over the world. People also move easily around the world for many reasons. If you have traveled to foreign countries in the past, you must already know that one of the most important barriers found to do business or relocate in a different country is the language. Translation services have emerged as a vital solution and many people depend on them. Depending of the type of situation that you handle, you could be asked to provide certified translations for certain documents.

A certified translation is a translated document or text which includes a declaration from the translator affirming that he or she is competent in both languages and the translation is completed to the best of his or her knowledge. Translators include their name, signature and contact information to support their certification. This certification allows people who check those documents to understand them in their language and trust their accuracy. Most of the times government offices and educational institutes request them. In order make those certifications more trust-able it is also advisable to get them from professional translators.

Some institutions go even further and request notarized translations. A notarized translation includes an additional step by completing the certification before a notary officer. There are some debates about the convenience of adding this additional step to a translation, but at the end organizations and agencies decide which one they request. Sometimes they are requested for legal matters. For instance, US Citizenship and Immigration Services used to request notarized translations, but now they only request certified translations.

In any case, professional translators and translation service providers usually have both services available. If you need to use notarized services or certified translation services, it is important to clear it up in advance with the translator.

What We Can Do For You

UTS is able to provide USA certified translation services from over 80 languages into English. Our translators are specialized in translating official documents for immigration in the USA. We are fast, we work around the clock, we are affordable and our translations are guaranteed to be accepted at any USCIS office.

Birth Certificate Translation

Birth Certificate Translation

Birth certificate translation is required if you want to immigrate in the United States. With us you can have your birth certificate translated and certified in under 24 hours, at a special price: only $20 per page. USCIS acceptance guaranteed, from any language into English.

Marriage Certificate Translation

Marriage Certificate Translation

If you need your marriage certificate translation in a rush, you may have to pay extra fees when it comes to other companies. With us you can have your marriage certificate translated and certified in 24 hours, with no rush rates or any extra fees.

Divorce Certificate Translation

Divorce Certificate Translation

Those needing divorce certificate translation for use in the US can count on us. We translate from any language, we’re affordable, we’re fast, and all our translations are accepted by any US state institution.

diploma translation

Diploma Translation Services

If you want to study in the United States and you’re from another country, you will need to translate your diploma and any other degrees  you may have. Our diploma translation service is fast and affordable.

Adoption Certificate Translation

Adoption Certificate Translation

If you adopted a child and want to become an US citizen you may need to have the adoption certificate translated into English as it will be required by USCIS. With us you can have it done in under a day.

translation for immigration

Translation for Immigration

If you’re planning to immigrate in United States and you come from a country where English is not the official language you will need to have your personal documents translated and certified. We provide certified translation services for immigration for all your documents.

USCIS translation

USCIS Translation

If you’re dealing with USCIS as a foreigner you already know you need to provide them copies of your personal documents along with certified translation for each of them. You can always count on us for your USCIS translation needs.

translation for families

Translation for Families

A fairly new service we provide for families wanting to establish in the United States. With us you can have your family documents translated all at once in record time. All our certified translations are accepted by any immigration office in US.

notarized translation

Notarized Translation

Although USCIS no longer requires notarized translation, there are cases when you need to have your personal documents translated and notarized. You can always count on us to provide you with notarized translation for US at a price you won’t find anywhere else.

police records translation

Police Records Translation

Having your police records translated and certified is yet another requirement from USCIS if you’re planning to immigrate in the US. Along with that we can also translate any other reports, like your medical records or even your FBI record. Get in touch for more information.

cheap certified translation

Cheap Certified Translation

Other companies are charging an arm and a leg for certified translation. We don’t! With us you can have your personal documents translated and certified at the lowest price you’ll find on the internet!

death certificate translation

Death Certificate Translation

There are cases when you need to have a death certificate translated for various reasons. Maybe in a court of law, or for legacy settlements and property issues. With us, you can have it translated and certified for use in US.

Please note: the price is valid for pages having up to 200 words. If there are more words on the page, a price of $0.12 per word will be charged instead.

Calculate now your certified translation cost!

Official TranslationOfficial Translation Services

The need for official translation services is something that you cannot take for granted any more. You need to make sure that you get your official document translation done by professionals. There are so many good reasons why you should seek official translation, especially when you have so much at stake. If you are ever in search of someone who can get you the necessary documents that you need translated, look no further than this.

Certified translation services come in handy for different types of tasks. It does not matter the document that you need, you will always benefit from official translation. Translation from one language to another can be a difficult process for you, especially if you are trying to get some documents prepared for official purposes. However, with official document translation, this will be the last thing that you ever have to worry about. Go ahead and get in touch with us and see how much we can help you.

If you need official translation services for USA then you’re in the right place. Contact us now for your free quote!

What are certified translation services?What is the meaning of certified and where does it apply

There is a lot of confusion surrounding translation, in particular, certified translation services.  So, we thought we’d give everyone the chance to find out a little more about translation services and make it a bit easier to understand also.

A translator is tasked with translating a document or piece of text converting it into proper spoken English (or whatever language required).  In the U.S. for a document to be considered as certified translation, there are many obligations to be met.  First of all, the document which was translated must have a statement (this must be signed by the qualified translator who completed the translation); stating the text translated is the exact same of the original text with the exception it has been translated into a second language.

The statement which must be signed is called Certificate of Accuracy, though strangely, this doesn’t actually guarantee a document has been translated accurately or correctly.  Also, even those who sign a Certificate of Accuracy and work on certified translations, it doesn’t mean they are actually certified translators.  Now, this can be very confusing so take your time to get your head around it but basically translators don’t need to be a certified translators in order to provide certified translation services.

Many people are mistaken when they believe in the United States of America, translators must be state certified because there is in fact no formal certification process for translators.  However, there is a state and federal certification process for interpreters but they are different from translators.

The ATA, American Translators Association however can offer national certification for translators across the U.S.  In fact there are quite a few different translator associations across the States; however, it is important to remember that none of the associations are offering any official certification just accreditation.  Translator associations can offer membership which can provide translators the requirement for certain translation roles.

Frequently, translation companies require any translator who wishes to work with them on translations, are to be accredited by at least one translation association.  Some translation companies such as Morningside require translators who are accredited to several associations.

Mostly certified translations are used when statements or documentation has to be entered into a court of law or will be used in an official government office.  Things such as birth certificates need to be certified in order to prove the document’s information is correct and matches official records.

There are different types of certified translation services however and if you require this service, it’s important to take the time and ensure you understand what certification is needed.  For example, if the translation must be notarized then the translator who is doing the work will need to include their resume with the translated document as well as qualifications he or she has.

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