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Certified Diploma Translation Services

Our diploma translation services are not just a translation that we offer. We offer more! Besides the best price, we are available 24/7; not just an answering machine, but we have three shifts working in order to help you at any moment with your translation. The 24/7 service at Universal Translation Services is there for you during the weekends as well, when a special team is available to help you out. Now, isn’t that great? No waiting time, no need to contact us during business hours. You can contact us at any time and at any moment.

We also charge the lowest prices on the planet for certified translation of your diplomas, degrees, and any other academic records you need to have translated by a certified translator. We have a flat rate of $20 per page for a stamped and signed official translation as you need to have it certified most of the time. If you are not sure, find out from the institution if they want to have it certified. Please note: the above price is valid for pages having less than 200 words. If there are more words on the page, our rate is $0.10 per word.

diploma translation

Diploma Translation

If you need to have a high school or college diploma translation to English fast, we can do it for you in 24 hours or less. We can translate from just about any language into English and our certified translation is guaranteed to be accepted by any institution in the United States. Notarized translation is also available if needed.

academic translation

Degree Translation

Are you looking for a cheap degree translation service ready to translate your bachelor or master’s degree in only a couple hours? Look no further, we will do it for you whenever you need to have it done. Contact us to have an accurate translation for any degree, from any language into English, at some of the best prices you can find online.

we work 24/7 including the weekends
Available 24/7

We don’t just advertise a 24/7 service, we are actually available around the clock, even during the weekend, and a project manager will always be available to reply to your questions or to give you a free quote at any time! To top it all off, we don’t charge extra for rush jobs, or for projects needed to be done over the weekend.

You can contact us in many different ways

email us with your translation requirements
Email Us

Just send us an email with your documents at [email protected] and your requirements and we’ll send you a quote in minutes! If you accept it, a professional translator will start working on your project at once.

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Get in touch with us by phone at any time. Rest assured, a project manager will always be available to talk to you and you’ll receive a quotation right there on the spot. You can reach us 24/7 at (844) 938-7267 or (305) 447-7110

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Click the live-chat button on the site and an experienced project manager will be there to chat with you in real-time. You are able to send us your documents and get answers to your questions or a free quote in just a few minutes!

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Use Our Tool

We created a special tool that allows you to get a quote for your certified and/or notarized translation and you’re able to send us your documents with just a few clicks, without having to talk to us! You will receive your quote by email, in seconds.

Certified and notarized translation tool

This certified and notarized translation tool will give you directly a total price and if you decide to order you can do that too. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to chat live with us. Our project managers are always online to answer all of your questions. Communication is important to prevent any misunderstanding and we are the specialists in getting things done right!

Calculate now your certified translation cost!

Certified diploma translation services

high school diploma translation

High School Diploma Translation

Your high school diploma is not only in your native language, it has quite a few courses that do not have any equivalent in the US? When you give your high school diploma for translation, you are worried about how the translator will translate the document and how will it bode in the institution that you intend to submit the translation.

You do not need to worry about all of these details when you get a translation from us. We have thorough experience in translating high school diplomas from around the world and we can give you the best translations. Our translators are highly accredited and have years of experience in academic translations and are well known for their qualifications in the translation industry.

college diploma translation

College Diploma Translation

You have a college diploma from your native land that you need to have translated for international evaluation. It could be because you need in the US or because you want to move to a foreign country for higher education. Whatever the need may be, international translations are specific when it comes to foreign diplomas as an international student.

You need a professional translator who has experience with translating academic documents and can give you the right translation. We are here with the best translators in business, linguists that are doing legal translations for years and are aware of the requirements. We also provide notarization, so if you need your translation notarized, just ask for that.

bachelor's degree translation

Bachelor’s Degree Translation

Bachelor’s degrees all around the world are awarded based on different standards. All of these standards are to be equalized in the target culture when one is getting a translation for their bachelor’s degree. You need a very specialized translation agency if you are going to get a translation that gets the job done.

We are the translation agency that you are looking for. We have native translators in more than 120 languages and we ensure that we give the best translation experience for our clients. Our translator will give you the translation that will make your degree speak to the reviewers. Call now and get a quote for the translation of your bachelor’s degree.

master's degree translation

Master’s Degree Translation

You’ve got your master’s degree in a very specialized course and you are not sure that the specialized degree that you got will have much clear equivalence in English? You are applying for higher studies abroad and you need a translation agency that can translate your degree the right way, according to the specifications of the admission office?

The translators assigned to your project will understand your degree from a native’s perspective and will know just how to translate the content and what are the equivalent terms in US English. The translation will be accepted by any US university without any issues, that is our guarantee and we always keep to it.

Certified translation of report cards

Certified translation of report cards

Are you applying to an international educational institution that will require a translation of your report cards? Universal Translation Services comes to your rescue. We have some of the best translators who can do a certified translation of report cards for our clients who are aspiring to study abroad.

Certified translations for report cards are a service that we provide for our clients because most international institutions do require translations of transcripts and report cards for the students who are applying to study there.

Our certified translator is specialized in providing certified translation services for any personal documents, including your diplomas, degrees, academic records, record cards, etc. A certified translation is needed when applying for a university because the translation that is presented to the admission office will have to be accurate. We design our translations keeping our target institution in mind. We will make sure that the subject names, the marks distribution and all other translations that we present is compatible with the receiving institution and they will find our translations easy to understand and helpful in reviewing the case that our client intends to make.

If you need certified translations for report cards, or any other documents, from any language into English, get in touch.

certified translation of academic records

Certified translation of academic records

Are you in need of an official translation of academic records in order to enroll in a US university? You should come to see us for your academic translation needs because we know the requirements and we are able to provide exactly what you need.

All educational institutions need to be sure that they are getting authentic papers that are verified. They need to be sure that the translation is up to the mark and there is no discrepancy in the translation that is presented at their evaluation team. And for this reason, they insist upon certified translation of academic records.

Academic translations have always been a challenging task because they involve a great deal of terminology, an understanding of the subject in which the paper is written, and a great competence as a translator. An academic paper is phrased with the utmost sophistication and translating the logic as well as the thought is a challenging task even for a very good translator.

We can do it because we are one of the best in business. Our translator’s professionalism along with our proofreading process and the use of multiple translators to review the translation; makes sure that the translation is done with the utmost professionalism, is accurate, and it follows the rules so it will be accepted by the university.

official translation of diploma

What is an official translation?

An official translation is defined as a translation that has been stamped by an authority which results in an official document. The official translation is authorized translation, for instance, of a decree or a certificate or another document by an authority to be delivered to an authority. Translations performed by sworn translators are always similar to the original document. Official translations usually carry a stamp, and they are often followed by a certification or a statement by a translator who translated the source language into the target language.

In other words, an official translation is not a text you can get on Google Translate, but correct and legal documents translated by an expert official translator.

Official translations have a legal nature, so these kinds of translations will be asked usually for legal purposes. Official translation of a document means a translation that can be used for one of the following objectives: employment-based VISAs, green card applications, citizenship applications, marriage-based applications, other types of VISAs, and studies.

All universities and colleges in the US require an official translation of your study documents if they are not in English.

Official translations must satisfy the following rules

  • The translation must be signed and confirmed by the translator or by the translation company
  • The translation must be accurate and a certificate of accuracy needs to be attached to it
  • It must be made using the same format as the original
  • All information must be translated word for word, not using synonyms or doing changes to the text that may affect the meaning

Usually, diplomas and degrees contain information about courses taken and grades associated with them. In this case, the grades need to be adapted to the US grading system, and courses need to be adapted as well, without changing the meaning of the text. For this reason, professional translators need to be employed for this task, linguists with experience in translating such documents for the United States.

If you are looking to get a job in the US and need to have your diplomas or degrees translated, the certified translation would be usually sufficient for the company records, however, some would require you to have the translation notarized. Always ask about the requirements before translating your documents in order to be sure that you are ordering what you need.

official translation rules
translation requirements

Are there any special requirements?

If you intend to study or to get a job in the US and your documents are not in English, you will need to have all your documents translated, first in order to get your visa with USCIS, and second, to pursue your goal. Depending on where you will submit your documents, the official translation would need to be either certified or notarized.

If you deal with the immigration office, you will need USCIS certified translation, as they rarely require notarization and only for some documents coming from specific countries. They won’t need your diplomas, but your birth and marriage certificates along with other documents.

If you’re getting a job here in the US, simply ask your employer what you need to provide and if document translations are needed by a translation company.

If you’re going to continue your studies in the US, you will need to have some translations certified and others notarized. The best thing to do is to ask the admission office what they require and as soon as you are clear, get in touch with us.

No matter what type of translation you would need to provide for any document, we will do it for you fast and at the best price.

How do we translate diplomas?

We first convert the file you have sent to us (a photo, a pdf file, or however you send it to us) into an editable format. Once this is done, we have a translator translate the text, a second to edit, and a third translator to proofread the translation. We then send you the draft translation in order for you to check the names and dates. Once you send us your approval, we will add the translated text into the editable file we created. Finally, we send you the diploma in exactly the same format it was, but translated, along with our certificate of accuracy.

How does a translated diploma look like?

The translated diploma will look exactly like the original, only translated. If you want to see a diploma translation sample, click the image on the right.

certified diploma translation sample
translation degree online

Get your degree translation online

Do you have a degree that needs to be translated for your plans to go abroad? Worry not, Universal Translation Services is one of the best providers of online certified translations for the degrees of students and professionals who want to use their academic background in the United States.

If the translation is needed for college or university admission, or for getting a job in the US as a foreigner, you will need to get a certified translation for your degrees, diplomas, and any other academic records you may have. You will need the translation to be done according to the requirements of the institution requiring it, otherwise, you will face delays or rejection.

You are always welcome to visit us at our offices, but if you can’t, you can get your translation degree online, at any time.

Why should you choose us as a translation company?

  • We have professionally trained translators, well-experienced in the legal field. Their translations will be cleared by any office in the US without any problems or complications.
  • We translate from over 120 languages! And counting, we are the proud group of translators with over 120 languages on our belt. No matter how far off, remote or different your language may be, we are here to give you the translation that you need with the help of qualified translators.
  • Our project managers are simply great! We have some of the best project managers in business who will ensure that you get the translation that will help your cause and you will be proud of the translation that you have.
  • We are always online so if you can’t visit our offices, you can order and discuss with our project managers online and give us the translation task at hand. We will do the translation and send it to you through email or post if needed, and you are able to pay us online. We are ideal for remote residents who need accurate services while they still live far from our offices.

College diploma translation service, how does it work?

send us your diploma

You send us your diploma papers for translation

receive our quote

You receive a quote from us

pay the invoice

If you agree with the quote you get a link for payment

we translate your document

If payment is done, your diploma will be translated

translation approved by you

Before we certify it, we will first send the translation for your approval

give us your comments

If you have comments let us know, we implement them, of course, for free!

translation is sent to you

If all is fine, we will send you the certified translated diploma to you

diploma translation services are completed

Translation job done!

Professional Translation Services

Universal Translation Services provides certified diploma translation services from any language into English.

If you are planning on traveling to the US or studying here as a foreigner, you will need to have your academic records, your degrees, and your diplomas translated into English. This is an important requirement that will not only make your life easier but will also help you get relevant services rendered to you faster. If your documents are in any other language apart from English, you need to get diploma translation services. There are so many individuals who have used these services in the past, and the outcome for them has been impressive. In as far as academic translation is concerned; this is one of the best options that you can look into.

Need a certified translation for diplomas and academic records? We have you covered!

The translation services that we offer are simply accurate and done in close accordance with the requirements. With us, you are able to get your documents translated and sent back to you in record time, and this is something that you will definitely appreciate. Everyone loves it when they request a service and they have it done and cleared in record time, and the same applies when you are looking to translate your diploma or your academic credentials.

When you are coming to us to meet your translation needs, you can leave your worries at the front door. We will forthright tell you what we need from you, and then from there, we will have a team of experts work on your translation. Once this is done, you will then be able to use your papers for whichever reason that you need it. In terms of linguistic services, you can be sure that you will barely ever get a service provider that offers you the services we can provide you, at the rates that we do, and with the speed and precision with which we offer our services.

certified diploma translation services
how to translate a diploma

How to translate a diploma

There are particular formats and standards to translate a diploma. At UTS, professional diploma translation is undertaken by native linguists who have sufficient understanding of the local educational system and terminology and can translate your high school diploma accurately to the targeted language.

When we receive your file, we will start converting the file to an editable format using special software. With diplomas and grades, this is something that needs to be done very securely and precisely. After the conversion, we compare both documents (your original files and the converted files) to make sure that the conversion was done right. Then we send it to our professional translators for translation. When the translation has been done, a second translator will check all text. We call the second translator a proofreader.

Once finished, a draft copy will be sent to you in order to check the names and dates. If the translation is fine, you need to approve it by pressing the special button in the email. Once approved by you, we will certify or notarize the translation (according to your requirements) and send it to you.

The definition of diploma

You spend a lot of time and energy to complete a course in school, college, or university. You can’t pass a class or get a degree without putting in a lot of effort. You have to stay up late at night, ignore social activities, and give up procrastination to achieve success in studies. So, what is the definition of a diploma? A diploma is a certificate awarded to students by educational institutions after the completion of a course of study. Each country and even each institution in a country has different diplomas. The format and terms used on one diploma will be different from another diploma. Diplomas also have seals of the educational institutions that speak for the authenticity of the document. A diploma is the written proof of a student’s hard work. That’s why successful people often hang their diplomas in their offices.

When you apply for another country’s visa (for work or further studies), you must include your diploma in the documents you will submit to the immigration office. But if your diploma is not in English, you will need to get it translated. Don’t let the idea of getting your diploma translated into another language upset you. If you hand over the task to an experienced translation agency, you will have nothing to worry about.

It is true that diplomas are unique and translating them can be a difficult thing but Universal Translation Services pride itself over its shining record of successfully translating a huge number of diplomas in the past. Get in touch with us to get the best diploma translation services at the lowest rates around.

degree translation
What is a diploma translation

What is a diploma translation?

There was a time when you studied because your parents told you so. Later on, you studied because there was nothing else to do. Then you got interested in some fields but eventually, you came to a point where you studied because you wanted a decent job, most probably in the US. And the questions that came to your mind were, What is a diploma translation? What is the procedure? We are sure you got plenty more bouncing in your head.

Stop worrying over those and get in touch with us today. We provide translation for your diplomas regardless of whether you acquired them at a college, a university, or any other educational institution. Our procedure is also simple, you send us your diploma, and we check the format, pictures, and other details and then translate your diplomas accordingly. Still want to know more, the best way is to contact us, choose our live chat option, email, phone or fill out your query on our contact us page, and we’ll get back to you immediately.

We all have dreams, sometimes they include the places where we study and we aim to continue studying. Everyone keeps talking about the courses they took and are going to take in their specialization. It’s all knowledge and information you plan to utilize in your practice career. But in all that, you almost forget one crazy aspect, what if a diploma of yours needed to be translated for the people who can’t comprehend your language and are the policymakers at a university where you wish to apply?

Well, it’s something you can stay prepared for, even in advance. We are here to serve your translation needs without letting you look for them in the wrong directions. Our professionals have mastered the art of converting your diplomas, degrees, and documents into a familiar version so that you can attach them to your application to the university and the visa office.

Diploma translation

Certified or notarized translation available 24/7? Yes!

A mentioned before, feel free to come to our offices and chat with us directly but if you can’t make it, you can easily order your translation online. There is no difference between the services we provide and you will get a highly accurate translation in 24 hours or less.

If you need diploma translation services or translation of any other academic documents or records, UTS is a perfect choice. We have a large team of professional translators and we are able to provide certified or notarized translations fast and at affordable rates.

Even more, we are working around the clock to meet your needs. Contact us at any time, day or night, during weekdays or the weekend, we will be here for you! Ask for your free quote now!

certified diploma translation

How We Keep the Format and Convert the Documents?

When you need a diploma translation, one of the first things that come to mind is “Is it possible to keep the format and layout of the text during the translation?”. The answer is yes! In every project, our goal is to keep the layout and format of the original document in the source language and deliver the translated document with the practically same layout and format to make sure that every part of the document is identifiable. Therefore, Universal Translation Services offers the delivery of translated target documents as part of its value-added services, resulting in official certification of your documents and of course can be used for immigration purposes.

Editable Files Vs. Non-Editable Files

Keeping the original layout of the source document and format of the completed translation is relatively simple in the case of editable files (e.g., Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint, etc.), while non-editable files (e.g., PDF or image files) need special software and further precise work. Also, there are variations between the different types of non-editable files: in most situations, converting and post-editing a photographed document that also includes handwritten text takes typically longer than the equivalent manner for a one- page PDF document.

How Non-Editable Files Are Processed?

When we accept files in non-editable formats, we always use special optical character recognition (OCR) software to scan and convert the files into an editable file format. OCR software allows us to keep the structure, the design, and the look of the original document as carefully as possible. This indicates that our clients will get the translated file with similar textual content, pictures, tables, and charts as the original file.

What Happens During the Translation Stage?

Non-editable files of the source document do not pose any difficulty during the translation process as the CAT tools can perfectly keep the formatting of documents prepared and imported by them during the export process as well. As a result, translated and exported college certificate or diploma usually require only minimal post-editing. Though, it is not possible to automate the whole file building phase even with the most advanced OCR software; human editors are still required to manage the software correctly. We take this phase very seriously because the software makes mistakes that need to be corrected manually during the preparation phase.

Several and education institutes and universities cooperate with us worldwide in every state. They hire us for high-quality diploma translation services to keep the format and convert the documents so you can be clear to show your diploma and grades to your new university or high- school.

Where Can I Translate My High School Diploma?

The moment you are asked to submit your high school diploma and you realize that it’s not in English and will not be accepted at the university, you get worried. And the only question that comes to your mind is, “Where can I translate my high school diploma?”

Lucky for you, we provide diploma translation services for all sorts of diplomas, degrees, and transcripts. With our expert translators, you have got nothing to worry about. Our team will provide certified translations of your high school diploma so that it gets acceptance everywhere including the immigration department. So if you were tensed, relax now and visit our website for further details.


Where Can I Get My High School Diploma Certified

You are applying for a university, and you are asked to submit a certified copy of your high school diploma, what would you do. You’d most certainly get skeptical as to which kind of certification is necessary and where will you get it. Will a certified translation be enough or would you need something additional.

We can help you get rid of all that. With our deep understanding of the diploma translations, we can take care of your certification and Translation at the same time. We can also guide you on the requirements and submissions, so you can entirely trust us for all your translation needs.

The Importance of Diplomas and Grades:

Education is divided into several levels everywhere. But in order to reach a certain level, you must finish the previous classes first. However, you can’t just show up at a university and say that you have a college degree and would like to study further. You must be able to provide proof of your education if you want to get admission for further studies. High school diplomas and your grades are essential because they pave the way for your future education. They are also proof of your hard work. They can land you part-time jobs too.

Diplomas and Grades
Diplomas and Grades translation

Translation of Academic Records:

Everyone has a list of names they want to apply to when they are done with high school education. But not every applicant will have the right grades or the income to go to college. Those that have the right grades can even apply for scholarships. Famous educational institutes are located in different parts of the world, which is why foreign students apply to American universities and colleges all the time. European academic institutions are known for their low fees, which is why some students turn to them for their future education. But regardless of where someone is applying, they will have to face the linguistic barrier and present an academic certificate translation in the Official Language English.

If you are a foreign student and you know English, that’s good for you because you don’t have any problems navigating your way in college. But since you are not a native English speaker, neither a trained translator, you won’t be able to translate your degrees on your own. You will need the help of qualified experts to get you through this problem. You can only submit your academic records with their accurate translations. Skilled and experienced translators are the only ones who can handle such documents.

Academic Records

Checklist to Get Your Diploma and Grades Translated:

If you have no idea about how to get your diploma and grades translated, that’s okay; there is no need to panic. Here is a checklist to guide you about the steps you must take to get your academic records translated:

The Requirements:
Start by learning about the requirements of the institute you will be applying to. Each educational institution will have different requirements. But there is a high chance that all of them will ask for a certified translation of all of your academic documents. Once you have memorized the requirements, you can get in touch with an agency.

Upload Documents:
When you have found a reliable agency, reach out to them through their live chat to ask about the ordering process. If there is a free quote option available on the website, click on that, and then upload your diploma. Once the document is uploaded, add basic information about it. Add the deadline, if there is any, and then submit all the information.

Review the Quote:
Once you have submitted all the data, you will receive a quote about your project. This will be the amount the translation will cost you. It is the final amount you will have to pay for the task. There won’t be any hidden charges in your bill when you receive it. If you are satisfied with the amount, you can give the agency your go ahead. After that, you will pay for the service and wait for the task to be completed.

Check the Translation:
Once your diploma is translated, the document will be handed over to you for review. This will help the agency make sure there are no errors in the original and translated file. They won’t certify the document before getting your approval, so the mistakes can be fixed beforehand. Make sure to check the text thoroughly because any errors must be pointed out at this point. If you needed any changes in the translation, they would be made free of cost.

Signed Statement:
After making the changes, the translator will write down a statement, sign it, and add their contact details at the bottom of the page. The statement will say that their work is accurate. This is what adds extra credibility to documents and is required by all offices and universities. Once the statement is signed, the certified translation will be handed over to you. This is the official document that you need to present.

Leave a Review:
Once you get the translation and check it to see that everything is right, you should leave a review. It is reviews that help people figure out whether or not an agency can provide them with valuable services. Reviews help people save money by only choosing reliable services. Competition is fierce in the world, but those who work hard must be appreciated and praised.

One thing about the translation of diplomas and official documents is that their formats are kept intact for authenticity. If the formats are changed, they won’t be the same documents. It is the job of the translator to maintain the format, so the only difference between the original and the translated will be of language.

Certified Translation of Grade

Every country has a different education system, which sometimes means that a post-graduate degree earned in one part of the world may equal to an undergraduate degree in another part. Sometimes, students can take a few extra classes in another country to make their degree more valuable. However, in order to figure out what steps they have to take, they will need to get their records evaluated. The evaluation process is carried out by professionals, and it helps students with their university admission applications too. In any case, if a person wishes to study in another country, they will have to go through a lengthy process and fulfill all the requirements to become eligible.

Certified Translation of Grades:

You can’t just put your degrees through Google Translate and expect to get an accurate translation. When you are dealing with sensitive issues like getting an admission to a foreign university, you will have to follow all the protocols. You can’t risk it by asking your bilingual friend for help. You will have to find qualified professionals to help you with your linguistic problems. In order to make your grades understandable to the university administration, you will have to get them translated.

Make sure you are familiar with the requirements of the academic institution you wish to apply to. Some universities only ask for a diploma or degree, while others ask for transcripts too. Once you are certain about the documents you have to submit, you can find a reliable expert for their translation. Keep in mind that only certified translation of grades will be accepted by academic institutions. The translation must be accompanied by a statement of the translator that it is accurate. They must have signed the statement and added their contact details at the bottom. This adds authenticity to the document, which is why it is necessary whenever people are applying for admission.

World Education Services
Certified Translation of Grades

World Education Services (WES):

WES is a non-profit organization that operates from New York and provides evaluation services to international students who wish to study in the US or Canada. After evaluating your grades, WES will give you a document containing the details of your academic achievements. This is another paper that you will have to get translated before submitting it to the university you wish to study at. Just like your grades, the evaluation by WES should also be accompanied by its certified translation.

There is nothing wrong with following your dreams. In fact, people should always try their best to make sure their dreams become their reality. Whether you have to find reliable linguistic experts or get in touch with a degree evaluation organization for help, it will all be worth it in the end when your dreams come to fruition.

  • What is academic translation?

    It is the type of service during which degrees, diplomas, and all kinds of academic records are translated. Qualified and experienced linguistic experts can carry out this kind of task. If someone has had no experience with academic documents in the past, they won’t be able to help you despite even if they had plenty of experience. There are certain features of the academic text that only the experienced can comprehend and convert them into another language effectively.

  • Where can I translate my diploma?

    If you wish to apply to a foreign university for further education, you will have to get your academic records translated. As for where you can get this service from, the answers are plenty. You can get in touch with a freelancer and ask them for their assistance. The safest option is finding an agency with good reviews and booking their services. They will provide quick services, and you will be able to get accurate translations at affordable rates.

  • Where can I translate high school transcripts?

    Some institutes require a little more than a simple degree. Transcripts contain detailed information about a student’s journey through high school. By providing them to a university, a student will be able to share all the achievements they had unlocked during high school. They will also be able to share details about the courses they have studied and what they had achieved in each class. If you are in need of the translation of your high school transcripts, then only an academic expert can help you. They will know how to work with the complex structure of transcripts. But if you hire an inexperienced person, they will likely ruin the translation and convey incorrect data through it.

  • How do you get a certified transcript?

    If you are in need of a certified transcript translation, then you can explain your requirement to the linguistic expert. If you pick an agency, make sure they have certification experts on their team. If they do, they will be able to provide you with a certified transcript translation easily. One of their experts will handle the task and then provide their signed statement with the completed project. The signed document will show people that the expert was willing to bet their name on their work.

  • What is DipTrans?

    The most popular diploma in translation is known as DipTrans. It is recognized by employees all over the world so someone who has it can easily get the best job. The diploma not only covers the basics of the field but also teaches students some useful facts about the job they will be starting soon. It familiarizes people with languages so they can help others in understanding them.

There are various ways to get your diploma translated, but it is better to choose the right service instead of wasting money on inexperienced translators. When you find the right agency, save their contact information because in the global world we live in, everyone requires help with linguistic problems from time to time. And if you have the contact information of qualified professionals, you will be able to get over linguistic issues quite easily with their help.

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