Why Do You Need Official Translation of Documents for Immigration

official translation of documents
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You will need official translation of documents if you are an immigrant who wants to apply for American citizenship or for your official relationships with American organizations.

What Official Translation of Documents Means

This is the translation of a text from one language to another. Certifying it means that the translation was made by a professional translator who gives official assurance that it is a complete and correct translation. That is why the certified translation is supposed to be made by someone who is fluent in these two languages and has significant experience in translating them.

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Why Do You Need Your Translation to Be Certified?

If you have a translation that is certified this will mean that you now have a legally binding record recognized by various U.S. institutions.

Which Institutions Require Official Translation of Documents?

If you are going to deal with one of the following institutions, then you are going to need your documents translated and certified:

  • U.S. Immigration (USCIS) – you will have to provide USCIS translations of foreign documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses and divorce certificates for visa, immigration and custom purposes.
  • State and Federal Agencies in USA – more governmental institutions which demand providing certified documents are the Passport Authorities, the County Clerks offices, the State Department of Licensing, the Department of Motor Vehicles and others.
  • Academic Institutions – if you plan to apply in a university or college you will need certified translations of your diplomas.
  • Companies – some documents that are used for business needs in order to validate the company’s financial reports, legal documents, business agreements and others.

Who Is Allowed to Make Such Translations?

Because there are no restrictions, any US translation company is allowed to provide official translation of documents. However, only a professional translator could ensure you the quality translation which you are going to need when dealing with various institutions in the US.

Universal Translation Services provides certified translation at only $20 per page, the lowest price in the industry. All translations are done by professional translators and we have a 100% acceptance rate at USCIS. We are a member of the American Translators Association and we have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

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Certified Translation Services for USCIS

People applying for immigration to the US have to follow the USCIS requirements. Translated documents are to follow the requirements and have to be approved by USCIS to attain entry in the US. In this case, immigrants should go for certified translation services so the acceptance by USCIS should not become an issue. Our company provides translation services that are reliable, on time and affordable. We guarantee that our team of professionals delivers translations that have 100% acceptance rate by USCIS.

Our certified document translation services go through an extensive process, so you don’t have to face any difficulty while getting it accepted by USCIS. Be it your Visa, birth certificate, or any other relevant document; we offer high-quality translation for all. We have a large team of translators which are fluent in over 120 languages so providing the translations with high accuracy is what we strive for.

Official Translation of Documents

An official translation of documents is generally defined as a translation that has been stamped by an Authority. Official requirements vary from state to state or country to country, depending on that country’s particular legal system. Each country will also have its system for appointing and regulating official translators. Some confusion is therefore bound to arise over what constitutes an ‘official’ translation.

Foreign high schools, universities, legal companies, government and immigration authorities will ask you for an official translation of any documents or certificates that are not in that country’s native language. Therefore, if you want to work or study or live overseas, or immigrate to a new country, you need to get an official translation of documents. Official translation of a document means a translation that can be used for one of the following purposes:

  • Employment-based VISAs
  • Green card applications
  • Citizenship applications
  • Marriage-based applications
  • Other types of VISAs

Get in touch with us today for your translation needs from and into any language. We offer official translation of documents that is done in 24 hours in most cases.

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