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How Does It Look Like A Certified Translation Stamp?

How Does It Look Like A Certified Translation Stamp?
(Last Updated On: October 3, 2021)

Fraud is pretty common in our world. It is wrong to think that everyone is out to get you, but it is also important to remain sharp and not let anyone take advantage of you. The internet has provided new opportunities to those who wish to scam people. Unfortunately, many people fall victim to such schemes and end up losing their money. Even those that follow safety protocol can get scammed. The only way to reduce your chance of falling victim to such schemes is to keep yourself informed. The more you know about things, the harder it will be for people to trick you.

The Translation Industry:

Many people require the help of linguistic experts on a daily basis. They are either applying for immigration or expanding their business. The way translation helps people is remarkable. It lets people get over the linguistic barrier. Thanks to the efforts of linguistic experts, effective communication becomes possible. However, like every other service industry, there are both good and bad options in the world of translation. The wrong decision can cause problems for people. It can cause them to waste a lot of their money. This is why it is important to make the right call whenever you are in need of linguistic services.


What is Certified Translation?

There are different kinds of facilities that people can get in the language industry. Businesses require assistance with advertising and marketing content. Legal language experts help the courts. Linguistic experts working in the healthcare industry connect patients with doctors from all over the globe. As for individuals, the most valuable type of service a linguistic expert can offer them is certified translation stamp. It is offered to those who are applying for immigration or have to share their official document with foreign authorities. Anytime there is an official document that has to be presented to foreign government bodies, this type of translation is required.

It is the type of linguistic service that is considered not only highly accurate but also has legal value. It comes with a signed statement of the linguistic expert. The document says that the translator has enough knowledge of their language to perform this conversion of languages. It also states that the linguistic expert completed the task to the best of their knowledge, and it is complete. They not only add their signature on the document but also put their contact information on it. This adds value to their work, which is why authorities never reject such a translation.


The Stamp:

In most cases, the signed statement of the linguistic expert is enough for the validity of their work. USCIS and other government bodies do not require the records to have a stamp on them. But some businesses require this added step for their security. In such cases, a notary will put a stamp on the document as proof that the translator is who they say they are.

Agencies that are a member of the ATA have their own stamps that they can put on the documents completed by their translators. They add the stamp as proof of certification. This added step is only necessary in some cases, but it does add value to the document in those instances.

How Does a Certified Translation Stamp Look Like?

So, if you require a stamp on your document and you don’t want to pay someone who wouldn’t be able to fulfill your requirement, you should learn about the process first. For instance, knowing what this stamp looks like can help you a lot. You would be able to figure out whether or not an agency has the right stamp, or they are showing you a fake.

But it is important to mention that the stamp will look different depending on the person or company it belongs to. For instance, if a translator is certified, their stamp will have this information along with their membership details. But if it is the stamp of an agency, it could be simple. If an agency is a member of the ATA, then the stamp will have the words certified translation stamp in it as well as the registration number of the company. It is probably the most valuable type of stamp.

If you can find an agency that offers affordable rates and high-quality translation and is also a member of ATA, then you should not look anywhere else. Not only will they be able to provide you with the service you require, but they will also add the stamp on the translation if needed. You won’t find a lot of affordable options in the translation industry. And if you turn to freelancers, the situation will be even worse. This is why once you have found the right agency, you should not turn elsewhere and let them help you. The linguistic solution they provide you will help you get through the process of immigration easily.


Whether you need the assistance of a linguistic expert for immigration or business, knowing a bit about the field will help you a lot. Above everything else, it will keep you from getting scammed by those who only wish to make money. So, make sure you learn about the industry and then start your search for a service provider. You can turn to the internet for suggestions and read reviews to find the best agency. Once you have found the right agency, you can sit back and relax while they work on your documents.

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