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Find Out More About The Certificate of Translation Sample

Find Out More About The Certificate of Translation Sample
Certificate of Translation Sample
(Last Updated On: November 11, 2023)

The certificate of translation is an official statement in which a translator confirms that he has accurately translated the document into the target language. A complete translation that the translator has certified as complete and correct and declared that he is qualified to translate the source language into the target language must accompany any foreign language document submitted to USCIS. Such translations are often needed when submitting their green card applications to USCIS. You can get such a language service from any qualified language expert; you don’t need to go to the notary public. This article contains a translation sample in case you need one.

Certificate of Translation: what is that?

The certificate of translation (CT) is an official document issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that certifies the translation of a specific document from one language to another. These documents are necessary for Brazil because their legal system is based on Portuguese, but you may need them for other reasons, such as when buying or selling property. Here’s everything you need to know about CTs and how to obtain one.

Certificate of Translation Sample

While a certificate in translation or a certified translation service holds more weight, the translation may also be completed by anyone skilled in both the source and the target language. However, there is no guarantee that USCIS will accept certified translations.

USCIS will always ask for a certified translation, which means the source text, the translated text, and a report with the signature and stamp of the translator or the translation company. You can’t get the authorities to consider your green card application if you don’t submit an accurate English translation of your documents.

translator certificate

Sample Certified

Certified translations of their documents must accompany all USA green card applications by foreign citizens. The certificate of accuracy is a report signed by the translator or professional translation services provider, declaring that the translated text accurately represents the original text. The signed message, which means the certified translations, is the most crucial part of this translation.

For instance, while immigrating to the United States, the documents requested by the USCIS should be in English or translated into English (if in any other language), and the translation must be certified. The certified translation has to satisfy the specifications set by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, which includes a formatted cover sheet with the translator’s or translation agency’s stamp and signature. A birth certificate translation is what everyone applying for immigration to the US will need.

Original Copy

Certifying essentially attests that the translation is an accurate copy of the original document, to the best of the signer’s knowledge and understanding, via a statement and signature to that outcome.

Often, a sentence declaring the translator’s competency to translate the languages involved is also part of this statement. Contact information for the translator or agency is also commonly included. We call the document that certifies the translations a certificate of accuracy.

Sample Certificate Translation


Sample Certificate Translation

Here below is a sample that will give you an idea about the document:

I, [name of the translator], declare that I am fluent in the English and Spanish languages and that the translation of (birth certificate), related to (applicant’s full name), the original of which is in the Spanish language, is a complete and accurate translation from the Spanish language to English to the best of my knowledge.


Signature of translator


Contact details


I,                                                       , am competent to translate from                                   into English, and certify that the translation of              is true and accurate to the best of my abilities

—————————                                          ———————-

Signature of Translator                                    Name of Translator


Address of Translator


Telephone Number of Translator


I, _______________________________ certify that I am competent to translate from [fill in the language of the document] to English and that the above translation of the original “Birth Certificate” is a complete and accurate translation to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Signed: [Signature translator]
Print: (Printed name of translator]

Address: __________________________________
Telephone: ________________________________
Date: _____________________________________


I,                       , herby certify that I am proficient in               and English. I translated the previous statement and read it back to                               [NAME]                                                      in its entirety in _[FOREIGN LANGUAGE] on                                [DATE]                          .








  1. NAME: __________[Full Name]_________
  2. BIRTH PLACE: __(city/town)   (state/province)       (country)___
  3. Birth Date: _____MM / DD / YYYY_____
  4. Father’s Name: _____[Full Name]_____
    The Father’s Age: ________________________
    Your Father’s Nationality: _________________
  5. Mother’s Name: _____[Full Name]_____
    Mother’s Age: ________________________
    Mother’s Nationality: _________________
  6. Certificate Issued:
    Place Registered: __(city/town)   (state/province)       (country)___
    Date Registered: _____MM / DD / YYYY_____
    Magistrate: _____[Full Name]_____
  7. Certificate Found (Archive or register):
    Book No.: ________________
    Page: ___________________
    Ref.: ____________________
  • What is a translation certificate?

    A translation certificate is a signed statement of the linguistic expert that comes with a certified translation. It is proof of accuracy. It also states that the document is complete and free of errors. By adding their signature to the record, the translator proves they are confident in their work. People don’t need to go to the notary public to get the certificate. Any qualified linguistic expert can provide them with the signed statement.

  • How do you certify a translation document?

    The certification of a translation document is when a linguistic expert writes on a piece of paper that their work is complete and free of errors and then adds their signature at the bottom. Translators hand over their signed statement to the client along with the translation. The translator will appear before the notary public and sign the certification letter when notarization is needed. The notary public will then put their official stamp on the certification letter.

  • Do you need a license to be a translator?

    The rules for becoming a translator are different everywhere. In some countries, people need a license to become a translator; in others, they must be members of an association. However, in the US, anyone can be a translator with a suitable qualification. But translators can get certified by getting a Certificate in Translation, see ata.org.

  • Who can translate documents?

    Only a qualified linguistic expert with plenty of experience in their field can translate documents. They must be the native speaker of the language they are translating into and be familiar with the cultural values of the target audience. If they are qualified, then they will be able to translate documents accurately. A notary public cannot decode or certify documents.


How do I get a certificate of accuracy sample?

Most of the time, a certified translation is needed for immigration purposes. When you ask for sample documents, you must know the answer to some questions that a translation agency or translator will ask you. It would help to let them know why you want to see the sample documents. It is also good to let them know the name of your documents’ original language. This way, they will provide samples translated from that original language.

What country do you want the certification for?

For instance, if you want your document translated into English, are you presenting this to someone in the US, US, or USCIS? Then, yes, you need to show your official documents in English to each official body in the US. And for that, the US regulations ask for certified translations. In some countries, you might need notarized translations instead of accredited translations. It’s best to let the service provider know who will be seeing the translations, and they will know which type of results to offer you.

What is a translation certificate for?

Is it to record you as a citizen or a business? Do you want it for legal cases? Every document not in English can not be sent to official institutes in the US. They all need to be in the English Language. For that, you must have a certificate signed by a translator or a translation agency declaring that the translation correctly represents the foreign language document. They need to be stamped and signed. The American authorities will accept only certified English translations.

example certificate certified translation

For what kind of documents do I need to have a certificate?

It can be anything from a marriage or birth certificate to a complicated legal paper.

Providing a translation with the certificate of accuracy sample gives the client proof that their translation is an exact copy of the original document. This evidence can be shared with whoever wants to see it.

How do you certify a translation document?

A translation agency or a translator will translate the document, fill in the certificate, and sign and stamp each page of the source document (the document you gave for translation) and the translated document.

Can you translate your documents for USCIS?

No. This is not possible. USCIS does not accept certified English translations that the applicants complete. So, it is best to hire professionals for the task.

The certification statement includes the name of the translator, the date, and a statement that he is proficient in the languages in which he translated from and into. The certification also includes the translator’s signature at the end.

A certified translation is a translated document accompanied by a certificate of accuracy, signed by the translator or stamped by the translation agency, or both.

However, a notarized translation is one that a notary public official has sealed. It is important to remember that in a notarized translation, the notary public only verifies the translator’s identity. A notary public can translate a document, but he/she cannot notarize the same document. Therefore, most translation agencies utilize their translators for the translation and get it notarized by a notary public.

Certified translations are most commonly used for immigration purposes. They may also be required in legal proceedings, business agreements, property issues, and other official purposes.

Certified translations are mainly required for the following documents:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Decree
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Death Certificates

You can only cert9fiy a translation by providing certification of accuracy with your signatures, along with the translated document. Remember, you can only certify a translation when you have translated it yourself. It is because you take responsibility for the contents of the translation and that you did it.

A certificate of accuracy is the translation certificate. It is a statement by the translator that he has done the translation to the best of his knowledge, and the translation is correct. The certificate also contains the translator’s signatures at the end.

Although anyone can certify a translation, it is best to go with a translation agency. With their native translators on the team, you won’t have to worry about the credibility of the translation.

Certificate of translation

Certificate of accuracy

No matter which document you look at, you will realize its importance lies in its signature or stamp. The issuing body becomes the difference between real and fake paper. Different officials in different countries sign even currency bills. In the US, the treasurer’s signature is on every statement. Although this can also be replicated often, it is the decisive factor on an actual record as it can’t be faked perfectly. You can go into any field and work anywhere, but the importance of authentication of papers will never diminish.

Even your degrees are nothing without the stamp of your university or college. The references you want to present at a new job location must also be stamped. In the world of translation, not all types require a form of certification. But no certified interpretation is complete without the certificate of accuracy. The certificate proves the translation’s validity, which is why it is often required in official settings where someone cannot be taken on their word and will need to be backed by the signature of a professional. Ensure you get the certificate from the agency when they translate for you.

Cheap certified translation for USCIS

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Ten things you need to know about diplomas and certificates of translation

1. A translation certificate is a professional certification demonstrating a translator’s certification status.

2. Many freelance translators are ATA-certified, which means they have completed a certificate program and passed an exam.

3. Some undergraduate students may also pursue a certificate in Spanish-English Translation.

4. The field of translation is growing, and the demand for certified translators is high.

5. Certificate programs can be completed online or in person, typically taking one to two years.

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