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How much does a certified translation cost?

How much does a certified translation cost?
(Last Updated On: April 25, 2023)

What is Certified Translation and where is it used


Everyone eats in typical dishes at home, but when guests come over, the nicer dishes come out. Sometimes you put the new glasses in the cabinet and don’t open the boxes until you invite people to your house. That’s how everyone lives their life every day. When it comes to special people, you present the special version of your home or your life to them. Almost everything in life follows the same pattern.

You also have special documents in your life and ordinary ones. The certificate you got in KinderGarten for being the best-dressed student is not going to be of any help in your professional life. But your academic documents, however, are necessary to get a job. There are various kinds of documents that you will accumulate in your lifetime and the most important among them will be your birth certificate without which you can neither get into school or college nor get your driving license when you grow up. A birth certificate is also necessary when you are applying for immigration because without it an embassy or immigration office cannot verify your identity and will be forced to reject your application. But you can’t submit your birth certificate to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services if it is not in English. An interpretation of your birth certificate will be required if you wish to see your immigration application getting accepted.

When you are going to share a translation with a friend or even submit it to an office that’s not going to scrutinize it, you can present the basic version of it. But when you have to produce an interpretation of one of your documents to be presented to a government department for a particular purpose, you will need an error-free rendition of the original document and that is the certified translation. You can’t submit a standard interpretation when you are applying for immigration or college admission. Only certified interpretations are accepted in such scenarios.

What is a Certified Translation?

It is a translation that is signed and stamped by the translator or the translation agency saying that it is the most exact representation of the original file. A certified interpretation of an official document maintains the format and language style of the original document to ensure increased accuracy.

What are the Uses of Certified Translations?

They are needed in the following fields:

  • Business:

Certified interpretations are very important for businesses in various ways. When companies sign contracts with overseas partners, it is good to have certified interpretation of the documents to ensure the translation is the mirror image of the original document but in a different language.

When a business expands to different countries, an accurate interpretation of the company policy is necessary. Without an accurate translation of the company policy, the employees in that region can indulge in actions that are against the policy. Such incidents can be the cause of huge problems for the company in the form of lawsuits.

  • Courts:

When documents in a foreign language have to be presented in the court, they should be accompanied by their error-free interpretations. Inaccuracy in the renditions can affect legal proceedings negatively. Sometimes important evidence is also in a foreign language, and its certified interpretation can be the factor that decides someone’s fate.

  • Immigration:

When you are applying for immigration, certified translations of your personal documents are a must. If your birth and marriage certificates are in a different language than the official language of the country you are applying to, your immigration application can’t be accepted without certified interpretation.


The cost of certified translation:

So how much does a certified translation cost? If you think that it will cost a lot because of its importance, you would be wrong. Good translation agencies like the Universal Translation Services offer these interpretations at very affordable rates. You can get a certified translation cost of a 200-word document in $20, and if your document has more than 200 words, you will be charged $0.12 per word.

There are a few language service providers who take advantage of people’s needs and charge them highly for interpretations. And if you need the interpretation urgently, you can say goodbye to your savings of the month. Those who have no experience with language service providers don’t know how the industry works and what are the standard charges. These people can fall prey to those who are out to get customers’ money.

To make sure you aren’t going to get charged highly, check the agency’s reviews on the internet. They will tell you a lot about their work quality and charges.

Where to Get Certified Translation?

Now that you know about the cost, the next step is getting the translation. If you live in a remote area and think you will have to go to another city to find a language service provider, think again because almost all of the good agencies have websites today and offer online translation services. You can forward your file to them through email or you can upload it on their website and get the interpretation in your inbox within 24 hours. Some agencies also offer postal service and charge you a small fee if you wish to receive a hard copy of the interpretation. If you are in search of an agency that offers online services then Universal Translation Services is who you should go with as they provide their customers affordable rates, have qualified translators, and always deliver on time. Read more about the certified translation from Ukraine to English.

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