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How much does translation cost and how to get a fast quote

How much does translation cost and how to get a fast quote
how much does translation cost
(Last Updated On: October 3, 2021)

Translation companies are able to learn a valuable lesson as provided by the e-commerce boom: sales are driven by a friendly experience while buying. We at Universal Translation Services did our best to provide you with several easy ways to learn how much does translation cost by using our step by step, easy to use calculators which are free to use for anyone.

How much does translation cost?

Translation is not shopped for the same way a shampoo is as it requires human touch and customization. There are times where using a step-by-step automation wizards will not be possible. In majority of the cases, however, you will save some time. Here are some scenarios where interfaces that are automated can be used to provide a translation quote.

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The translation industry and exact quotes

How much does translation cost? Professional translation services can add up, but is there an industry standard, and how do translation agencies calculate their fees?

Unlike free online translation tools like Google Translate, expert human translation is a paid-for service. But in an industry with considerable differences in price and quality, how do you know if you’re making a fair deal?

The translation industry is particularly vague when it comes to translation cost. Until recently, there were only two choices if you required a translation: somehow do it yourself, or ask a professional. Traditional translation agencies have done the most of their captive business, adding hidden charges and creating dodges in their pricing policy to maximize their profits. Although new services are questioning their industry control, these changes have made it even more tough to pin down what you’re spending your money on. As a result, there’s no quick answer to the question of how much translation costs.

How to get a quote from us

If you need certified translation for US

If you need a notarized or certified translation for your personal documents you can use our certified translation tool to easily calculate your translation cost. Within a few minutes you will receive our answer on how much does translation cost for your documents.

The above also applies for notarized translation and the tool will give you a price for it if needed. the page also has a video which explains how to use the tool (really easy actually).

If you need general translation

When needing translation services for documents which doesn’t need to be certified, this 5-minute quote tool will help you learn how much does translation cost. Simply upload your documents and the tool will count the number of words and give you a price.

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There are obviously, less automated ways to learn how much does translation cost

Simply ask us

In general the customer loves to compare prices from many companies. The client is able to achieve this by emailing the companies, using their livechat tool or calling them. A significant time for project management is lost while trying to answer the client’s questions, however ignoring the client is not an option, at least not for us. Our clients can get a preliminary price with automated quotes above anda handcrafted offer can come later if the customer shows interest or has special needs. The client always has the option to get in touch with one of our project managers and ask any questions they may have.

Night watch

Nights, holidays and weekends are times when a lot of requests sometimes come up. For proper processing, we have project managers available 24/7 so you can always get in touch with us no matter what timezone you are in.

Fans of self-service

There are customers who prefer to make purchases, without having to communicate with our project managers. In this case they can use our quote tools above to learn how much does translation cost, get a quote, pay it and have us start working on their project.

For companies

In most cases, buyers for enterprise translation are always short of time to properly get quotes. An engineering or marketing individual that is busy will not have the time for quotes, file receipt confirmation and contacting agencies. Such clients usually contact us directly by email along with sending the files along with their special needs. They get a quote for their documents in less than 5 minutes so they don’t spend their time asking questions and searching the internet.

How to get a fast quote and go on with your translation

Send request quote or inquiry

A quote request or inquiry can be sent to us by using any of the above means. Details about the exact work to be done including why you need the translation, date of delivery and languages should be provided. It will be easier to estimate if the document to be translated is sent along and it helps a lot in finding out how much does translation cost.

Estimate review

You will get a reply containing estimated cost and date to expect the completed work, along with a prepayment link.


Along with the quote, you will also get an invoice and a link to pay your invoice. The invoice will cover payment information including our account details. Once payment is done we will start to work on your translation project.

Translation and verification

We translate your document in 3 steps: translation, editing and proofreading. A different translator from the one that translated the document, does the verification to make sure it is properly and consistently done. Once done, if it’s a certified translation, the translation is sent to you for approval and you have to verify if names and places are correct.


We strive to ensure you get your job before the deadline. You should also verify and if you have any inquiries, you can communicate with the manager of the project at anytime. Once we have your approval for the translation we will give it a proper format and send it to you along with the certification.

Our translation process steps are largely explained here.

Now that you know how much does translation cost it will be a lot more easier for you to make an informed decision about your needs.

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