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How to Translate YouTube Videos in Other Languages

How to Translate YouTube Videos in Other Languages
(Last Updated On: July 24, 2020)

How to Translate YouTube Videos in Other Languages

YouTube is the world’s second-most popular website. Since its launch in 2005, it has become a permanent part of every internet user’s life. From educational videos to songs, vlogs to reviews, political commentaries to parodies, the content available on YouTube covers every aspect of life. There are many videos with over millions of likes on YouTube which speak of its popularity. A lot of us turn to it for movie trailers, latest song videos, and TV show teasers. It has also become a marketing tool for media companies as they can upload little clips of their movies on YouTube and keep the audience interested.

The website also has the second largest search engine in the world. So even YouTube is better than Bing and Yahoo. According to a recent calculation, the website has 7 billion videos which would require 58,000 years of watch-time. If that number isn’t scary enough, a decade’s worth of videos are posted on YouTube daily. So, the amount of content on the site is increasing at a rapid speed. With the increase of its popularity, more and more people are turning towards the platform and launching their personal channels. And since the HD feature was rolled out in 2019, there is always a battle going on over at YouTube between media houses to post the highest quality video to attract viewers.


One of the reasons many people turn to this platform is the educational videos. There are a lot of channels on YouTube that post lectures and tutorials to teach people things they can’t learn from any other source. One such channel is Crash Course where over twenty different subjects are taught by different people. All of these courses cover the basics of each subject so anyone trying to learn from there can develop an understanding of the subject without having to look for other sources.

There are also some online universities that upload their lectures on YouTube. Not only can you learn subjects on this website, but you can also learn skills. Whether you want to learn the guitar or the piano, baking or cooking, you can find the perfect teacher here. You can also search on here every day things like how to tie a tie or more complicated things like how to start a YouTube channel for beginners. There is almost no question that this platform can’t answer for you. Many people turn to it for help when they are faced by small or big difficulty.

The literacy rate of every country has to improve if we are to have a better future. But education is not cheap in many countries. In countries where the majority of the population lives below the poverty line, a lot of children don’t go to school for basic education. And in many developed countries, higher education costs a lot more than a lower-middle-class household can afford. Consequently, people turn to the internet for help and the internet does not disappoint them.

YouTube Videos for Everyone:

There is, however, one problem with studying online and that is of the language barrier. If a person does not know English, they won’t benefit from lectures available in it. In 2007, YouTube tested the idea of localized versions of their website. In those versions, each visitor got trending videos and recommendations according to their location. Today, over 98 countries have their localized versions of the site but these versions do not cover the videos that get uploaded on the platform. In order for someone from Germany, who doesn’t speak or understand English, to benefit from a video in English, they will need a translation of that video. Translation may have borne out of our need to understand each other despite the language barriers but today it has a lot more uses and one of them is educating people by interpreting educational content available in other languages.


Translation of YouTube Videos:

So how to translate YouTube videos into other languages? Some people think that the answer lies in YouTube’s automatic translation system. You may have seen videos on the website with multiple language options where the interpretation is done automatically. But these translations are often inaccurate. They are often incorrect to the point of hilarity. They become the source of memes and get circulated on the internet. But the fact that they fail at what they are supposed to do gets ignored between the laughs. As a result, people who turn to this platform for useful videos remain unable to understand them due to translation problems.

There is a solution that some creators don’t know of and that is to hire a translation agency for translating your YouTube videos. You can’t reach a wide audience if your content is not understandable for those who don’t speak a certain language. If you wish to make a name for yourself or simply want to help people through your educational videos, you will have to get your videos translated. Once you do that, your content will reach everywhere and people from all over the world will be able to enjoy it.

If you are in search of a translation agency that can translate your videos for you then Universal Translation Services is a name that you can trust. Not only do they have experienced and highly qualified translators on their team but they also have affordable charges and can provide you with urgent translations too. Make your content universal and connect with people everywhere.

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