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(Last Updated On: October 19, 2023)

There are many who study to get a degree so they can start making money. But there are also those who are truly passionate about their studies. For these people, it isn’t just about getting a degree but also learning new things related to their field. Such students want to get access to the best study material. They also wish to learn from the experts. Some academic institutes are known all over the world for some of their departments. This means that in order to learn from the experts, students have to study in a foreign country. However, this isn’t a dream that can be turned into reality instantly. People have to go through a long procedure to achieve their goals in life; studying abroad is no different.

Degree Evaluation:

Due to the differences between the education systems of every country, degrees might not have the same value in every country. Degree evaluation is carried out by experienced agencies who figure out the value of a course. For instance, if someone from India wishes to study in the US, their degree will have to be evaluated first to figure out whether or not they will have to take additional classes to get an equivalency certificate. If you have a bachelor’s degree, you wouldn’t want it to become useless. But with the help of degree evaluation, you can figure out which steps to take to make your degree valuable in a foreign country too.

What is WES?

There are different evaluation service providers in the US, but only a few of them are popular all over the country, WES or World Evaluation Services is one of them. It was founded in 1974 and has offices in both New York City, the US, and Toronto, Canada today. WES not only helps international students who wish to study in the US or Canada, but it also assists immigrants by evaluating their employment records and professional licenses. This way, a Syrian immigrant doctor can continue to work in their field, even in the US.

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How Much Does WES Cost?

Whether you have a degree that you don’t want to be taken away from you or a professional license, you can turn to WES for help. The company offers different packages depending on the requirements of their clients. The cost also depends on the type of package people pick. The basic package is going to cost you 100 dollars. However, this does not include delivery charges. The other option is the International Credential Advantage Package or ICAP. It costs $145 and has additional benefits. Delivery charges vary depending on the shipping days. One day shipping is the most expensive but comes with tracking. Standard shipping without tracking is for $10.

How Long Does WES Evaluation Take?

The process of evaluation is not simple and can only be carried out by experts. This is why once you have sent your documents for evaluation, you are going to have to wait for some time. It is better to send your documents to WES a long time before the deadline, so you don’t have to worry about submitting your admission application. Once you have sent in your documents, paid your bill, and given the green light, WES will start working on the evaluation. The process will be completed in seven business days.

How Do You Get a WES Credential Evaluation?

Although the process itself is quite complicated, there is nothing confusing about applying for an evaluation. On the website of WES, you can click the Credential Evaluation tab and go to Evaluation & Fees page. There you will be presented four options ranging from education to immigration. If you pick the education option, you will have to select the education level you are pursuing. After that, the website will suggest a type of evaluation, and the prices of packages will be displayed. Under the packages, you will see the Apply Now option, which will help you in submitting your application to WES.

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How Do I Pay World Evaluation Services?

WES will not start working on your documents until your payment is cleared. People must clear their payment as quickly as possible, so there is no unnecessary delay in their degree evaluation. However, anyone applying for the service from outside the US or Canada will have to figure out how to pay WES. But there is nothing to worry about since WES accepts a number of different payment methods. You can pay via credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express). You can also send in a personal check. Money order and bank drafts are two other payment options offered by WES. If none of the methods mentioned above work for you, you can try sending money to the company through Western Union. You will get detailed payment instructions once you have placed your order. If you make an account on the website of WES, you can make the payment any time after submitting your application.

Does WES Need Translated Documents?

If your degree is not in English, WES U.S. will not accept it until you provide its translation too. Keep in mind that only qualified and experienced translators can handle academic records so find the right expert if you wish to get accurate evaluation of your degree. If you are submitting your documents to WES Canada then you will need translation if they are not in English or French. You can search for reliable service providers on the internet and pick the one with the best reviews. Make sure they provide you with certified translations as they are the only acceptable type of service when it comes to important documents.

Once you have gotten your degrees translated from qualified professionals then you can send them to WES to get the evaluation you need. This way, WES will be able to work on your degree and provide you with the results you require to continue your studies in a foreign country.

Everyone has the right to study and work wherever they want. But the unnecessary requirements have made it difficult for most people to pursue their dreams. As far as studying in a foreign country is concerned, it is an amazing opportunity to learn from different people. The process may seem complicated at times, but if you follow the instructions and fulfill all the requirements of the academic institute you wish to study at, things will become simpler.

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