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What Is Certified Translation in English and Where Is It Needed?

What Is Certified Translation in English and Where Is It Needed?
Certified translation in English
(Last Updated On: October 3, 2021)

A certified translation in English is one that is accompanied by a statement from the translator stating that, to the best of the information of the certifier, the translation is an accurate reflection of the original document.

Certified translation in English

Depending on the country and state of affairs, it may or may not need a notary public to notarize it. A document could either require notarized translation or a translation must have a “Certificate of Accuracy”. A certified translation is usually dome by the best qualified and most experienced translators of a reputable translation agency.

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Certified translation and more

A certified translation in English must accompany any document in a language other than English when it comes to immigrating to the US. At Universal Translation Services, we provide accredited legal, technical, marketing, website, medical, financial and personal translation services in English, in addition to translations for the public sector.

Our document translation services are performed by experts, highly experienced translators and proofreaders working for us on an international scale, who are proficient in localizing and translating all sorts of documents into their native language. We are therefore skilled in offering reliable and professional document translation services to our clients.

We always assign a committed project manager to each of our clients, who will make sure you are kept up-to-date on your project, your deadlines are reached, and a qualified and experienced translator is assigned to your project.

If you opt for a trustworthy language translation agency such as us to do business with, you will have direct access to all of this expertise. Our broad reach, presence, and success in providing accurate services make us a leading translation company in the US.

Where is certified translation needed?

Documents in need of certified translation in English are the ones that need to be submitted to a recognized government or academic institutes, such as diplomas, civil status papers, certificates, and healthcare documents. Other documents in need of certification are those of a bona fide nature in which the precision of the translation could be a legal responsibility if inaccurate. Examples of such materials include court and medical documents for pharmaceutical and biotechnology testing.

Certified translations are almost always essential for legal formalities, such as documentation used in hearings. For instance, a trial record or any proof in a different language would need to be translated into the language used in that country and certified. When it comes to any item that has to be submitted to a legal or government body, it’s likely that certified translation will be essential.

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  • What is certified translation?

    Certified translation is a type of linguistic service which is needed for official proceedings. It comes with a signed statement of the linguistic expert. It proves the accuracy of the translation. It is the only acceptable type of translation when official documents are in question. Only a qualified expert can provide you with a certified translation.

  • How do you translate a document officially?

    You can get the translation of a document from Google Translate, but if you need it for an official purpose, you will have to turn to a qualified professional. The complex format of official documents mean that only linguistic experts can translate them accurately. The translation provided by software will not be accepted by the authorities.

  • How do you know if a translator is certified?

    If a translator is certified then they will have an official seal. The seal will include their language combination and the time duration of certification. Every translator that is certified by ATA is given the seal by the association. They add it on their certificate of accuracy after completing every certified translation.

  • What is a notarized translation?

    A notarized translation is one in which the linguistic expert appears before the notary public and sign a document that says that their translation is complete and accurate. The notary public adds their signature and seal on the signed statement. Notarized translation is only needed in certain situations. Mostly businesses require notarized translations.


Immigration is the main area that nearly always requires certified translation. If you are applying for a PR or citizenship in the US, it will likely need that all documents (such as your birth certificate) to be submitted in the country’s official language and that translations of these certificates and documents be certified.

Applications to colleges and universities also require certified translations of documents. Depending on the academic document procedures, you may be asked to submit the original grade statement along with a certified translation.

All of us use our phones for staying in touch with friends and family. But that sometimes make us forget about the other functions they can perform. For instance, it may take you a while to remember that you can set a timer on your phone. Some people might forget that they can record audio on their smart devices. It happens every time when we associate one thing with an object or service. The situation is quite similar in the language services industry. Many people don’t know that there are different types of linguistic services. But even the ones that have heard of certified translation thinks it is only needed for immigration.

In truth, whenever you need the translation of a document issued by a government body, you can only get one type of linguistic service for it, otherwise it won’t be authentic. Whenever you have to show a document in a foreign country, it must be accompanied by the statement of a professional. That’s the only proof of its accuracy. Here are a few other reasons for requiring a certified translation in English:

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University Admission:

When you apply to a foreign university for admission, you will have to present all of your previous academic records as proof of your level of education. These documents will include your degrees and transcripts. They are very important for the admission process and students rely on them to get them into a university. However, getting a certified translation in English is the only good solution of this linguistic issue. You can’t expect to handle the records yourself and hand them over to the university for review. Only a professional can help you out in such a situation.

Job Application:

Sometimes before a company hires someone, they ask for documents for review, like the birth certificate. At that moment, the applicant will have to get certified linguistic services if they wish to get the job. Only with a high-quality translation can they prove their identity to the company. They might also be required to submit their medical records. And if they get themselves checked in their home country, they will need linguistic assistance with those records too. However, if they find a medical professional who can effectively translate the difficult terms, then they will be able to submit the final document to the office without any hesitation.

Court Cases:

Some court cases involving foreign nationals might also require the defendant to submit certified translations of some documents. Without presenting those records, the proceedings will not move forward. So, a person will have to get in touch with linguistic experts to help them out.

The most important type of linguistic service has a lot more uses than most of us are familiar with. But most of us will require it for something at least once in our lifetime.

The translation needs to be done in a specific way, and the certificate of accuracy also needs to follow the rules of the institution requiring the translation. We are well-aware of such rules and when it comes to certified translation in English, we provide it with guaranteed acceptance.

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