What Is Certified Translation in English and Where Is It Needed?

What Is Certified Translation in English and Where Is It Needed?
Certified translation in English

A certified translation in English is one that is accompanied by a statement from the translator stating that, to the best of the information of the certifier, the translation is an accurate reflection of the original document.

Certified translation in English

Depending on the country and state of affairs, it may or may not need a notary public to notarize it. A document could either require notarized translation or a translation must have a “Certificate of Accuracy”. A certified translation is usually dome by the best qualified and most experienced translators of a reputable translation agency.

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Certified translation and more

A certified translation in English must accompany any document in a language other than English when it comes to immigrating to the US. At Universal Translation Services, we provide accredited legal, technical, marketing, website, medical, financial and personal translation services in English, in addition to translations for the public sector.

Our document translation services are performed by experts, highly experienced translators and proofreaders working for us on an international scale, who are proficient in localizing and translating all sorts of documents into their native language. We are therefore skilled in offering reliable and professional document translation services to our clients.

We always assign a committed project manager to each of our clients, who will make sure you are kept up-to-date on your project, your deadlines are reached, and a qualified and experienced translator is assigned to your project.

If you opt for a trustworthy language translation agency such as us to do business with, you will have direct access to all of this expertise. Our broad reach, presence, and success in providing accurate services make us a leading translation company in the US.

Where is certified translation needed?

Documents in need of certified translation in English are the ones that need to be submitted to a recognized government or academic institutes, such as diplomas, civil status papers, certificates, and healthcare documents. Other documents in need of certification are those of a bona fide nature in which the precision of the translation could be a legal responsibility if inaccurate. Examples of such materials include court and medical documents for pharmaceutical and biotechnology testing.

Certified translations are almost always essential for legal formalities, such as documentation used in hearings. For instance, a trial record or any proof in a different language would need to be translated into the language used in that country and certified. When it comes to any item that has to be submitted to a legal or government body, it’s likely that certified translation will be essential.

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Immigration is the main area that nearly always requires certified translation. If you are applying for a PR or citizenship in the US, it will likely need that all documents (such as your birth certificate) to be submitted in the country’s official language and that translations of these certificates and documents be certified.

Applications to colleges and universities also require certified translations of documents. Depending on the academic document procedures, you may be asked to submit the original grade statement along with a certified translation.

The translation needs to be done in a specific way, and the certificate of accuracy also needs to follow the rules of the institution requiring the translation. We are well-aware of such rules and when it comes to certified translation in English, we provide it with guaranteed acceptance.

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