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Degrees are not what education is about. Most people don’t study so that they can get a job and earn their livelihood. They study and pick a particular subject because they are interested in it. These people want to learn all about the subject they love so they can become an expert in that field and be a member of that field for the rest of their lives. In such cases, people actually learn something when they are studying, and that’s the best kind of education. If people want to learn something, then education stops being a burden and starts being a fun activity.

Throughout human history, people have struggled for studies and education. Men and women have traveled to far off places in the past for studies, and they continue to do so even today. There is something remarkable about humans adjusting in different cultures for the sake of their studies. It shows that the love for education hasn’t died down. And along with acquiring education, they also learn a lot about different cultures and grow in life. But just wanting to go to another region for education is not enough. There is a whole process that you have to follow if you want to apply to a university or college in another country. There are multiple forms you have to fill and requirements to follow if you want to get admission in a university of a foreign country. Those who believe in their goals don’t let such things come in their way. They do their research and prepare for everything, so there are no upsets at the final moment.

When you are applying to a university, there are a few things that you should focus the most on. Getting your documents in order and preparing a good statement of purpose is the first step. But another thing that you will need is the translation of your documents. When you are applying for immigration to a region where the official language is not the same as that of your native country, you will need certified translations of your documents like the birth certificate. When you are applying for admission in a foreign country, the number of documents whose translation you need will increase. You will not only have to get your birth certificate translated but also your academic documents. The university needs to be sure that your degrees are real and for that, they need to see their translation. You can’t submit your documents in your native language and expect the administration of a foreign university to understand them.

No amount of information and guidance is enough when you are applying for admission in a foreign country which is why we have created this brochure for you. It will help you understand the process of applying to a foreign university and tells you in detail what kind of translations you need. Download our brochure, so you know all about the study translations, when are they needed, and where to get them from.

study translations brochure
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Key Things to Remember When Applying to a University

Applying to a university is a tedious piece of work. Piles of paper works must be completed and passed, and that is just for the application. Should you qualify, there are still hundreds of pages of documents that you should accomplish before you can attend your first class. Things get a little more complicated if you are an immigrant student, or in some case an exchange student.

In cases wherein a student is holding a document that is not in English, a professional translator is usually required in order to accurately and adequately do the translation for them. There are also various levels of certification in order to make sure that each document adheres to the strict regulations of some universities.

When it comes to picking the best agency for your needs, there are two things to consider. Make sure that the agency has a high accuracy rating, and they are allowed to process an accuracy certification for each project.

Ordinary agencies can produce a translation output that hovers around 80 to 85 percent accurate. Top-tiered translation companies can provide an output that is 98 to 100 percent accurate. Confusion in translation may severely affect your application. Thus, it is very important to pick an agency that has a reputation for accurate and high-quality outputs.

Another important thing to consider is an agency’s ability to produce certified translations. There are some agencies that can produce a translation that is accurate. However, they are not allowed to certify these documents and they need a third-party partner to do the certification for them.

A certification adds authenticity to an output. A certified translation means that the document went through various levels of quality check and authentication. Most of the time, universities and government institutions require a certified translation in order to make sure that the documents that are being handed to them are authentic and reached a certain level of accuracy and quality.

study translations brochure

Lastly, in picking a translation agency, you have to consider the turnaround time required to complete a project. Turnaround time is essentially the amount of time it takes for an agency to completely translate a document, perform all necessary quality checks, and return it to the client. There are some agencies that offer 24-hour turnaround time, while there is also a handful that provides rush translation services.

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