What is an affidavit of translation?

what is an affidavit of translation explained
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Translation has many forms, kinds, types and dimensions. Translations are in dire need for today’s business, but for certain reasons, translation has always been a complicated process. When it comes down to notarized translations services of documents that have a legal translation significance or require the affirmation of accuracy through an authority of an official personnel, excessive care and caution go hand in hand. One such document is called the affidavit of translation. What is an affidavit of translation? We will explain further!

What is an affidavit of translation?

So what is an affidavit of translation? It is a sworn document by the translator stating and confirming that the translation is accurate and contains purely the exact content of the original document.

The translation has to take the oath for the accuracy of the translations in front of a commissioner authorized to administer oaths in the country where the translator lives. The affidavit of translation also asserts that the translation has been done in accordance with the international standards of translation and are done by a skilled and professional translator. In this manner, you will know for sure that you get a certified translation.

What is an affidavit?

It is a written statement from a person that is sworn to be true. You have to see it as an oath that what the individual is saying is the truth. Such an affidavit is performed with statements of a witness or witnesses that confirm the statement. This is used in court. But how is it used in Certified Translations?

Whenever we have to submit a medical leave in college or give one at work, we can’t do that by writing on a piece of paper that we are sick. We need a physician’s signature on the application as proof that we are actually sick. Even if the professor trusts a student, they can’t go against the protocol and accept a leave without the physician’s signature and stamp. Once the name of the doctor is stamped on the application, its validity increases and you can submit it with full confidence. All the documents are like that, they require the signature of an authority figure or stamp of an office to be valid.

In the world of translation, there are way too many types of documents. Sometimes, clients don’t even know the type they require but we are always ready to assist them. Some types hold more value than the others. There are simple interpretations that have to be shared with a friend or required for the reading of a group of people. But these documents cannot be suitable for official purposes. When you are submitting your resume to a company, you will make sure it is up to date and has a list of your interesting hobbies. We have to make special arrangements when preparing to present a paper to a higher authority. This is what the affidavit of a translation is. It is something that will help you when you are dealing with an authority figure or special attention to the document you will submit is required.

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So what exactly is an affidavit of translation and why do you need it?

As stated earlier, the affidavit is a sworn document, therefore, it contains the name of the translator. His statement that he has done the translation accurately according to his knowledge and is the exact copy of the original content. The affidavit may also contain other details of the translator as well. At the bottom, the translator provides his signature along with the signature of the officer in front of whom the oath was taken.

How to make sure that you get certified translations?

It is important to understand that affidavits are important for legal reasons but they are mostly required in official institutions such as universities, colleges, courts, legal offices, corporations and immigration. It is due to the fact that these places can divert the course of an individual and if the translation of their required documents is not accurate, there could be complications afterward.

Certified translation vs affidavit of translation

Another thing to keep in mind here is that certified translation is different from an affidavit of translation. Firstly, it is a sworn document, thereby, it needs an official authority to authorize the content of the affidavit. And secondly it suggests and affirms that the translation is purely the exact same copy of the original content.

However, a certified translation may be the certificate of accuracy provided by the translator and also says that its accurate as per the knowledge of the translation, it doesn’t require any authorization by any particular individual.

What is an affidavit of translation and when is it required?

Affidavits of translations are required by the USCIS for certain documents. Apart from that, universities require affidavits of diploma translations for admissions and further processing. Affidavits of translations are also required by courts when the documents involved belong to a country of a language different than the court.

As simple as it may seem, the affidavits are not that easy to obtain. A good translation service provider company sure knows the A to Z’s of translation world but a layman couldn’t do so. As a matter of fact, the risk involved in affidavits of translation is too big to ignore, for instance, if the affidavit is required by the USCIS and it doesn’t get accepted, the visa processing could stop at that very instant and the person has to go again from the start.

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Getting an affidavit of translation is not easy

This is why, here at Universal Translation Services, we are committed to serve you with all translation needs no matter what time of the year, month or weak you need our assistance. We guarantee you that our affidavits of translations have a 100% acceptance rate at all the top universities of US, immigration offices in the US and all across the globe. Our professional legal experts and translators ensure that all the affidavits of translation are subjected to the requirement of law and the USCIS itself.

Hence you can stay assured that when you’ll be needing an affidavit of translation, your translation partner is the world’s no.1 translation company Universal Translation Services. We have the best translation services, our rates are unbelievably affordable and quality and accuracy are our top most concerns.

When is an Affidavit Needed?

Everyone has heard of affidavits, but no one really knows how important they are. They are a type of sworn statements that an individual give on paper and adds their signature on it. Many times, in life, they become necessary to protect people against fraud. They also help the government in confirming the identities of individuals. Here are a few examples of instances in which an affidavit becomes necessary:

  • In family law, when an address has to be confirmed.
  • When an individual’s personal information is compromised, this document can help them prove their identity.
  • When formal statements are given for a case on paper, an accompanying affidavit can prove their validity in the court.
  • When people record their business data like assets and debts, this document confirms that information.
  • In case of the death of kin, a person can assert the ownership of their property with the help of this document.
  • It can also work as a notification of death if the death certificate has not been issued yet.
  • It works as proof that an individual has changed their name.
  • Proves that an individual has fulfilled their duty of delivering the documents to the recipient.

One should keep in mind that affidavits are legal documents, and lying in them is just like giving false information intentionally on the stand in court proceedings. So, if you want to avoid getting fined or spending time in jail, do not give false information on any legal paper.

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