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Why so many certified translation companies charge certified rush rates?

Why so many certified translation companies charge certified rush rates?
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(Last Updated On: October 2, 2021)

It’s really interesting to know the number of ways in which many certified translation companies charge certified rush rates: some translators don’t charge rush rates, at the same time others do charge extra. Some translators ignore rush rates for their devoted clients, while others apply rush charges to every client. Some charge rush rates for translations due in less than 24 hours, while others consider a rush job to be a project needing the translation of more than 2,500 words per day.

Why certified translation companies charge more?

Just to make a point, we are an ATA certified translation company and we never charge certified rush rates, even if you need your translation in a hurry, you will still have to pay our standard price, which you can calculate with our notarized and certified translation tool.

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Why are certified rush rates being charged?

Certified rush rates can and will be charged for a number of reasons and this differs broadly among translators. Sometimes such rates are charged by certified translation companies just to deal with the difficulty and stress of having to postpone their current projects. Sometimes translators are business persons that take advantage of the situation.

Sometimes it is charged for the overtime in order to finish the translation work. It actually may be more suitable to think of these certified rush rates as overtime rates.

If you think about it, the translators are almost certainly not translating any faster. In fact, you don’t want them translate fast and miss any sort of important steps during translation. They are simply working more than normal days to make sure the job is done on time. In a world where it is standard practice to pay overtime to regular and contract employees, why shouldn’t translators be paid the same?

Consequences of rush rates

Sometimes, certified rush rates could be measured as an inconvenience charge. Other times, it may be needed to charge an extra fee in order to get specific translators on your project. If there is no price for throwing last-minute requests at translators, then what inspiration is there for certified translation companies to go through the work of creating schedules and negotiating timelines?

Nothing could be better in life when rushed. Quality will be the first and most obvious thing to bear when you have to rush a project. Important steps may be skipped completely. You probably won’t be able to get in touch with your ideal translator on short notice, so the translation could be done by someone not as familiar with the project. In addition, if rush projects become a returning topic, translators may finally get tired of the stress and chose to work on current projects for other clients.

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  • How do you price a translation?

    The price of a translation is decided by the word count and the difficulty level. Although some translators charge by the hour, most agencies have a per word rate. They also offer fixed prices for small documents like birth certificates. If you become a regular customer then you can also get discounts.

  • How much does it cost to translate 1000 words?

    The cost of the translation of a 1000 words will depend on who you are hiring for the job and the language combination. If you hire a freelance translator, you might be charged highly. But if you do your research and find a good agency, you will only have to $0.10 per word for a 1000 word translation.

  • How much should a translation charge per hour?

    The translation rates change with the market condition. Currently, the average per hour rate that a translator charges its clients in the US is between $35 to $60. Those who have been in the industry for a long time might charge as much as $75 per hour. However, if you hire an agency, you can save money.

  • What is the most accurate translation website?

    Machine translation is not hundred percent accurate but it can be helpful to us in some situations. Google Translate is the most accurate translation website that offers services like image translation and voice support. It is used by millions of travelers every day all over the world and helps them in various ways.

  • What is a rush fee?

    A rush fee is the extra amount a customer has to pay for an urgent service. For instance, if someone has to submit their admission application within two hours to a university, they will need an urgent translation. Some agencies will charge them an extra fee for this urgent service.

  • How do you charge a rush fee?

    A rush fee is charged according to the difficulty level and the time given by the client to the service provider. Most service providers charge a rush fee to their clients. They consider it a special service. However, there are a few agencies that do not charge their clients extra for this service and provide it free of cost.

  • How do you price a translation?

    The price of a translation is decided according to the word count, the language combination, and the type of linguistic service required. Those that charge by the hour decide their rate according to their experience level. Agencies try to pick the rate that will be useful to both them and their clients.

  • How much does it cost to translate a video?

    Translation cost of a video can depend on various factors like whether or not the client needs transcription services. Most service providers use artificial intelligence for transcription, that allows them to keep their charges low. The average rate of video translation is $25 to $30 per minute.

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No Rush Rates at Universal Translation Services

With the wide demand in translations encircling the globe, the opportunity to raise fares for the expansion in business grows. At Universal Translation Services however, we never charge any sort of extra certified rush rates or weekend rates to our clients. We do it for you, and there will be no extra expenses on your part. We are one of the certified translation companies where the same, normal fees apply to rush projects as well as for projects needed to be accomplished over the weekend; there are no extra rates with us.

Quality assurance is important

We firmly believe in our service to provide what is best for our clients. Some companies, in the name of their company or as a chance to take advantage of the client’s urgency to receive the document, charge more than the quality they offer. This creates a source of unreliability among the customers regarding the companies in the translation industry.

We assure you that you will not have to face the same problem with us. Even though we do not charge any rush rates and offer the cheapest translation in the country, we have a name in offering the best services in the industry. With our team of experienced translators, we work to get your documents perfectly translated rapidly and securely.

If you have any query regarding the translation or you need translation for any documents in a hurry, you can drop by at our office or reach out to us online through email or the live chat option available on the website and we will come back to you with a solution in a few minutes. We look forward to proving an engaging yet professional translation experience for you.

If you need to have cheap certified translation services in a rush, get in touch with us via call or email or chat online with one of our experts and get a free instant quote. We are one of the few certified translation companies to provide fast services at high quality without charging certified rush rates.

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