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Terminology Tools for Translators – Where to Find Glossaries of Terms

Terminology Tools for Translators – Where to Find Glossaries of Terms
terminology tools for translators
(Last Updated On: October 4, 2021)

The terminology tools for translators play an important role in the translation process. One should instead of going out of their mind to find terminologies in the language they want to translate, visit a few online search banks. Therefore here are a few places where you can get help for this purpose. All the professionals in the world turn to someone or something for assistance. Some go to their professors when they are stuck on something, some turn to the experts of the field, while a few go to the library and find the answers they need in books. Whatever your field may be, you can’t expect to do everything on your own. Having help from somewhere will not only make your life easy but also make you more efficient and quicker at your job. There are various tools designed to assist translators in their work, one amazing example is the terminology tools.

Terminology Tools for Translators

IATE stands for “InterActive Terminology for Europe” and it’s a terminology database. This interface offers terminologies and is easy to use. It also provides suggestions once the initials of the word are typed in the search bar. This interface has been currently updated.



If you want to learn more about glossaries, see this Wikipedia article on what a glossary of terms means. The European Parliament Terminology Coordination or TermCoord, is a website, that has Glossary Links. It provides terminologies in various languages.

Lexicool provides multilingual dictionaries. In easy way, just type in the desired languages and the word and the site will do magic for you by providing you multiple terms in multiple languages.

Glossarissimo blog is another tool with glossaries (monolingual and bilingual), that are also active on Facebook for greater connectivity and quick updating of their newly introduced resources.

More tools for translators

IntelliWebSearch is an online distinguishingly notable tool. It provides online terminologies finder, a download app and with the help of it you can set up customized shortcuts through keyboard. The setting does take a while, but it’s a one time time-investment. From eCPD Webinars on IntelliWebSearch you can also make webinars available to you.

Word Reference is just one example of good websites for finding terminology lists.

Bilingual Dictionary Inc – This website also provides a range of languages that can serve as your word bank for your desired language.

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More Terminology Tools for Translators

Linguee: This unique terminology tool for Translator combines a dictionary with a search engine so that you can explore for bilinguals’ texts, words, and phrases in different languages to find meanings and contextual translations.

The Free Dictionary: Get free way to financial, medical, and legal dictionaries, a comprehensive collection of idioms, quotes, acronyms, and many languages besides English, such as Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Japanese. The encyclopedia also has parts updated frequently, giving users a word or article of the day.

OmegaT: A free translation memory tool, it is open-source software that allows translators to work more efficiently through fuzzy matching and automatic match generation.

Microsoft Language Portal: For translators specializing in IT and software, the Microsoft Language Portal lets users search translations of key Microsoft terms and general IT terminology. The term base includes nearly 25,000 defined conditions, including English comments, translated in up to 100 languages.

Dictionaries could be great terminology tools for translators

Many times, dictionaries prove to be an authentic and valuable source for finding the terminologies as well. Here are a few bilingual dictionaries which might help you:

  • Oxford dictionaries found online
  • Linguee dictionaries which are bi-lingual(11 languages)

Terminology finders are a great way to find terms as well. They provide the terms in the languages you want but only if that language is saved in their memory. A few of such terminology tools for translators are listed below:

  • The Swiss Federal Chancellery terminology database: TERMDAT
  • A handy collection of monolingual corpora
  • TheEUR-Lex database of European Union law
  • Onlinethesaurus

Apart from finding the terminologies, storing and managing those terminologies for further use is also an important task. For such a purpose, Trados Studio’s MultiTerm interface is one of the best options. Through this interface you can not only find terminologies but also save them in different languages with different folders. It provides you terminologies in whichever language you ask by typing it on the search bar of the interface.

As you can see, there are quite a few terminology tools for translators which are easily accessible online. Unless the client didn’t provide a glossary of terms or a terminology list, you need to search for one on your own. While searching for such a list may take some time, it’s much more convenient than searching online for every term individually, don’t you agree?

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