Using a Translation Memory Tool and Its Importance

translation memory tool
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Ever since the first translation memory tool was introduced, translators and their clients have enjoyed more reasons to be happy. It is now a must-have tool for translation professionals and a factor that is considered by their clients before hiring them.

What is a translation memory tool and its benefits

what is translation memory

What is a Translation Memory?

Translation Memory (TM) is an archive of translated words for future reference. TM prevents the re-translation of words as they reoccur in a new translation project or any other time in the future and adds a past translation to certain words in a current project. The TM also expands – words are saved as more translations are done.

Unlike Machine Translator (MT), which seeks to eradicate translations by humans, TM involves the use of facilities such as word processing application and computer assisted translation (CAT) tool to enhance human translation.

Applying Translation Memory

A translation memory tool is easy to use. You can open the text for translation in the TM software environment then apply translation memory for matches in the original text. Afterwards, adopt the words you have used in earlier translations or translate differently.

The importance of using a translation memory tool

For Translators

  • Translate Fast

TM ensures that translation projects are done quickly. Text of fields like law and finance are not only known to contain very technical words, they also words that are repeatedly used. With TM, such tasks are done quickly.

  • Translate More

The TM assists translation companies to take on more tasks as they spend less time on each translation project done.

  • Translate Consistently

Since TM taps into the reservoir of e translated words, the style of the translator in maintained through a translation project, as recurring words are translated similarly.

  • Make More Money

With the opportunity of doing more projects, a translation enterprise is able to make more money.

benefits of using cat tools

For Clients

  • Save Cost

Translations are mostly charged on the basis of the word count. Therefore, deducting the recurrent words from a translation project will reduce charges.


With TM, translation service providers can translate consistently and faster. Their clients can also become satisfied by getting the best out of their investment on translation.

Universal Translation Services provides both normal translation and translation using CAT tools. If you are a client looking for a translation and don’t know what to choose, see how to cut down costs using TM. If you are a translator looking into learning CAT tools, see our training videos and follow our YouTube Channel for more.

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