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No matter which professional translator is selected to work on a new translation project, they are by far the very best to ensure high quality translation is given.  Our recruitment process is very simple though many may seem it is a little extreme however, we only want to hire the best translator to ensure every single customer is happy using our service.

We have an 8-core criteria in which we look to in order to find new individuals. The following to us, represents the crucial elements for a successful, professional translator:

native speaker

Native Speakers

All translators must be native speakers of the target language.


Certified Translators

Translators must have a certification or at least a degree in a source language to show they are fully skilled in a second or third language.

Work Experience

Work Experience

Preferably the translator will have some previous work experience in the translation field.  Those who have spent a number of years working and living in a second country would be greatly useful.

3 years experience

3 Years

A minimum of at least 3 years of working in the translation field either as a full-time freelance translator or as an in-house translator.

Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Perfect grasp of written English and excellent communication skills.



Preferably all translators will have an active membership or some accreditation for a translation association.  ATA, American Translators Association Certification Program is a suitable accreditation program.

Proven Credentials

Proven Credentials

Professional translators must show some proof of their credentials such as a Resume or CV, certifications, degrees, past work experience in the translation field, transcripts of previous test scores.

Translation Test

Translation Test

This is when we send a potential new translator a piece of writing we require them to translate.  We evaluate the work which is also vetted by a professional Language Intelligence translator.

Any translator can be approved to work alongside our company as long as they meet our strict employment criteria.  However, every translator who is added to our database will be asked to sign a Consultant Agreement along with other confidentiality agreements and documentation.  Confidentiality agreements are required as many clients require confidentiality and we ask this to ensure privacy for all clients.

However, while a professional translator may be added to our database, we still monitor their continued progress.  For example, we evaluate their first three projects; these are handled by localization project managers to ensure quality.  We also ask them to join translation teams and continue to evaluate throughout their careers with us.  We do this to ensure the best quality and ensure all clients are happy.

The criteria to work alongside us may seem strict but it can vet out the very best candidates.  Though, we can offer some leniency with some of our criteria.  For example, should a candidate have no certification with a certain language but has shown their skills through their sample translation piece, we can offer that candidate a place.  We do understand that many translators don’t carry formal qualifications in terms of being fully immersed in a second or third language and as a result, we do allow these individuals to showcase their skills with the sample translation.

We always try to give the best candidates the best chance to work with us.  Certification is important to us but skill is more so.  If you would like to work with us and believe you have the necessary skills, we would love to talk to you.

professional translator

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