Where to get translation of immigration documents?

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Where to get translation of immigration documents?

Immigration to the United States is growing, and if the current trend continues, experts believe that it will reach an all-time high. As more and more people try to look for a greener pasture for their family, United States has always been the top choice for many people. Statistics gathered from the last decade have shown that the United States has always been on the top three list of the most sought after country when it comes to immigration. Despite the fact that the country has recently imposed strict immigration guidelines, people still flock into the United States in search for a brighter future.

The United States immigration process is a daunting one. Nevertheless, there are always outlets that are ready to lend a helping hand. One particular industry that has proven to be a lot of help to the immigrants is the translation industry. Recently, the industry has seen a boom in demand as more people are bringing their original documents to be translated into English, which is one of the many requirements for immigration.

Many immigrants usually bring with them documents but are printed in their native language. This is a huge hassle as these documents need to be translated before the immigration offices can properly process them.

It is true that translating these documents can be done by any person However, when it comes to immigration documents, it is important to maintain high quality and accuracy. On these merits alone, one will be compelled to look for a professional or a translation agency.


Where to immigration document translations?

As with almost any questions nowadays, this one can be easily asked on Google and one will be bombarded by thousands of answers. However, picking the right one is not easy and some translation agencies offer different kinds of services. Nevertheless, there are tried-and-tested methods on how to pick the best agency for your needs.

High Quality. Accuracy.

When it comes to immigration documents, it is important to consider accuracy. In fact, a simple mistranslation could result to the rejection of an immigration application. Which is why it is important to consider the accuracy of a translated document.

When it comes to accuracy, our company is widely regarded in the industry as having one of the most accurate translations. We understand just how important these immigration documents are to our clients, which is why we always make sure that we provide high quality and accurate translations. We are able to maintain the quality and accuracy of our outputs by adopting strict guidelines and good practices. For one, we have a dedicated team of quality checkers. There only role is to double check and make sure that all the translations are accurate and are faithful to its original document. In terms of quality, our company is certified by a number of government and third-party institutions. This is a testament to our commitment of handing out top quality and accurate translations to all of our clients.

In terms of accuracy, we are able to maintain a high level of accuracy by employing native language and professional speakers. By employing native speakers, we can make sure that each translation is natural and stays true to its source document. We also have a huge pool of translators. We support more than 120 languages and dialects. So, whatever the original language of your immigration document is, chances are we should be able to translate it with no problem at all.

Turnaround Time.

Another important factor in choosing the best translation agency is turnaround time. Essentially, turnaround time is the amount of time that an agency requires in order to fully translate a document. The well-accepted turnaround time for a project that has three pages is usually 24-hours. While we adhere with this industry standard, we always make sure that we beat the deadline that our clients set. This way, we are able to return each project to them on time. This also gives our clients time to double check the final output. If they deem that there are inaccuracies, which is quite rare, we can also make all the necessary amendments well within the allotted time.

Aside from the standard 24-hour translation, our company also offers rush and 1-hour rush translation services. If clients need to have their project completed as fast as possible, our 1-hour rush translation division is capable of handling such orders with no problem at all. Our company is also widely regarded as the best when it comes to rush translation since we maintain the accuracy of all our outputs despite time constraints.



This is perhaps one of the most crucial factor in choosing a translation agency. Many people would rather pick a cheap translation agency and sacrifice the quality and accuracy of their documents. Such is not the case with our company. We have always prided ourselves with combining high quality, accurate translations with affordable and negotiable prices.

We do no label our price as cheap nor affordable. The words we use to describe our translation rate are reasonable and negotiable. The quality and accuracy of our outputs, along with our impressive turnaround time, have always been the focal point for our prices. On top of that, our prices are also negotiable. For long-term and repeat clients, we also offer discounts and other affiliate programs.

Feel free to browse our websites. You can also upload the documents you want to be translated and receive a quote completely free of charge.

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