Trump and the Immigration to the US – Are certified translation needed in the future if immigration rules are going to be tight

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Trump and the Immigration to the US – Are certified translation needed in the future if immigration rules are going to be tight

The presidential election of 2016 shocked everyone around the world. But the ones that were most affected by the results were the Americans and the ones who want to become Americans in the future. The country did not just elect Donald Trump but it voted for hatred, intolerance, racism, and fascism. No matter which way anybody spins it, the truth remained the same, the results of the election had turned America into a scary place. The ones who had been living in the countries for years now had to fear their neighbors just because their skin color didn’t match. Sure, the US has always had racist elements in its population. It took the country a long time to abolish slavery.

White women got their rights before the women of color. But the struggle for equality never ended. Even in the esteemed film industry, equality is often missing. However, that doesn’t mean that people from different backgrounds and races do not live there. The United States of America’s population is a mixture of different races and religions. And once KKK faded back into the shadows and people became more aware of their rights, the situation started getting better. Until the election that took the country back to the time period when white supremacists could openly express their hatred for other classes.

Another thing that has changed under President Trump is the US’s immigration policy. It is not a hidden fact that President Trump does not like immigrants. He has explicitly stated his hatred for them. He wants to build a wall on the Mexican border and he is keeping children in cages away from their parents. Many journalists and human rights activists have stated clearly that treating children like this and separating them from their parents at this age will have life long side effects. But it is as though their suggestions have been falling on deaf ears.

Immigration to the US in the Time of Trump:

When you feel down about the 2016 presidential election, you must remember that Hillary Clinton got more votes than Donald Trump. She may not have won the election but what it means is that there is still hope. Not all the Americans share their president’s point of views. In fact, on many different occasions, they have taken to the streets to oppose their government’s policies and to tell the minority groups that they are not alone. This support has given hope to the minorities living in the US and to the people who want to immigrate to the country.

There is a high chance that immigration rules will become tighter in the future. The government wants to make sure that the process isn’t easy for anyone. In such situations, even when someone follows all the regulations, their application can still get rejected. The possibility of that future where immigration rules will become harder to get through has been keeping many people up at night. If someone is leaving their country out of fear of their regime or because of a never-ending civil war, they can’t afford to be turned away by the state that should have offered them protection.


Even if someone wants to move to the US to get a better job, it is their right to try. And as long as the applicant follows the rules, they should be given a fair chance to immigrate to the USA. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is the official body that handles all the applications. The requirements listed on their website are the ones that everyone applying has to fulfill. One important requirement is the certified translation of personal documents.


Certified Translation:

Everyone has a bunch of personal documents that help them at different times. Academic papers help you land a job, your resume show your experience, your license is a proof of your identity, and your birth certificate is what gets you into other states. When you are applying for immigration to any country in the world, your birth certificate is something you will have to attach with your application as a proof of your identity. But since birth certificates are in different languages everywhere, you will need to get yours translated into the official language of the country where you want to move. And you won’t just need any translation, but a certified one, which is the most accurate form of interpretation.

When you are applying for immigration to the US, you will have to get your birth certificate translated into English and attach it with your application. Over the years, many people have made the mistake of translating the certificate themselves and getting their applications rejected. USCIS only accepts certified translations carried out by professional translator.

Since immigration rules are changing and are expected to change some more in the future, people have started wondering whether the translation will still be required. A lot of requirements may undergo change in the future and applicants may have to attach a few more documents with their applications. But the certified translation will always be required simply because USCIS will always need to see your birth certificate. And you can only present it in a language that the officers of USCIS will be able to understand. So, even if the rules get tight, you will need to find a reliable language service provider to get your birth certificate translated for your immigration application. Without it, you can’t expect to get through USCIS’s scrutiny.

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