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What is certified translation?

What is certified translation?
Certified Translation
(Last Updated On: October 5, 2021)

When Do You Need A Certified Translation?

Cool ideas remain only ideas if you can’t build upon them. Irrespective of the utility of a product, you can’t sell it if you don’t plan the perfect strategy to manufacture it, distribute it and authorize the whole process. In our world, things work in a systematic manner and it is only in our best interest that we follow them. In the past, things were just available for purchase without any authenticity, the best guarantee would be a word of mouth. Then things went on changing and with the evolution in the society, people begin to gain the understanding of quality certification.

Today, certifications are so important that without them, brands are as good as nothing. The ISO certification, for instance, is a declaration by the Quality Management System that the product meets the requirement of the international quality standards and is thus good to go as a reliable product in the market. A product labeled as certified gives us the assurance that it has been tried, tested and verified with the international quality standards. We become certain of its authenticity and we also encourage others to use the same brand. In fact, it is due to the same trait that multi-billion companies have acquired so much success. Whether we talk about food items, clothing brands, appliances or any other used item, we rely solely on its authenticity.

Similarly, the top quality translation is certified. It is required in the most exclusive matters such as immigration, university admission, and several other legal processes. Certification is not a choice but an obligatory submission at agencies and offices. But certified translations aren’t the same as certified brands.

What Is A Certified Translation?

Whenever someone goes to a professional requesting him to translate a document along with the proof of the accuracy, they are actually asking for a certified translation.

The accuracy evidence is a document in which the interpreter provides a statement. It says that the end document contains the same meaning and information as the original document and that he has done his work to the best of his abilities. At the end of the certification, the translator provides his signatures to take full responsibility of the completed project.

Who Can Provide this?

Did you know that you don’t need a certified professional for certified translations? As per the rules, any person who possesses a deep knowledge of both the first language and the targeted one, who is capable of translating and holds a professional degree or career in the field, can provide certified translations.

Companies can also do the same if they are a member of a prestigious organization or association such as ATA. As a matter of fact, it is far better to acquire a certified translation from a company than from an individual. The company has the edge of dealing with different sorts of clients, fulfilling different types of requirements for their customized needs.

Furthermore, the company has skilled professionals who can provide a high quality certified translation which will be professional and more accurate.


When Do You Need A Certification?

They are requested by different official institutions. USCIS, the US immigration office has made it mandatory for all non-English speaking immigrants to submit certified translations of all their documents including birth certificate, driving license, divorce certificate, diplomas, degrees etc. during immigration.

Legal translations must also be certified before submission to the relative department. Police reports and character certificates must also be submitted in the same way whenever they are required by immigration or official departments in a foreign country.

Why So Much Stress On Certification?

A part of this is directed towards the places where these documents are to be submitted. It is impossible for the officials to go out of their offices and run down a check on all the information in the said documents. The only way they can have a quality assurance is through the certification. Knowing that they have the credentials of the professional who took care of the document, allows them to work smoothly. They can always be holding them accountable if something goes wrong. Another reason is that only a professional and qualified person will provide certification. Since they are affirmative of what they have translated, they never shy away from putting a confirmation to it. This is why legal and immigration both rely and stress on the provision of certified translations.

Where Can You Get A Certified Translation?

At Universal Translation Services, you can enjoy the profound peace of mind. While knowing that we are the proud members of ATA, our customers have been entrusting us with all sorts of different projects. Our certified translations have been used by our clients for immigration and other official uses. Our acceptance rate is 100%.

Our per word rate also makes us a winner in the eyes of our satisfied customers. You can also check out our services by clicking the services tab on our website. And by the instant quote service, you can get an instant quote for your project in just 5 MINUTES!!!


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