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Do They Speak English in Denmark?

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English in Denmark

Identity is a very important thing for people. Being able to live the way we are is true freedom. But unfortunately, not all of us can enjoy this freedom. Many of us have to mold ourselves according to different cultures to fit in because despite the importance of personal freedom, there is no greater need than being accepted. This need begins as soon as we develop the basic level of cognition and then it never stops. We feel the need to be accepted by our teachers when we enter school, we want to fit in with the students in class. All of us acted out in school, did things we wouldn’t have done at home, only to get the approval of our peers. This makes us think that we can get accepted anywhere just by being a little different.

When people move to a different country, they are surrounded by strangers with whom they have nothing in common. They don’t speak the language of the people around them, neither do they practice the same culture. Even the festivals celebrated in each country are different. So, people do whatever they can to get accepted. Sometimes, it only involves throwing a party and inviting the neighborhood. But for those who have come from a fairly distinctive culture, the process will involve giving up their lifestyle, and even dressing differently.

english in denmark

However, this isn’t a big issue for people moving from the US to a European country or from Europe to Canada. Apart from a few slang words they will have to stop using and get used to a few differences in departmental store, they won’t have to give up too much. People can continue to be their true self and not have to sacrifice their identity when they move to a country with somewhat same values and customs as their birth place. However, the one issue that people can face even in such places is the difference of language. Although Canadians do speak and understand English, French is also widely spoken in their country. If anyone wishes to work at a particular job in Canada, not knowing French can be an issue. The same problem occurs when people go to a European country where English isn’t an official language.

  • Do they speak English in Denmark?

    Nearly 86% of the Danes speak English. The reason behind that is the fact that learning English is mandatory for Danish students from first grade. All the students of public elementary schools begin learning English at a very young age, which is why they become fluent in the vernacular pretty quickly.

  • Can you live in Denmark without speaking Danish?

    A significant percentage of the Danish population is multilingual. If you don’t know Danish, you can still live easily in Denmark as long as you know English. But if you don’t know English, another option for you would be German, which is another popular language in Denmark. Swedish and Norwegian are also understood by majority of the Danes.

  • Can you speak English in Copenhagen?

    You can definitely speak English in Copenhagen as it is the second most popular language in Denmark. But if you don’t know Danish, you might have a problem when you go shopping. All the labels are written in Danish. But if you don’t want to do any shopping and just have little chats with the people of Copenhagen, you can do so by talking in English.

  • What is the language of Denmark?

    The official language of Denmark is Danish, which is a descendant of the Old Norse. It is often labelled as one of the mainland Scandinavian languages; the other two being Swedish and Norwegian. These three languages are mutually intelligible to a certain degree. Danish is primarily spoken in Denmark but it also has minority status in Germany.

  • What Denmark is famous for?

    Denmark is famous for a lot of things. It is the birthplace of Hans Christian Anderson, whose fairy tales are still enjoyed by kids all over the world. The colorful and unique architecture of Denmark is also very famous. The country is also known for salty licorice, which is the most popular Danish treat.

  • Is Denmark expensive?

    Denmark may be an ideal tourist destination, but it is also very expensive. Everything from accommodation to food is going to cost you a lot of money. The most expensive place in Denmark is Copenhagen. It is also the most popular place in the country, which is why it is where people end up when they visit Denmark.

  • Do they speak English in Denmark?

    Studying English is compulsory for Danish students from the first grade, as a result, 86% of the population of Denmark can speak English fluently. You can easily spend your holidays in Denmark without needing to learn a single Danish phrase. If you know German, as well as English, you can go anywhere in Denmark and you will be able to communicate with the natives easily.

  • Is Denmark rich or poor?

    Despite the fact that its GDP is lower than that of other Scandinavian countries, Denmark is a rich country with a high-quality of life. The income gap is also one of the lowest in the world. Although the tax rates are very high in Denmark, the citizens of the country get to enjoy free healthcare and education.


If the name of Denmark reminds you of the Danish cookies, then you aren’t the only one. Who can blame us anyway when the butter cookies are one of the most famous Danish things in the world? But they aren’t the only good thing this Nordic country has given us. Denmark is also where LEGO originated from, and the home of Hans Christian Anderson. So, the next time you are watching The Little Mermaid or buying a LEGO set for your kids, you know who to thank for such creations.

Denmark is one of the best places to live in the world for various reasons. It not only has a flourishing economy but also offers protection of civil liberties and personal freedom to all its citizens. It is a place where you don’t have to hide your identity to fit in, you will be accepted exactly how you are. It is the ideal country for those who want to live a peaceful life surrounded by nature and people who are the happiest in the world. The Vikings history of Denmark makes it extra special and irresistible.

Do They Speak English in Denmark?

For someone who wants to move to Denmark for good, the beautiful landscape might not be enough. They will need to know all about the culture and people of the country before they can take a decision. You can’t really blame them when they are about to take such a huge decision. All of us have had this fear of rejection from new group of people ingrained in us since school so it is okay to be a little anxious when you are immigrating to a new place.

People want to know if English is a common language in Denmark. Because everyone knows that Danish is the official language of the country and is spoken by the majority. But for someone who has to immigrate to Denmark and doesn’t know Danish, that can be a problem. They can learn Danish but only 43% of the Earth’s population can speak more than one language. However, there is no need to worry because the Danes speak English fluently.